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Yeh jawani hai deewani !! #OS @Kaanchi @praveer

Hey guys
Guess who ?
Priyanshi here !!
And literally I have NO words ?…. to describe how I felt after reading your comments ! Seriously guys …. I was dumbstruck I mean so much love so much support me.
But I’m back to bore you again.. but this is the last time I’m boring you. After this I won’t be able to write anymore.
Thank you will be the smallest word for all the people who showed such support !
Let’s move on with the story.. I will continue my talk in the end.

This is my last so I decided to write on veer also. Don’t worry here I have paired pragya and veer. The story has praveer scenes also so please bear with that. But there are more kaanchi scenes as how much I try to write on Praveer I couldn’t write just because of my craziness for kaanchi 😅😅.

Please ignore typing and grammatical errors.

A girl of age around 22 in knee length frock with big spects n open hair is going with a pile of 2 thick books n 4 5 files in her hand. Suddenly a boy bumps with her and all the material from her hands fells down.
Boy says “sorry..I’m really sorry”
She bends down and start collecting all the paper and while collecting she looks up (her beautiful eyes with spects over it is shown n slowly her whole face) makes a frowning face and utters oh shittt. She sees the boy and stops there in amaze.
The boy who bumped with her and was helping her to collect her things and was continuously repeating sorry
Girl – kabir … kabir kapoor … am I right .
(So the boy is non other than our hero kabir )
Kabir – wow I’m this popular I didn’t knew. Btw yes ms I’m kabir kapoor but may I know how you know me beautiful.

Both collects the things and stands and immediately the girl hugs him. First he is shocked and feels a little uncomfortable.
The girl parted away and said.
Girl – I’m sanchi.. with a broad smile
Kabir (his tubelight switches on) – sanchi mishra.. OMG (Sanchi nods)
How can I forget you ms.topper.
And he hugs her .
Kabir – why did you suddenly left the school after 10th. We asked from your friends also.
Sanchi (remembers something … will reveal later ) – actually my dad sent me to Mumbai and I returned last year only. You say what about you three … the famous trio of our school.
Kabir – hey come with me. Veer n pragya are over there in park

Now let’s see what pragya veer are doing. Ofcorse fighting.. what can we expect from our Lady dabang and mr.prankster . Both were in park.

Pragya – abeo nalayak khi ke..
Veer – my sweetheart …
(Note – both pragya veer like each other. Veer has already confessed but pragya never accepts)
Pragya – kaa bole.. tum humko cidha rahe ho (and she rubs her wrist showing her fist)
Veer – tujhse panga leke mujhe itni jaldi upar nahi jaana hai.
Pragya – Himmat kaise hui hume nakli chipkali se darane ki or phir hume cidhane ki. Ab pragya yadav tumko chodegi nahi.

Veer seeing the volcano ran from there to save his life and pragya behind him to teach him lesson for messing with her.
Veer bumped into kabir and hides behind him.
Pragya – aaj tu nhi rokega hume kabir . Hat mere raaste se.. aaj iss nalayak ko to hum chodenge nahi
(Today u won’t stop me. Leave my way. Today I won’t leave this nalayak )

Suddenly pragya felt a tight force on her body. She is shocked but then she responds.
Sanchi – u didn’t changed a bit my lady dabang.
Pragya looked cluelessly at Kabir. Then veer also comes .
After that she hugs veer also.
Sanchi – how are you Mr. Prankster.
Both praveer looked at kanchi with hundreds of question on their faces.

Kabir – she’s sanchi mishra… our ms.topper.
Sanchi smiles and praveer’s tubelight switches on and both hugs her .
Pragya – kaisan ho be… tum to hum logo ko bhool hi gayi.
Veer – so Sanchi.. after 10th where did you went.
Sanchi calm down calm down guys I will tell everything.
After a chit chat of almost 1 hour Sanchi stands to go.
Kabir – hey Sanchi you are back so would you like to join us in our trip to shimla next week.

Veer – yes yes.. pls Sanchi join us .we will have gr8 fun over there.
Pragya – you are coming with us and that’s final.
Sanchi – but guys
Pragya – no ifs n buts. Otherwise I will drag you and take you with us. Samjhi tum.
Sanchi – ok ok fine . Calm down I will come with you all .
Kabir (side hugs her ) – ye hui na humari sanchi wali baat.
Sanchi blushes but doesn’t shows . This reaction of her didn’t went unnoticed by kabir but he ignored.
Pragya and veer hugs her then kabir also joins. They share a group hug.
Sanchi – see u soon guys n all waved good bye to each other.

