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Jealousy – A Samaina fanfiction Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The next classes also passed with sameer stealing glances at naina. Prem chatted chirpily with his new friends at every possible chance. This irritated munna and angered sameer.

Nobody had any idea that in those few hours during the classes how many times sameer had imagined breaking all the 206 bones in prem’s body but had somehow controlled himself. Naina would not like if he harmed her friend and he could not afford to hurt her feelings anymore than he already had.

Soon it was time for lunch break and sameer’s hopes raise again maybe he would get a chance to talk to naina now. All the students ran out of the classroom while naina took her time to pack her books with prem and swati at her side chatting away.

Prem had a habit of chatting and both the girls had discovered it by now. They knew about his mom and old friends and school and other things he constantly kept blabbering about. They knew he was an ace cricketer and captain of his old school team and he also played guitar like the prem in movies did. The girls were loving his blabbering and his cute and witty sense of humor.

Sameer stood towards the door of the classroom with Mundit on his side. Naina grabbed her lunchbox and moved towards the door with swati and prem. Sameer straightened himself and called: Naina!! But to his shock and disappointment she passed by him as if she hadn’t heard him.

Talking to naina suddenly seemed like an impossible task to sameer and he desperately thought what should he do now.

In the canteen samundit sat on their usual table but there was an atmosphere of tension of course due to the adjacent table where Prem naina and swati sat. Soon preeti came and saw prem.

Preeti: (To prem) Who are you and what are you doing here?

Naina: Calm down preeti he is prem and in my class.

Preeti: Oh he is your classmate.

Prem: and her friend like you are preeti ji.

Preeti: Friend ha! By the way I’m her sister.

Prem: oh nice to meet you.

Preeti: Same here.

Saying this preeti joined them in lunch. After sometime,

Prem: Naina as you know that I’ve joined school a little late so there is a lot of work left. So would you teach me so that I could cover up the syllabus.

Sameer felt a volcano eruption inside him. He is surely going to kill prem.

Naina: Yes you can take my notes.

Prem: No Naina I can’t study from notes. Please teach me. I request you.

Sameer prayed for a negative answer to all that was holy.

Naina: But…. Prem……

Preeti: Nainaaa…. He is so worried you should help him.

Swati: Yes naina.

Prem: please naina we can study wherever you say….at your house or….

Preeti and Naina: Noooo!!!!!

Preeti: Not at our house. You are going to get us killed.

Prem: Ok ok calm down. I just meant wherever you say.

Naina: Alright I’ll teach you one hour before the classes start everyday at school. Is that ok with you.

Prem: Perfect naina you are the best. I love…… ( time stopped 6 faces stared at Prem with the same expression though it meant different things there was confusion on five faces naina-preeti-swati-munna-pandit but on Sameer’s face there was a mixture of so many emotions that no one could have guessed what he could do. But thankfully no one noticed him) the fact that you are the first person I met today and made you a friend.

While the five people  relaxed their expressions sameer had once and for all decided that he hates Prem and he better watch out.

Precap: Sameer hatches a plan to stop prem and naina from studying together.

Guys I hope you like it. And I’m sorry I won’t be able to post for 2-3 days as I have some important work but I’ll try to post as soon as possible.

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