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Brother’s Love (Introduction & part-1)

Hi guys….

I’m Vinolin. Here, I am going to write about an elder brother and younger sister’s affection. This is based on a real life story. I am writing here to reflect the love and not to highlight anyone. An affection is very important for every people and we all know, own brother and sister will be showed their affection to each other. Whatever that sister wants,  he will buy for her,  without asking too he will give everything. Then he will be like a mother and father too, to his younger sister. Here,  they are showing their affection like that. They are not own brother and sister. Because she doesn’t have own elder brother. He doesn’t have younger sister.  But they have been like this. But finally, what was happening  between them, and what are the struggles  they are meeting every day. I am writing this is a dramatic style to feel the story.

I am dedicating this real heart touching story to all elder brothers and younger sisters. Please read it and support me. Do comments.


There is a girl name called Vincy. She completed her studies in college and waiting to work in some offices. But she doesn’t want to search a job. Because she is very lazy. One day, he mom is calling to her.

(her phone rings)

Vincy: (waking up from the bed. And watching her mobile. Attend her mom’s call) Hello,  mom why are you called me. U disturbed my sleeping.

Mom: Vincy, there is a vacant in an electronic shop at a mall. I know that mall and electronic shop well. There is a girl. I know her well. U just come and try here. There is no pressure here. That girl said,  there are so many facilities and it’s easy work only. Just u want to sell the products.  Come fast.

Vincy: No… I can’t.

Mom: pls come. U just bring your resume and mark sheets. She will take care of you.

Vincy : (thinks, OK… It’s easy work only. And customers will come and I just want to sell the products whatever they are asking) OK mom. She informed the address and everything to Vincy.

She is getting ready and going to ask job. She is entering to the shop. She is asking about interview. She is going straightly to the room. The security is telling, “mam… Wait here HR will come.

She thinks, “OMG!  For this also,  there is an interview. I am getting angry. Because I lost my sleeping mood.

Mom’s friend is coming there.

Mom’s friend: R u Vincy?

Vincy:  yes…

Mom’s friend:  I know you. And your mom. OK wait here,  when HR will come,  they will do interview.

Vincy: OK didi… (smiles)

HR is coming to the shop. She is looking at Vincy and smiling. She is smiling too. Later,  she is calling Vincy to the room. Vincy is attending the written test,  and oral interview. She is selected.

HR: Vincy,  I have selected the branch of electronic store near to your home. I mean here only you have to work. Because it’s near to your home. And you have to attend the training about work for 15 days. But that place is very far from your home. You have to attend the training. After 2 days, u can join in the work. But don’t come to shop. Go to training and then you will get an announcement.

Vincy: (she is smiling) OK mam.



She is telling to her mom that she got job. Her mom gets happy. Vincy is travelling by bus. She is going for attending the training. There,  she is seeing many people.







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