After one week everybody was ready to go. All 4 got their luggage on their places in train and again pragya got angry on veer n veer started to make her normal with his crazy antics.
Meanwhile a girl comes and asks knife from them . She saw was kabir sitting on side she intentionally fells on him n ofcorse kabir holded her.
Pragya – abeo makeup ki Dukan aka Isha.. chala nhi jaata thik se to kahe pehenti ho heel. Kisi din muh haath tut gya na to koi ladka rakhi bhi nahi bandhwaega. Phir ghumte rehna heel pehen ke.
(Hello makeup shop Isha . If u can’t walk properly then why do u wear heels. If any day ur face break then no boy will make u sister also)

Isha makes annoying face and gets up.
Kabir – baby are you ok.
Sanchi got hurt listening baby . Kabir noticed and wondered what happened to her.

It was time to sleep.
Veer – sanchi…. this in whole coach team is ours . You can ask anyone for help.
Sanchi looked at him blankly.

Pragya – they are our college mates.

Everybody slept and kabir was going to switch off the lights but suddenly a diary from sanchi’s bag fell. Kabir picks the diary.

Next morning Sanchi and pragya wakes up early.
After sometime kabir and Veer also wakes up. So both miss. got up so early.
After some chit chat about old days kabir and Veer said something.
Sanchi – are you both stupid.
Pragya – sanchi do you know their meaning of stupid (pointing towards kabir n veer)
Sanchi shrugges
Kabir – Smart (S)
Veer – Talented (T)
Kabir – Unique (U)
Veer – Person (P)
Kabir – In (I)
Kaveer- Demand (D)
And both grinned giving hi-fi to each other.
Sanchi’s eyes widened but soon all 4 started laughing.
Kabir was staring her lovingly .

Suddenly the train jolted and pragya who was standing directly landed in veer’s arms. Both got lost in each other eyes.
Sanchi didn’t knew about them but kabir coughed and both came in their senses.
Veer – haye meri laila meri baho me.
Pragya – stop it veer.
Veer – till when you will lie to yourself.
Sanchi looked at Kabir blankly and he tells her about them.
Not listened by praveer because they both were arguing
Sanchi – let us make a plan to make her realise. And afterall we are im shimla.
Kabir – what about us (unknowingly )
Sanchi – what do you mean
Kabir – I.. I mean what about our plan.
Sanchi – will see that later.

They reached shimla and the whole group enjoyed a lot. Ice skating.. sledge riding.. playing games and between all these isha didn’t missed any chance to stay close to kabir but our heroine was also not less. She also never let her come closer to kabir .

One day they made a plan and sent veer somewhere.
Sanchi and Kabir came running to pragya .
Sanchi – pragya.. wo
Pragya – what happened..
Kabir – pragya wo… wo veer… (huffed)
Pragya – what happened to veer. She got frightened.
Sanchi – veer fell from the cliff. His leg slided in the snow and he fell down.
Pragya was stunned. She went running.
While both kabir and sanchi gave hi-fi to each other.

Pragya went to that place where kanchi said .
She didn’t saw anybody and broke down .

Pragya – veeeeerrrrrr ..why veer why you left me. Many things had to be cleared between us. How could you leave me alone. I love you pls come back. I promise I won’t leave you.
She shouted on the top of her voice.

Suddenly somebody said from behind . I think somebody is searching me.
She recognised the voice and in no time she ran towards him and threw herself in his arms.

(Remember the same thing sanskar did and as swara saw him safe n  she ran )

Veer – so you accept you love me.
She started hitting his chest.
Pragya – koi aise krta h kya. Tumne to humari jaan hi nikal di thi.

Veer – so what are your plans.
Pragya – what plans.
Veer – don’t you want to go on a date with your nalayak.
Pragya blushed at his statement.
So that evening veer took pragya to a beautifully decorated place arranged by kanchi.

It was their last night in shimla . All were sitting around fire. All decided to play a game.
So the game was the music will be played and all will pass the pillow. As music stop and the person who has pillow will have to complete the dare he / she gets from the bowl.

The game started. All were passing and it stopped on Isha.
She had to propose the person sitting 3 seats next to her.
The person was kabir .
Sanchi’s face got dull and kabir smirked seeing this.
Isha went forward.
Isha – u are the most handsome boy I have ever seen. You are my prince charming. I love you kabir.
While kabir was continuously looking at saanchi whose face was burning with her tightened fists.. she was looking at Isha like she would kill her anytime . Kabir smirked.

