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Bepannaah 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashishi leaves the house for six months

Bepannaah 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Noor tells Zoya that these people don’t care for her at all. Zoya says she does, she is angry but doesn’t sleep until Zoya is back home. Noor calls her innocent for having decided to live with their taunts. Zoya says she will meet Ashish today, and surely get her hands on something important. She is sure everything will be fine. Noor prays that Zoya always live happily.
Aditya was leaving the office when Bella brings him a file, as compensation for the loss her father made for them. Aditya was thankful and hands the file to Methilesh. Methilesh decides to inform Zoya about it.
At home, Mahi asks her mother if she really wants Zoya to leave, investigate and find that this house is after her name. They turn around to see Zoya stand there, she informs about going to meet Ashish to take some

details about Yash’s case. Mahi asks to come along, and goes inside to get her purse. Inside, she decides Zoya and Aditya cannot get any information before her. She still has to find if Yash knew Aditya earlier or not.
Ashish opens the door for a hooded stranger. He takes the bundles of money from him and assures he would no longer meet Zoya again.
Aditya returns home. Harsh insults him for always being in a bad condition and tells him he no longer possess the rights to use their bank accounts. Aditya walks towards room without replying a single word.
Ashish’s house owner tells Zoya he paid an advance for six months and left. Mahi tells Zoya it’s someone’s attempt not to let them meet Ashish and Aditya can be behind all this. Zoya says Aditya doesn’t even know about Ashish but Mahi insists he is very intelligent. They turn to leave. Mahi goes to office to figure out who is ahead of her in this game.
Aparna brings all of Pooja’s memories from home to be dumbed. Rakhi comes out and says she will take them to orphan age. Arjun offers to take her to orphanage.
Mahi comes to office looking for Aditya but the staff says he left already. She was in a hurry. Methilesh tries to give Mahi the file of a new contract to the company, but Mahi doesn’t pay heed and leaves.
At home, Noor comes to cheer Zoya up and requests her to accompany her for an outing. They hear the voice of prayer call, Zoya hurries to go somewhere.
Rakhi and Arjun reach the orphanage. Arjun takes a leave from her for his court hearing. Rakhi asks about Aditya’s whereabouts, his phone is also off. Rakhi gives away Pooja’s clothes to orphanage management. She was lost in a flashback. Pooja’s hand was hurt and still attempted to wear the saree. Aditya insisted to make her wear the saree. Rakhi came in, Pooja asked for her help to make her wear the saree. Aditya joked he would save her grace anyway. The management thanks Aparna for not leaving the support of this orphanage after Pooja’s death and shows Aditya was also here.

PRECAP: Mahi shows the photo to Aditya and blames him for fooling them as he knew Yash in his life. There, Zoya was in a Dargah and pray for some way to know the truth. Aditya arrives behind him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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