Sunday , September 27 2020


A big mansion seen shown written ‘The khurana’s’ 

Khurana's mansion
Insisde the hall of mansion . we can see three womens (Aditi , kavya, tanvi) sitting in the couch and talking and laughing.. A old women enters into their conversation. On seeing the old women(bhavana/dadi) other three gets her blessing…

Dadi : Its too late were are the others..

Aditi : kids are still sleeping..

Dadi : what ??

Tanvi : Actually yestrday they partied for so long..

Dadi : Ha.. toh ask the servants to give their breakfast to their room..

Kavya : Ji.. i have..

Dadaji enters the scene..

Dada : It was good that you gave them idea for partying inside the house .Otherwise i would have seen them partying in club and even drunk..

Mahesh , Manish enters the scene..

Mahesh : Its better we exclude adi from the others..He is turning into a rebel day by day

Manish : Bhaisaab , we know things right.. after all those happened it won’t be easy for him to stand in the..

Dadi : Stop all this.. adithya is my grandson and i know how to take care of him.. Its better you stay out of this Mahesh..

Mahesh : Maa are you forgetting that he is my son..

Dada : Stop it.. we all trying to make adi forget about this and you guys..

kavya : Ha.. adi is trying to be strong infront of us.. its better we stop blamming eachother.

Tanvi : Lets stop this conversation.. If any of the kids will listen .. we have to answer them to..

Manav also enters the scene..

Manav : Tanvi is right..  now a days they have took it a habbit of asking question..

Dadi : I think you all are getting late for your work.. go and have your breakfast..


A room’s door is seen written do not disturb..

The room was quite messy with thing here and there..

we can see two medium size couch which are placed face to eachother.. And a person in sleeping in each.. its none other than Arjun and shoaib.. on the corner we can see sameer and karan who are sleeping hugging eachother.. On the side of couch we can see shivanya who is sleeping resting her head on side of the sofa and Ragini and Aarti on her lap.. We can see arjun sleeping on a single seated couch.  The room have a balcony view and a man is standing staring the view with a teaful red eyes which is none other than adithya..


A medium sized modern mansion is shown..

Inside the mansion a women (jhanvi )doing arrangements for breakfast and a man(Ashwin) enters and sits..

Ashwin : So whats special today..

Jhanvi : As usuall bread and toast with orange juice..

Ashwin : Wow nice..

Jhanvi : Nice.. are you .. out of your mind.. You are happy having bread and toast instead of cholae baturae , aloo ki paratha.. you know i am dying to eat them..

Ashwin : If you like it that much oder na..

Jhanvi : I meant .. its been years we are setteld in London.. I want to go back to india..

Ashwin : we will think about it..

Jhanvi : you are always saying this.

Ashwin : Achaa. .. were are my princesses

Jhanvi : Sleeping..

Ashwin : Still..

Jhanvi : Maya came late night and zoya was waiting for her..

The view goes to upstairs ..

A room is shown in which there are many photos of maya and zoya from there childhood to till now and a few famiky photos..One side if the room is neat and clean which is of Zoya’s.. and other side is a little messy with photograps and laptopa and files which is of Maya’s

A king size bed is shown in which maya and zoya are sleeping hugging eachother..

Zoya wakes uo as sunrays fall on her face.. and she looks at maya at realises that the sunrays are disturbing her sisters sleep so see covers Maya ‘s head with blanket..

Maya : Zoe.. are you awake

Zoya : yeah .. i am

Maya : I am also but ask mom to send our breakfast here ..

Zoya : Lazzy Maya get up.. you have wirks today..

Zoya gets up and throws a pillow on Maya and goes to freshen up

Maya (in a lazzy mood) : I hate you..

Zoya (smiking) : Stilk i love you

Zoya goes to washroom and Maya gets up and looks at zoya with angry smrik

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