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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu observes a fast

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaitu worrying that his popularity is getting less. Jha asks him to do good work and get popular. Chaya says wrong, it will take many years. Chaitu asks what shall I do, you are public relation officer, tell me. Jha says make relation with public directly. She says wrong, just pray to God, observe a fast, many ministers are keeping fast and becoming popular. Jha says but Chaitu can’t be hungry. She says there is a catch, you can keep the fast, just say yes, you will have a lot while keeping fast. He says I will keep the fast. She posts statement. He asks what will I fast for. She says against your own party, you are very upset that your party isn’t functioning well, you will protest against own govt. The news reaches channel. Chaitu looks on and says this

channel is indeed fast. Jha says now no one can keep you from fast.

Puttan asks Imli to see fast. They all worry seeing the news. Chaitu comes home and says I did this to get good rating. He eats food. He says this is a political fast, it means mockery, a joke, I m fooling the public, I will have food at home. Puttan says the idea is amazing. Chaitu says I m keeping fast against me. Genda says Chaitu has gone mad. Haseena says he did it before you could do this. Genda scolds them. Her uncle comes and blesses her. She asks when did you get released from jail. He says I got free in morning and looted few, I have learnt from all animals. He gives her tips to oppose Chaitu. Genda calls Chaitu a thief. Khoji takes her interview.

Genda says Chaitu is behaving like a thief and peacock, how will the public know if he is keeping the fast really, he is just pretending, he should come out in public and keep the fast, ask him if he accepts the challenge. Khoji asks Chaitu if he accepts the challenge. Imli jokes on her challenge. They ask Chaitu to cancel fast. Jha says Chaitu will become a joke. Chaitu asks how shall I stay hungry. The people say we will also keep fast with Chaitu. Khoji asks Chaitu to answer fast. Chaitu asks Imli to say, where is Chaya. Jha says she went to a birthday party. Khoji says Chaitu didn’t keep his word. Jha says there is no option, you have to sit between the people. Khoji gives the news that Chaitu has accepted Genda’s challenge.

Genda’s uncle gives her tips. She says I will give you minister’s post when I become a minister. He asks her to just give some money for mobile recharge, he isn’t greedy for power. Chaitu says I m stuck between media and public, I m not able to have food in tension. Puttan says think again, you will lose your life if you fast. Jha says your rating will get high. Chaitu asks Puttan to keep fast with him. Puttan says no, I m going to meet farmers, bless me, don’t worry. He goes. He asks the party men to take care of Chaitu. He says I m assured that party’s future is in safe hands. Janta comes to tea stall. He learns about Chaitu’s fast and talks to party men. Kids come back home and hug Imli. They get mangoes and fruits for Chaitu. He eats fruits. Ministers come and see the mangoes. Pahelwan asks why did you keep the fast against own govt. Chaitu says I didn’t know about Genda’s strategy.

Khoji tells about the notice sent to Chaitu. Chaitu says I didn’t get any notice. He gets the notice. He sees the breaking news. Chaitu gets criticized for his fate. Ghotali asks him not to fool public. He worries that fasting commission will keep an eye on him and make him fast right. Genda says it will be fun as Chaitu will starve to death. Uncle asks her to spoil Chaitu’s image and give a statement against Chaitu. Genda says he will accuse me of defaming me. Uncle asks her to change color and apologize, simple. Chaitu says I wanted to increase my rating. Genda says I will humiliate Chaitu will false statements. She smiles.

Imli feeds Chaitu well. Fasting commission come to keep a watch on him. Malai asks Chaitu to have food. The lady clicks his pics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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