This time it stopped on aayesha and she had to kiss the palm of cutest boy in their group. Non other than veer.
Aayesha forwarded to veer ; took his hands in hers and kissed.
Veer too kissed on her hands back
Pragya fumed
Pragya – oye who said you to respond back.
Now you see what I will do.
Veer got alarmed about the coming earthquake for what he did just now.

This time the pillow stopped on veer and he had to kiss her gf on her cheeks.
Pragya – I won’t let you complete your dare.
Veer comes to her and turns to sanchi.
Now it was kabir’s chance to fume. And sanchi smirked.
Pragya’s jaw dropped and suddenly veer kissed her cheeks making her blush and ran away. While all others hooted.

Now pillow stopped on kabir. He has to dance with the person who got dare just before him in saree and heels.
So two saare and two heel sandals were brought.
Both kabir n veer wore and the song played.

Tip-tip barsaa paani… (2)
Paani ne aag lagaayi
Aag lagi dil mein to dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to jal uthaa mera bheega badan
Ab tum hi batao sajan main kya karu

Both were dancing with each other in a seducing manner.
No one was able to control their laughter. All were taking pictures and videos of their dance .
Their dance ended when kabir’s pallu stucked with veer’s heel and both fell on ground with veer on top of kabir.
The saare covered their faces. Both immediately got up and were embarrassed.

After that it stopped on sanchi and she had to sing a song. A guitar was brought and she started singing

Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon
(She looks at Kabir)

Hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon

(She sings looking in his eyes only)
Ho ho…….

All clapped for her stupendous performance.
(Both came in their senses )
Veer – are wah ms.topper tum to kamal ka gaati ho.
Pragya – abeo nalayak bhool gye ka.. ye sirf padhai me hi nhi saare activities me topper thi.
After that all went to sleep.

But our kanchi had another plan.
A man secretly comes out of the resort with his tourist bag.

After sometime Sanchi comes and peeps whether anyone is seeing her or not.

She was climbing with her snow stick and torch suddenly she felt somebody is following and as she turned kabir frightened her.
The man who went secretly was none other than kabir.
Kabir started laughing. Sanchi started hitting him on his chest.
Both sat their for sometime.
Kabir – so u are also going to that cliff where it is advised not to go.
Sanchi – yes I really want to go n find whether that temple really exists or not.
Kabir – then let’s go.

Both reached their and shouted their names from that top of cliff and it echoed back several times.
Both were very happy.
While they were returning Sanchi moved forward while she was talking and she heard a sound.
Kabir – Saanchiiiii.
And somebody fell into the deep narrow valley.
Sanchi – kabirrrrrrr
She started crying. And to her shock she heard somebody laughing behind a tree. Kabir came out holding his tummy due to laughter.
Sanchi immediately ran to him and hugged him tightly. And started sobbing. He patted her back
Kabir – relax Sanchi I was just joking. Why are you……
Sanchi – u stupid … idiot..brainless.. koi aise krta h kya. Is this joke. How could you do this. Didn’t you thought about me.

Kabir – sanchi listen to me. Cool down.

But she wasn’t ready to listen just spitting out the words

Sanchi – u just shut up. Just because of you my heart started racing. I would have died. What if something would have happened in real. Dumbo… ghanchakkar…..

Before she could say anything further he pressed his lips against her ; her eyes got wide open and then she closed her eye and then got involved in the kiss; he jerked her through her waist… they shared a deep lip lock;
After few minutes of lip lock they parted away.
Kabir – Kitna bolti ho tum (While trying to catch his breath )
Sanchi didn’t responded she just placed her head over his chest trying to catch her breath.

Both started to move towards the resort as nobody knew that where they went.
Both at the same time
Kanchi – I want to say something.
Sanchi – you say first.
Kabir – are you sure
Sanchi nodded
Kabir – sanchi wo.. mai
Sanchi – wo mai
Kabir – sanchi I have always dreamed to see the whole world and after two weeks I will go.
Sanchi became sad. She felt like her world is going to stop.
Kabir – sanchi..
He shook her. She came into her senses.
Kabir – you also wanted to say something.
Sanchi – yaa… subah ho gyi h. (She said in a low voice… she didn’t spoke what she wanted to say )
Kabir – ohh yes.. all might be waiting for us. And today we have to return also.

