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Ek Deewana Tha 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajan decides to keep Shivani away from past

Ek Deewana Tha 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajan stops Madhvi from beating Suvarna saying if Shiv becomes their danger, then Suvarna will become their protection. KK was outside the room, but he couldn’t hear anything. Suvarna tells Rajan and Madhvi to get ready, their end is very close.

Akash is angry recalling KK and Shivani’s closeness.

Rajan is sitting. Madhvi asks how he can relax. Rajan says he’s shocked. How is it even possible? Their 25 years work wasted. Madhvi says they brought Shivani home and raised her thinking they will write her destiny on their own. They thought she’s Sharanya, but she is not. They lost to destiny again. Everything will repeat again. Shiv, Sharanya, and Vyom are back in front of each other again. She asks what they will do with Shivani? Rajan says, she is still their daughter.

Madhvi asks what if she finds out. Rajan says, they will have to keep Shivani away. She is not part of all this. Suvarna said Shiv is back for revenge, but they won’t let it happen. They won’t stop fighting. They will send everyone back from where they came before Shiv remembers everything. Shivani is sleeping. Someone is there who tries to touch her.

KK is looking at painting. He says he never met Radhika. How he made her painting then? There is something strange in the house. Mr and Mrs Bedi are not innocent as they show. He feels he has connection with painting, with everything that’s happening there. He wonders whether he has forgotten something.

Rajan assures Madhvi that history won’t repeat. There won’t be murders again. Madhvi sees someone outside window. She asks Rajan to look, but that person has left.

KK gets unclear flashbacks. He asks what’s happening to him. Who is Radhika? He calls her. She comes and asks why he is screaming. He changes topic and says he wants her to apply medicine on him. She refuses. He reminds her that he got hurt while saving her. He then blackmails that Shivani’s dream will break. Radhika agrees in end. He removes his t-shirt. Radhika also get some unclear flashbacks. She asks why he removed his tshirt. He says his wound is on back. She asks him to lie down and applies ointment. Shiv again gets flashbacks when she touches him. A shadow is shown outside room’s window.

Akash has tears in his eyes. Shivani comes and asks why he is crying. He says something went in his eyes. She says he has given her everything that she asked. He says he will always give her what she wants. She asks answer why he seems upset and why he was crying. He says he feels she is going away from him.. to this film, to KK. She says she won’t do that film then. It’s her dream to do film with KK, but she won’t sacrifice her love for that. He asks she will let her dream go? She says she has bigger dream than that – to spend her entire life with him. She will call KK and tell him to find new heroine. He stops her promising that he won’t be upset again. She says if he ever asks her life, then she will give that too. He replies, he will ask for that too some day. Then jokes that they will give up their lives together. They hug.

Radhika thinks what all she has to do for Shivani. If KK hadn’t saved her life, then she would have never done this. He’s fallen asleep. She was leaving and then looks at KK. She says in her mind that she gets angry with his behavior, but his face is so innocent. He fell asleep like a kid, she feels a connection with him. She gets flashbacks and “Shiv” name. She wonders why that name came in her mind.

Precap: Akash gets angry at Shivani.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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