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You & Me (Chap-13) Kanchi fs by ArpitaKrish

You & Me (Chap-13):

Recap- Everyone came to know about Kanchi affair & fixed their engagement.


Kanchi’s Engagement,

Sanchi was in her room and being ready for engagement. PraSha were with her.

“I’m missing her. She is not here and that too on the big day of my life” Sanchi was sad.

“Sanchi you already know that she has her exam. It’s okay we will do video call during engagement” Pragay console Sanchi.

“Now stop your melodrama otherwise your make up will ruin up and you will look like vamp infront of Kabir” Isha teased.

“Ishaaa” Sanchi make faces.

On the otherside, Kabir was outside with Veer, Kusum including all family member. He was wearing orange Kurta & all that. (Please I cant describe Men’s wardrobe collection)

He was looking towards stairs. Veer noticed.

“She will come. Keep patience Bro” Veer teased. Kabir blushed.

“Did you forget that he is still your teacher” Anand jokes.

“Ohh Sorry Sorry. Very Sorry Kabir Sir” Veer made faces.

“Stop your drama Veer. You are my younger brother also” Kabir smiles.

Sanchi came. She was wearing pink & orange lehenga with matching accessories. Shewas looking beautiful. Kabir was stunned.

They both are on stage and around them all family memeber were present.

“Sanchiiiiiiii, Isha, Pragya” A sound crossed the whole hall. Everyone look toward entrance.

“Riyaa” Sanchi shouted in happiness.

Yeah she is Riya, Veer’s sister & SaPraSha’s childhood friend. They are very close to each other.

SanPraSha hugged them.

“How did you come? You told that you had your exam?” Anand asked.

“Dad I lied. I wanted to surpriseyou all” Riya replied.

“Btw I did not come alone. With me some of my friends have also come. They have some project so they have come somedays ago. Today they are going so I called them to attend this function” Riya said.

“Okay where are they? Call them inside” Sunil said.

“Guys come” Riya called.

Everyone came. They were about 15 people.

“So meet them. This is Priyanshi, Riya, Anee, Jiya, Sana, Mitali, Bibechana, Dhruvi, Abhilasha, Ruwani, Anee, Piya, Ashnita, Priya, Surabhi, Vrushti, Niya, Niyati and this is Goluuu. They all saw your pictures & also follow you all on instagram” Riya said.

(Golu:- Mere Kabir ki engagement wo bhi Sanchi ke sath. 😭😭😭😭😭😭)

“Riya there is less people” Veer said in taunting tone.

“Yeah I’m also thinking” Riya replied in same way.

(Sorry guys if I forgot someone’s name)

“Hi Sanchi & Mr. Kabir, Congratulations” Everyone wished except Niya, Ashnita, Surbhi & Golu.

“Guys why are you 4 is not speaking” Priyanshi asked 4 of them.

“Nothing” Ashu, Surbhi & Niya wished reluctantly.

“I will wish later” Golu replied.

“What a coincident! Kabir’s nick name is also Golu” Kusum said.

“Yeah Auntyji” Golu replied with fake smile.

“This oldie can’t marry her golu to golu but no she is making this Sanchi her Sister In Law” Golu thoughts.

“Okay guys so now starts ring ceremony” Sunil instructed.

Sanchi made Kabir wear ring & Kabir also. Everyone also. They both had a eyelock.

“Okay we have flight so we are leaving” Priyanshi said.

“Congratulations” Golu came forward and wishes.

“Huh! He is marrying this Sanchi. Can’t he marry me. Although I’m fatty but” Golu thoughts.

“Bye guys” Riya & SanPraSha bid them.

Precap: Riya is in bridal dress. Sanchi- Please take care of my Kabir. Can’t found better person than you for my Kabir. She has tears in her eyes. Riya holds Sanchi’s hand.

Now Golu is angry with Kanchi’s engagement so bear this extra short dose. Will come soon with next asap. Also Golu is fasting so she cant type more. I did not do any proof reading so sorry for mistakes. 

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