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Jaane Kya Hoga Aage (My love story) Chapter 12

Hello people! Now An note: Idk If I will be posting FF regularly about This show…. this show Is driffiting apart because there’s nothing interesting and yeah I don’t watch this show anymore. Idk if I’ll ever be posting on here! But I’m back and Idk till when. I worked on my writing. And hope you like this chapter and remember to comment ur thoughts

Recap: Preparing the party

Sanchi, Isha And Pragya Arrive at the party! The party is looking so Great full of Dramatic people.

Sanchi: This party looks cool

Pragya: Obviously it’s in the maholtra house why wouldn’t it be awsome

Sanchi sees Kabir!

Sanchi: Guys I’ll catch up to you guys later!

pragya And Isha: k.    Sanchi walks up to Kabir.

Kabir ignores her when Sanchi says Hi

veer comes up to Sanchi And asks for an Dance! She smiles and says yeah. Sanchi And Veer Dance To Ishq wala love! Kabir is burning in jealousy. And he rolls his eyes. Dr Maholtra: Hello welcome to this party full with Happiness and joy! This party is to celebrate Our 18th Bday of the hospital and I want to announce My Daughter priya getting married to her love of her life sanket! Yes every single intern and doctor is invited from my hospital. Also any of My Family friends/clients. Invitations will be sent. We already started the rituals. We will be having an SANGEET tomorrow! Everyone claps. Dr M: continue with the party Sanchi wispers to veer. Sanchi: Why didn’t you tell me Mr prankster. Veer: Ms golgappa I didn’t tell you because This was an surprise. Veer twirls Sanchi. Party games start. When people start with random people then they Twirl to the next person (lol played it before but don’t knoow what’s it called) Sanchi starts with Garv, Veer with Riya, Kabir with priya. Everyone dance. After a few twirls Sanchi lands on kabirs Shoulder. Kabir dances with her but ignores her. She looks in his eyes. He twirls her So Much shes trippy and Looses balance when Veer catches her. They dance. Next Sanchi Dances With Arjun again Veer and Kabirs faces get red of jealousy and walk out. Sanchi is worried about Kabir but let’s it go. After that game she gets some pop and food and sits beside her best friends. She tells pragya And Isha something is definitely wrong. Arjun comes up to Sanchi. Arjun: Hello Sanchi. Sanchi: hi Arjun you here. Arjun: actually I wanted to tell u something…. sanchi: yeah.. Arjun: Dr Kabir is really mad at me and idk why. He is yelling at me.. and veer and Kabir are fighting over there. Sanchi: omg what happened now. She runs to see what is happening and sees Kabir Yelling at Veer And Telling Him he’s an irresponsible brat who’s rich. Veer: I ALWAYS TRY TO RESPECT YOU BUT THIS IS GOING TO FAR. DR KABIR I NEVER SAW AN EMOTIONLESS PERSON EVER EXPECT YOU!!! Kabir keeps yelling and they r about to punch each other. Sanchi: omg Everyone is watching.. this is ruining the party. Isha: yes Sanchi you gotta Do something. Sanchi comes between them, both of them stop. Sanchi:STOP IT NOW GUYS. Veer: srry sanchi but he lost control. Kabir says nothing and leaves. Sanchi: Veer are you okay? I am okay! Sanchi runs for Kabir and finds him sitting in the corner. She gets an idea to persuade him. She tells an dj to play an song. She Goes on the dance floor and dances. When the line comes yeh Munda Bot sweet hai she squeezes kabirs cheek and brings him on Stage. She bring some up Veer, pragya, An day Isha. All of them dance. She tries to make Kabir Dance but He’s not dancing. Sanchi becames sad and Leaves. Kabir Notices And runs after her while Veer Is about to run after her but realizes she has Kabir. Kabir comes up to sanchi. Sanchi is crying. Kabir feels sad. Kabir: why ru crying. Sanchi: what would  girl do If her best friend isn’t crying 😭… Kabir what did I do? Kabir holds her shoulder. Kabir: Sanchi it’s just that My mom is in the hospital recovering from an heart attack idk what’s happening to her and if she’s okay . He starts to sob. Sanchi: WHAT HAPPEND TO KUSUM AUNTY!  Kabir: Dr maholtra said I had to come to this party and i couldn’t help my mom. He leans on her shoulder. Kabir: I’m srry I took the anger on you. I’m really guilty and sad. Plus worried. Sanchi: Kabir…. come here she Hugs kabir. Kabir Hugs her back. Sanchi’s holds him by the shoulder. Sanchi: Kabir U should Not feel guilty it’s  all for maholtras fault plus I’m really sure Kusum aunty is okay. Why don’t you go Now to see her.. I’ll somehow Deal with dr maholtra with veer, Isha and pragya you go to see Kusum  aunty she needs u and u need her! Kabir: REALLY! he smiles Sanchi smiles back. Sanchi: Really Kabir Hugs Sanchi and Says thank you and Leaves. Sanchi stands there Smiling about making someone’s smile while Veer has been watching the whole time and feels sad for Kabir but jealous because Sanchi hugged him. He leaves…. Hoped you enjoyed!

Precap: SANGEET of priya and Sanket

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