Both returned and as kabir entered somebody threw pillow on him.
Pragya held his collar and shaked him.
Pragya – u lier. Why you didn’t tell us about your world tour.
Kabir – relax … he moved towards bed where veer was sitting with his diary and tickets.
Kabir – I wanted to give you surprise.

Veer hugged him.. tears were in his eyes. Pragya too joined them. And sanchi was looking at them from the gate.
Pragya – abe yaar.. tu kyu waha khadi aa..
And she ran and all 4 shared a group hug.


And this is how our paths parted. He went to fulfil his dream. It has been 5 years I have met him.
Well next week is pragya veer’s marriage. And he is coming..I don’t know what changes took in his life and how I’m going to face him.
(Yes saanchi was reminiscing all these)

Next day
Sanchi was wearing a simple salwar kameej with a embroidered duppata. She was going with a big decorated plate. Suddenly her leg slipped and she was about to fall but somebody holded her from waist not letting her fell. Sanchi’s duppata covered their faces and their eyes met.
Both got into their senses when pragya came shouting.
He removed her duppata from their faces and made her stand properly.
Pragya – I knew I knew you will come kabir and she hugged him.
Kabir – how wouldn’t I have come afterall it’s my my lady dabang’s marriage. How could I miss my two besties marriage.
Pragya – yes and if you hadn’t come then I would have make sure that you never get married.
Sanchi chuckled at her statement while veer came
Kabir – how are you bro.
Both hugged each other.
Veer – I will be okay till my marriage.
Pragya listened what he said.
Pragya – ka bole be tum. Hone do shaadi phir batate hai tumko hum.
Sanchi stopped her
Sanchi – pragya we are getting late for mehandi. The mehandi artist are waiting for you. And she dragged her. Kanchi stole each others glance.
Pragya – Tumhari Nani ki Nani ki nani nhi yaad dilwa diye na to hum b pragya yadav nhi.

Kabir laughed seeing them while veer was in shock that how he fell in love with lady don.

It was mehendi time. Pragya was wearing a orange colour lehenga and sanchi was wearing a light green colour ghagra choli with hot pink blouse and a thin stripped duppata which went from her right shoulder to the other end of duppata at her waist in left side. Veer and kabir were wearing simple karta pyjamas.

Pragya..sanchi and all the ladies made mehandi on their hands.
Kabir went to pragya and asked for electricians number as he didn’t knew anybody there.
Artist were designing mehandi on Pragya’s hand.
Pragya – sanchi se le le. Uske paas hai. Wo dekh waha jaa rhi Sanchi.

Artist – what is the name of the groom.
Pragya saw veer coming towards her so she said write “nalayak”
Veer was passing by and when he heard he shooted daggers on the artist while pragya smirked.
He went to her took the cone and wrote veer on her hands. Pragya was speechless. He left after that.

Kabir went to Sanchi and asked for the no.
Sanchi showed both her hands with mehandi.
Then she said to take the phone from the purse. The purse was hanging on right side of her waist in her ghaghra.
She slightly turned towards him indicating to take out the phone. She lifted her right foot making her waist lift up.
He was going to take but then he put his one hand from front and another hand in the purse encircling around her body. And pulled her a little closer. Both stopped their for a while looking into each others eyes which showed unending passion for each other. They came into their senses when they heard noise of some children coming from other side.

It was marriage day.
Pragya came with sanchi. Pragya was wearing a floral print lehenga and the colour of her mehendi was very dark. She was looking stunning. Veer’s jaws dropped seeing her. She came and sanchi helped her to sit but veer was still in amaze.
The priest started chanting the mantras.
Pragya slowly wishpered.
Pragya – muh band kar…sab dekh rhe h hume
And this brought veer into his senses.

Sanchi went and stood beside kabir. He looked at her and sanchi smiled. Sanchi was wearing a simple baby pink colour lehenga with floral print duppata. She was looking simple yet elegant in her outfit.

After marriage rituals were over and all the guests went kabir dragged Sanchi in the balcony.
Kabir – day after tommorow I’m going. Don’t you want to say anything.
Sanchi – what will I say… while shrugging she couldn’t look into his eyes.
Kabir – not that also which you wanted to tell 5 years back.
Sanchi looked at him blankly
Sanchi – I don’t know what you are trying to say.
Kabir – that you love me.
Sanchi – what rubbish is this Kabir !! Move I have to go now.
She tried to move but he pulled her through her waist. She could feel his hot breath.
Kabir – till when you will hide ; said huskily in her ears
Sanchi – I really don’t know what you are saying kabir. Please let me go ; said in a soft low voice
Kabir – acha so you forgot that you love me not from now but from when we were in 10th.
Sanchi’s eyes popped out like a button.
She looked at him astonished.

