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Dil Se Dil Tak 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Six year leap

Dil Se Dil Tak 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
The show takes a leap of six years.
Dada ji and others sit together and discuss they couldn’t find Teni all along these years. Indu assures Parth that Teni must be happy where she is. He must take care of himself.
Later, the ladies perform pooja at home. Baa was thoughtful and says its Ipshita’s competition of Hindi Essay. She prays for Ipshita as she is a little weak in Hindi. Indu discuss that last time when she came second in race, she didn’t eat for two days. Mohini says she only brought a gift for Ipshita last time when she was angry. Parth comes there and says this is wrong. He takes blessings from the ladies. He says Ipshita’s happiness is the most important thing for him, but Ipshita must realize that victory and defeat is a part of life. Mohini asks if Ipshita would let

him teach her. Indu says it’s late already, she must be here. Baa says Dada ji has gone to pick her up, they must be sitting in some ice cream parlor.
Ipshita comes home with a trophy after winning Hindi competition. She reminds Parth’s promise about taking her to Disney land. Dada ji agrees. Ipshita says even Tina will join them, Parth asks about the reason. Ipshita tells them they had a deal, Tina had to share her essay with her and she wins; she will take Tina to Disney land with her. Parth asks if she won by cheating. Ipshita says it was only a deal like Parth does his business deals. Everyone missed Teni hearing Ipshita.
Teni was praying in a church, and later in a temple.
Parth says he could never feel that Teni wasn’t here anymore.
Teni comes to a Dargah now and prays for the best about her future. She hands her future into God’s hands.
In a clothes shop, a girl doesn’t like any of bridal dresses and says there is no true copy in this shop. Teni comes to take over the sales counter. She asks for a high standard dress and convince the client that it might be a little expensive. The clients were convinced. She shows them a few sarees as well and was able to sale them. The shop owner appreciates Teni’s commitment to her work, but at least she must return home in time today at least. Teni says one has to work hard to get something huge in life.
The preparations for the function were ready. People were waiting for the host, Iqbal. Iqbal enters the hall dancing.

PRECAP: Teni and Iqbal’s engagement function.

Update Credit to: Sona

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