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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 10)

hi guyzs im back with next part of my ff .lets continue guyz.

zoya and adi both were silent . aditya was guilty this time. he wanted to apolagize but his ego and his past dint allow him to do so

dr _( driving) mr hooda ur very lucky u got an amazing wife

zoya_ dr im not his wife

dr_ohk then u r his …

zoya – just colegue

dr- oh im srry

dr _ here u go .shall i drop u here

zoya- thank u dr

adi_ thank u dr

dr- mr hooda take care visut my clinic today once again. its an head injury so ct scan is must

zoya_ surely he will come dr

dr _ good

he left

zoya adi were onroads once again.zoya was searching for auto

zoya_ ( showing hands) auto… auto…

adi_ zoya…

zoya_ ha aditya its list of ur medicine. dr gave me

adi_ (taking the reciep) zoya_

zoya_plzz aditya . stop it.

auto stopped zoya sat in it

zoya_ chalo bhaiya

adi_ ( called arjun) arjun pick me up from ( he named place)

arjun_ ohk im commung

he hung up tge call

adi_ ( to himself) zoya i know ur a goid girl but i cant deny that ur yashs wife. i cannot forget twhat they did with ssry but i cant heLP it

( flahback)

when adi was alone in the forest

adi_ zoya… zoya..  where is she …tower bhi ni hai . oh wait a sec tower … her finally network

he called his home

adi_ hello

poojas mom- hello is it adi

adi_ ma in law ha im adi plzz send arjun near (

poijas mother_ beta where are u .

adi – in junglee

pooja mom_ in junglee why beta

adi_ mil i will tell u that later

pooja mom_ u are alone

adi_no mil im with zoya

pooja mom_ zoya.. yash wife na… u both were togetger whole night . oh…. its good beta tgat ur forgetting things . u are forgetting what yash did with u . u droppeded idea of hurting and punishing zoya im very happy.

adi- i still hate her ma and im still adament about my revenge . plzz send arjun.

pooja mom- ok beta

she hung up the call.poija mom- i won’t allow anyone to take my faughters place.(she smirkrd)


arjun arrived

arjun- bhai

adi_) sitting ib car)  chal mere bhai

arjun – bhai u got hurt .how

adi_ gions atacked us

arjun_ us bhai zoya where is ahe

adi_ she went . let her go

arjun_ bhai ur impossible

adi_ i know

guyzs thats it and do comment and tell me .how was it . i love reading ur comments

im very happy its 10 episode.


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