Kabir – you remember when we went to shimla 5 years ago. We were in train and suddenly your personal diary fell your bag. I don’t know what happened to me . I went to my seat and started reading.


He climbs to his berth and opens the diary .

He read few pages and find it boring.. he starts flipping the pages but suddenly a line catches his attention and he is shocked .
In bold letters it was written
” I love kabir kapoor ”

He flipps some pages back and starts to read .

It was my 1st day in school. I joined st. xavier’s school….class 9th from today. I was a little bit nervous. But I was very happy as all my classmates and teachers were cooperative with me. As I was a brilliant student so I was successful to impress teachers.

My all the classmates were very good but there was a trio . They used to do all mischievous things and due to them sometimes the whole class used to get punishments. Pragya.. she was the dabang lady not only of our class but of whole school. Veer… he never missed any chance to play prank on anyone. Kabir… he was the most handsome boy.. girls were mad for him. And he was combo of both. He used to jump in any fight n never missed chance to play prank on the principal.
Kabir smiled but the next line took away his smile.
“I hate him…”
Kabir became sad but continued reading.

Today again kabir did some mischief and teacher made him sit behind me.
But after few days I realised he was not the kind I was thinking . Though girls used to move around him and he used to flirt with them but he never disrespected or played with any girls emotion.
Soon I became good friends with the trio.

We were in 10th
Today was our picnic and we all were going in a bus and kabir and Veer were sitting behind me and pragya just beside them in another column.
Suddenly kabir wishpered in my ears. Sanchi the zip of your top is open. I got frightened and the very next moment someone zipped my top. I got angry that how could he do this and thought that I misunderstood that he’s a good boy.
But to my shock she was pragya.
Don’t worry Sanchi..kabir told me and everybody is busy so I guess nobody else saw. Pragya said.

One day 3 4 senior boys were ragging a girl of maybe 7th or 8th standard .
Kabir went alone to save that girl knowing that the boys were senior. Nobody dared to mess with that senior group and slowly slowly I started falling for him. After some days I realised that yes I love him.
“I love kabir kapoor ”

Kabir closes the diary and smiles. So my ms topper loves me from our school days. He keeps back her dairy and sleeps.

Flashback ends.

Sanchi – you cheater.. how dare you touch my diary. She started hitting his chest while he was holding her.
Out of nowhere he just smacked on her lips. First she was shocked at his sudden action but then she melted . He jerked her through her waist towards himself ; her hands got brushing his hairs. Both snogged each other deeply and passionately.
After a few minutes both parted away. Both were lost other in each others eyes
Her eyes reflected unending passion for him , which she had been carrying from past many years… his eyes sparkled looking deeper into hers…., she forwarded and kissed him softly on the corner of his lips , making both of them close their eyes for next few seconds . They stood like this for few seconds and after sometime Sanchi realised what she did and backed off immediately.
But again kabir holded her and made his forehead touch with hers.
Sanchi – we can’t be together kabir…. she said in soft voice.
Kabir – but why Sanchi…. he tried to be normal.
Sanchi – our paths are very different kabir. I can’t come with you. I want to stay here only ; said looking directly into his eyes and tears welled up while saying this but she didn’t let them come out.
She got out of his hold and went wiping her tears which tried their best not to come out.

Kabir stood there speechless. He felt his world stopped. Somebody took away his breath. His heart was paining.

Bg played

Tooti Chaarpaai Wohi
Thandi Purvaai Rasta Dekhe
Doodhon Ki Malaai Wohi
Mitti Ki Suraahi Rasta Dekhe..

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi
Lab Namak Rame Na Misri
Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi
Tujhe Preet Purani Bisri..
Mast Maula, Mast Kalander
Tu Hawa Ka Ek Bavandar
Bujh Ke Yun Andar Hi Andar
Kyun Reh Gaya..

Re Kabira Maan Jaa
Re Faqeera Maan Jaa
Aaja Tujhko Pukaare Teri Parchhaaiyan
Re Kabira Maan Ja
Re Faqeera Maan Ja
Kaisa Tu Hai Nirmohi Kaisa Harjaaiya…..

After two three days Sanchi was reading her diary and remembering about her and kabir’s moments and looking their pic in the phone when her doorbell rang.
Sanchi saw the time . It was 10 p.m. who might be at this time. She wandered as she moved to check who was there. As she opened the door. Before she could say anything the person just kissed her and moved in. Sanchi moved back while the person closed the door with his hand without breaking the kiss.

