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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Yashpal and Rahul make a plan

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Namrata getting ready and coming downstairs. The lady says she looks from good family, how can anyone leave her on road. Namrata says I have to go to Rahul, where is my bag, he is waiting for me. They all try to stop her. Namrata says I won’t give my bag to anyone. Her bag falls on the old lady. They all look on. The lady wakes up and asks who kept the bag over me. Namrata says that’s my bag. The lady asks why did you all gather, did anyone die. The kid says everyone gathered as you were going to die. The lady says my enemies will die, serve me food. The ladies catch Namrata. Namrata says lave me, I have to go to Rahul. They all go to beat Namrata. Rudra comes there and shouts stop.

Rahul hugs Minty. He says Minty is a kid, don’t be annoyed, she felt Indra

is her dad, she understood that man is a devil. Minty says sorry and hugs Preeti. Yashpal says Minty has to call Indra once, like he was keeping an eye on us, we can reach him by her. Rudra asks are you not ashamed, she is my sister, she got lost on the way to Kashi, I heard she is here and came to find her. He asks Namrata to come. He thanks everyone. He says she is such since childhood. He asks her to get the bag. The man says stop, this girl is mad and won’t identify you, maybe you came to steal the bag, tell me what’s inside the bag. Rudra says we have a business to make shivlings, you can check, there is shivlings inside. Namrata says I won’t give. Rudra says no, we just have to show. The ladies check bag and see the shivlings. They all pray.

The man says this looks divya shivling, can you sell one to me. Rudra says no, its for temple, a baba told if my sister takes this to Kashi, she will get fine, move back now. Namrata takes her bag. Rudra says thanks, you are only sensible. They leave. Old lady sits to have food. Everyone hits their head.

Indra threatens Gauri. She prays. Indra gets Minty’s call. Minty says I heard Yashpal and Rahul talking, Yashpal is not in police now, Rahul is going to drop us to village. Indra says good, just go and keep me informed. He ends call and says your love for Rahul is useless, he is going Siddhpur. She says I felt shivlings will be found in temple. Indra says I m glad to get good news, seems my good times have begun. Yashpal calls for police force. Rahul says you have given resignation then… Yashpal says its not accepted yet, I will arrest Indra before leaving. Gayatri wakes up and tries to go. Nurse says you aren’t well, sleep. Doctor says lie down, be calm. He gives her injection. She shouts to Rahul. She sleeps.

Indra asks his men to be alert. Gauri prays. Indra asks her to come and see how are shivlings brought there. Rahul and others look on. Lakhan asks Latika about her karate training. Thakur says Yashpal is going to arrest Indra, I wish Gauri gets saved. Latika says I pray that Gauri gets freed from Indra, she got trapped while saving us. Thakur says your prayers will be answered, maybe this is your first prayer. She smiles. Police force reaches there. Rahul asks Preeti to sit in car. Preeti says I want to arrest Indra. Yashpal says don’t take risk, Rahul is saying right. They wear bullet proof jackets and enter the temple. Yashpal asks them to seal the temple. He says Indra isn’t here, everyone reach at temple’s main gate. Yashpal says there is no one, what’s happening. Indra talks to them via a speaker. Indra welcomes them and says you got police force even when I asked you not to come, where did you leave my wife and daughter, its fine, welcome.

Yashpal asks Preeti did she see anyone running. Preeti sees Indra and shouts. Indra stabs Yashpal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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