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Bhootu 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram Expresses His Desire To Marry Anandita

Bhootu 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shona tells Vikram’s mother/grandma that she will help her separate Vikram and Anandita. Grandma asks her not to call her oldie and call her grandma. Pihu asks Shona not to call her grandma as she is very bad and mamma’s fell ill because of her. Shona as usual does opposite. Grandma then prays Gopal to keep Anandita away from Vikram and keep her in coma forever. Pihu pleads Gopal not to listen to her. Gopal plays flute and smiles.

Mohini sees Bobby doing household chores and asks him not to as the old lady will help them get this house. She will serve lady and lure her to marry her son Vikram to her, then his house and Vikram’s properties will be hers. Bobby asks not to fly so high.

Pihu waits outside Anandita’s ICU room and prays for her recovery soon. Grandma

emotionally asks Vikram if he wil do as she says. He agrees. She asks to choose between her and Anandita and starts emotional atyachar. Pihu watches silently. Shona arrogantly thinks let us see whom he will support. Vikram says he will choose Anandita as he cannot leave her in this situation and will marry her to support her. Grandma slaps him and says she lost her elder son and will not ose her younger one now. Pihu thinks how can Vikram marry her mamma, he is her chachu.

Pihu prays Gopal and takes lamp to Anandita’s room. Anandita reminisces grandma alleging that she is inauspicious and her son died because of her, showing Subodh’s dead certificate. Anandita wakes up and run away shouting Subodh, she cannot live without him. She runs on road and Pihu runs behind her. A speeding car heads towards her. Vikram rushes and saves her. She cries she does not want to live without Subodh. Vikram asks what about Pihu, who will take care of her.

Anandita returns home and with Pihu/Shona looks at Subodh’s garlanded photo. Vikram walks in and says he will take are of them. He gives books to Shona/Pihu. Shona throws them and misbehaves with him yelling dare not to act like his papa. He angrily tries to slap her, but Anandita stops her and yells how dare he is to hit her daughter. He says when children misbehave, they have to be taught lesson. Shona smirks. Anandita asks who gave him this right. He says he wants to marry her as he knows she and Pihu needs them. She slaps him.

Precap: Vikram smells gas and sees Shona swithing on gas and lighting match stick. Pihu shouts don’t. Cylinder blasts.

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