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Ishqbaaz 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika in trouble

Ishqbaaz 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says Shivaye. Veer says its me Veer, welcome to watery hell. Roop says Shivaye isn’t answering my call, go and find him, I want the evidence. Charlie goes. She asks Shivaye to answer her call. Shivaye is fallen unconscious over the steering. Anika tries to get up. Veer asks what are you trying to do. She says I want to go to Shivaye. He says be careful, do you think I will let you go to Shivaye. She asks do you think you will stop me. He says you have much proud of yourself, love and Shivaye, you maybe not scared, but Shivaye is scared, so he is listening to my mum, your lovely Roop Bua is my mum. She gets shocked.

Charlie reaches Shivaye and checks the car. Veer says what all did Shivaye hide from you, didn’t he tell you. Anika says you shouldn’t care for that. He says I m telling you

a big truth. She says for me, what Shivaye says is the truth. He says he is not in a condition to talk, he is in big danger, you want to hear me out, fine.

Charlie sees Shivaye inside the car. He calls Roop and tells her. He takes the folder and goes. Roop asks Pinky to say, what does she want to talk. Pinky asks who will bear their children to get punished for their misdeeds, you have problem with us, take revenge from us, spare Shivaye. Roop says I would have thought of it if you told this before, its no use now. Pinky falls in her feet and says forgive me Roop. Roop says your apology won’t be enough, Shivaye has to touch my feet and apologize to me and Veer too.

Veer says you can’t imagine Shivaye is in trouble. Anika asks what did you say, I can’t hear you. He says Shivaye is in trouble. She goes close and thinks to show him. She pulls him down. He falls in the sum. She goes out and runs. Pinky asks what’s Shivaye’s mistake, why will he apologize. Roop says he has to make an apology. Pinky says Shivaye is my pride. Roop says I will shatter it, how will you stop me. Pinky says I will stop you, even if I have to kill you. Roop shows the gun and says its not easy to take life, but its easy for me, I can kill you right now, then how will you see your beggar bahu and son’s destruction. Pinky shots and hits her with a vase. Roop faints. Charlie knocks and asks is everything fine. Pinky says I will run by window, no she will vent anger on Shivaye, I will call Shivaye, he can get me out of this problem. She gets a phone locked. She cries. Anika falls down. She runs to the construction site. Pinky takes the gun from Roop and aims at her. Charlie calls out. Anika hides. Veer looks for her. Charlie says I will come out if you don’t answer. Roop gets conscious. Pinky says tell him you are fine. Roop says I m fine Charlie. Pinky says you will cancel Shivaye’s marriage and let him go. Roop says look how your hands are trembling, this gun doesn’t look good in your hands. Pinky says my intentions are firm. Roop laughs.

Veer looks around. Anika gets to the edge of the floor. Pinky says I can die or kill for the sake of my children. Roop says even if you die, Shivaye and Anika will die, Veer will kill Anika, Shivaye is doing this for you all, so that your name and Anika’s dad’s name don’t come in Kalyani mills incident, Anika is that foreman’s daughter, Shivaye knows this well, that your family and Anika’s dad aren’t involved in that incident, because I have done that, I have evidence against you all. Pinky says what, it means you had set fire in the mills. Roop says yes, I killed Mr. Kapoor, you all will go jail if Shivaye don’t agree to me. Pinky says you will surely be punished for your sins. Roop shouts you compelled me to commit those sins, who separated my son from me, you all did this, wasn’t that a sin, you all are sinners, Shivaye and beggar Anika have to bear the punishment. Pinky says I won’t let this happen. Roop asks will you shoot me, why did you stop, shoot.

Anika gets tensed and runs. Veer goes to see. Charlie gets Shakti at gunpoint and asks Pinky not to dare. Roop says well done. Charlie says I knew you are in danger and got him. Shakti scolds Roop. Roop says Charlie, take them out. Charlie takes Shakti and Pinky. Roop says my head is aching, where is Veer. Veer shouts Anika I know you are here, come out, if I find you, I swear Shivaye won’t be able to recognize you. She hides. He says all right, there is only one way to go out, which will get shut now. He places the blocks. He says lets see for how long you play this game. He smiles and says I blocked the exit, it will be better that you come out.

He shouts. She comes out. He looks at her. She throws soil in his eyes and pushes him over the blocks. She gets up and runs. Veer gets up. She runs away from the site. Roop says where is Veer, he should have got Anika by now, where is Shivaye, my plan will fail. Veer stops Anika by a bull dozer. She moves back. She falls in the sum. He smiles and says enough of hide and seek, I could have killed you easily, but I m getting fun seeing you fighting for life. She asks him to stop the water. He thinks look at the sand, you will be buried alive just like Anarkali. The machine lowers and drops the sand in the water. Anika thinks of her moments with Shivaye. She thinks where are you Shivaye…..

Roop asks where are you, you don’t care for your wife. Shivaye says I need to talk to Anika, where is she. She thinks even I don’t know where is she, my plan will fail if Shivaye knows this. She says Anika is where she is supposed to be. He says I have to talk to Anika first, I have to be sure she is fine. She says if you don’t remarry, I don’t need to say what I can do. He says until I talk to Anika, I won’t listen to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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