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Chandrashekhar 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra attacks Patwari

Chandrashekhar 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sitaram coming home. She asks Jagrani to see the vegs he got. Sukhdev gives him water and says Jagrani is crying for Chandra, I also miss him, call him back. Sitaram gets angry. Jagrani cries thinking of Chandra. Sitaram asks her to sleep. He says Sukhdev will go and meet Chandra. She says I was thinking to go along. He says let it be, everything will get fine, if he stays alone, he will become something, if you go, he will fall weak, learn to make heart strong, sleep. Chandra comes running towards home. He recalls Sitaram’s words and stops. Jagrani senses him and goes to see. He runs away and hides behind the tree. She waits there and sees him. She opens arms. He runs and hugs her. She imagines that. She turns to go. He calls her out. She looks there and doesn’t see him.

He climbs the tree. She stops and turns to see. She cries and goes inside the house.

Its morning, Patwari says I want to come Bheel village and meet Darsi. He hides and stares at Darsi. She goes with kids to get water. They talk about Chandra. Patwari follows them and hears them. He says it means my doubt was true, Chandra has done everything to save Tatya. Darsi says Chandra has gone to study, he will become a big man and return, then you can meet. Kids go ahead while talking. Chandra sees his friends and doesn’t call them. He says I will meet them later, I have to reach Manohar, else he will get annoyed.

Patwari stops Darsi. He says I m thirsty, feed me some water. She asks him to have it from the lake, stay away. He insists. She scolds him. He tries to misbehave with her. She asks him to stay away and not touch her. Chandra hits him with gulel. Darsi turns to see. Patwari sees the bleeding from his forehead and asks who has thrown stone at me. Chandra comes there.

He scolds Patwari for troubling Darsi. Darsi hugs him. He asks how did you come here. Chandra says I will tell later, I m in hurry. He warns Patwari and goes. Darsi goes. Patwari says I will not leave Chandra, I will teach him a lesson. Sukhdev writes Jagrani’s letter for Chandra. He says I m going tomorrow, why are you packing tiffin now. She says you made me forget what to do, write more. She says write that I miss him, he will be glad reading my letter. Chandra sees britishers playing cricket in the club. Manohar says Alirajpur is known for this cricket ground, its a game, see how they are playing, we shall go home now. Chandra gets interested to watch. Manohar smiles and says keep the keys, I will go for work. He goes. Chandra runs and catches the ball. Chandra gives it to Kaka. Kaka runs and gives ball to the britisher. The britisher says why did you take so long. He slaps him and scolds. Watson also slaps Kaka and kicks him. Chandra sees Watson.

Jagrani asks Sukhdev to carefully go. He asks her not to worry. Chandra gets scared seeing a tiger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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