Sanchi – kabir.. you here… I.. I mean you were supposed to be in Switzerland .

Kabir went into the kitchen and took out water bottle from the fridge for drinking.

Sanchi took bottle from his hand and further she could say anything he kissed her again. And moved towards the main hall. She was just following him. He went and sat on the couch , took the remote and started seeing the TV. She was hell irritated with his behaviour. She stood infront of him, took remote from his hands and stood with both hands folded.
She glared him but he quickly pulled her and laid down and Sanchi was on top. He sided her hair tangles from her face and tucked it behind her ears.
Kabir – I have decided I won’t leave you.
Sanchi – but your dream.
Kabir – u are more important Sanchi and if this time I leave you then surely any other guy will steal my love . And I can’t let that happen.
He got up and made her sit himself sat on his knees and took out a ring from his pocket.
Kabir – I love you Sanchi and I promise I will never leave you. Will you marry me !!
Sanchi had tears in her eyes.. she just hugged him tightly.
Sanchi – I love you too kabir.
After that kabir slided the ring and was about to kiss her when kabir’s and sanchi’s phone rang.
Kabir received the call and it was veer and on sanchi’s she was pragya.

On kabir’s phone
Veer – yaar where are you we have reached and from past half hour this stupid cab driver is saying that you have send him. Come quickly.

On sanchi’s phone
Pragya – sanchi how are you. We have reached here.
Sanchi – I’m fine yaar. You say what about your nalayak.

On kabir’s phone
Kabir – calm down veer. I’m not in Switzerland. I have made all the arrangements and I have sent that driver.
Veer – whatttt… you are not here then where are you

On sanchi’s
Pragya – ek minute ek minute. Tum kiske saath ho Sanchi.
Sanchi sat on kabir’s lap.
Sanchi – kabir
Pragya – what you and kabir but he was supposed to be in Switzerland.

Veer – what is happening. Mujhe kuch samjh nhi aa rha.
Sanchi asked everyone to turn on their speaker.
Sanchi – yes pragya veer. Me and kabir.

Pragya – humko pata tha kuch to pak raha h in dono ke bich

While here kabir was continuously kissing on sanchi’s earlobe n neck.

Veer – haan haan tumko to sab pehle se pata hota h sab kuch. Antaryami ho tum to.

Meanwhile Kabir turned her around to make her face him. And in no time captured her lips into a deep passionate kiss.

Pragya – I’m happy for you both guys. I want your wedding card as soon as possible . Congrats.
Veer – congrats both of you .

But they both were busy in their own world.

Praveer disconnected the call

Pragya – or tum bohot zyada nhi bolne lage ho aajkal.
Veer – sorry my jaan.. he encircled her from sideways and both sat in the cab that kabir had sent.
Pragya melts and smiles
I love you my nalayak

The screen freezes at praveer’s going car and kaanchi kissing each other .

The end


Phew so finally I wrote such a super duper long os. This story is much similar to the movie “Yeh jawani h deewani”.
This movie is my all time favourite as both my fav actor and actress is in the movie.

Do press like or unlike and pls do give comments.
After writing such a long article I’m not in mood to read again so sorry for the inconveniences and if I disappointed you.
But this is last so I hope you will forgive me. I won’t be able to write because from next month I’m going to get busy.

I wish kaanchi would have been paired up but now I don’t care.. let the show go to hell. The fanfictions on our telly updates world is thousands time better than the show.
I request all the writers please don’t leave writing just because kaanchi isn’t paired in show. Our imaginative world of kaanchi is much more beautiful.
And I’m sorry writers if I’m not commenting on your articles but I do read everyday and press the like button. I try to comment also but due to hectic schedule most of the times I couldn’t.

It was really nice journey till the date .thank u all for the support u all gave me . I had never thought that I could write also but your response to my stories made me feel that we can do anything that we never think and we can think everything we have never thought.

I’m thank you from the core of my heart for all your love and support.

I’m really very sorry if anytime by mistake anyone got hurt due to me.

And special thanks to Telly Updates. Due to this forum I got a large no. Of friends. I won’t mention the names because I’m sure I will miss anybody by mistake. Lots of love to all my friends.

Hope you all have wonderful day everyday and God bless you and your family. I hope you all get all the success and happiness in your life. Best wishes to everyone.

Lots of love ❤
Goodbye 👋
Take care


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