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(SwaRagini Fan Fiction) Love-Hate-Love Chapter- 15

Chapter- 15

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Recap: Laksh bandages Ragini’s foot and she faints. Then, he remembers the past and flashback starts where Swara and Ragini are seen breaking a little.


Swara entered her room and sat on floor resting her head on bed. She wiped her tears and Ragini’s words echoed in her ears. “See Sho… Swara!” “I’ve no mood to talk or meet with anyone! So, please leave me alone.” “Please!” “I beg you! Please, go!” “You just go!” Swara was not able to got the reason for Ragini’s sudden changed behaviour.

Swara stood up and saw herself in the mirror. She said, “Ragini! I don’t know why you are behaving like this! Something has been bothering you from morning! But, what?” She wiped a tear drop rolled out of her eye and with a determined face said, “Whatever it is, I will not let you suffer! I will find out the reason which is changing you! I’ll bring the smile again or till then, will cry like you! If you are in pain then, how is this possible that I’ll be happy?”

Swara lit the hope in her heart to make Ragini shine like the Moonlight by being the Sunlight. However, Ragini was hiding, losing herself in the black clouds of her thoughts and the pain! Laksh was sad too but also worried for Ragini. He called Swara when she was coming downstairs for dinner.

Ragini too followed her but by maintaining some distance as she was on phone. It was Urvashi (if you remember the chapter- 7 and 9) and its her phone only before too (when Swara&Laksh saw her). “I am sorry Urvashi ji! I should not have talked the way when you called me. I was not picking your call from morning. It was actually…” Urvashi cut her and said, “It is ok Ragini! I haven’t minded it dear. All I was worried for you. Your Maa too started to behave like that… Well, leave it and tell me, if everything is alright? What happened? You can tell me.” Ragini thought about Swara and Laksh, that night and the images. A tear rolled out of her eyes and she cut the call.

Sharmishtah was not angry on Ragini as she thought that she was ill and therefore, reacted like that. She called her to come down and she with no emotions on her face came down. Swara didn’t react to see Ragini as she didn’t want to stress anyone in family. Just then, she got the call from Laksh and she knew that he was surely going to ask about Ragini.

She pretended to be normal as well as happy. “Hi! I was going to call you Lucky!” Swara picked the call and at last, Ragini looked at Swara as she heard her talking. She was confused that she was crying before and now happy? The only reason came in her mind was Laksh! Ragini didn’t liked it at all, she was actually fallen for Laksh!

She could not bear that she had lost her Laksh! She knew that Swara and Laksh shared very close buddies bond but she had not thought in her dreams too that they both can be a couple! Whereas, Laksh who sensed Swara’s happiness which was seeming fake to him, replied, “Swara! Is everything fine? It is looking like you are hiding something from me!” Swara’s facial expressions changed but she still lied and said, “It’s alright here! Just having food with all! And, did you have it or not? If not then go and eat first!”

Laksh replied, “Swara! Are you speaking the truth?” Swara felt bad but lied again and said, “Yes Lucky! Now, go and have your food or else I will run behind you with your most unfavourite food!” “Like seriously! You are concerning for me! This is what I can’t digest.” Laksh said as his mood turned happier and Swara replied, “Whatever! I’m really concerned so I asked you! If you have any issue then go and report!”

Laksh chuckled at her words and said, “Fine! I was joking! So, you have your food well and me too just going. Ok, bye!” Swara smilingly replied, “Bye! Take care! Goodnight too!” And, she ended it while, Ragini was just getting restless. She without eating anything, got up and left after muttering, “I’m not liking to have food. I will eat afterwards. I want to rest!”

Swara and all were surprised, Swara thought that Ragini is escaping from Laksh. She got lost in her thoughts and too left after having a little food. Shomi said, “What has happened with these girls?” Sid was too thinking something and silently had his food. As expected, Ragini again locked herself and Swara stood outside it. The curtains were not allowing to view inside. So, Swara went to her room and thought for a while.

Just then, a thought came in her mind that Ragini’s odd behaviour towards Laksh and her was might be due to their plan. Mission RagLak! “Is Ragini knowing anything? It can be possible that she is avoiding me and Lucky for this. Oh no! If Ragini… But, she should be happy because I think she likes him. Swara! Are you mad? You just think but you have no proper idea! Oh God! I just want that it is not true, whatever I am thinking must be the truth! However, I can’t force her! She has her own life. Is she having thoughts for some other guy? No! My sister isn’t like this! Ufff! Oh God!” Swara said while pacing in her room and lost in herself.

It was again a very heavy night for each and every one.

The flashback ends here for now. In present time, while Laksh is remembering his past, Sanskaar makes Swara sit down and have dinner.

Swara reluctantly agrees and Sujata says to Uttara, “Chorri! Serve your Bhabhi!” She nods but Swara says, “No! It is ok Mom. I will do it.” Swara raises her hand to pick the plate but Sanskaar holds her hand tightly. “No! ShonaPrincess, you take rest. Ok? Wait, I will serve you. It is my turn now.” Sanskaar says looking at the dining table while Swara stares him with her deep eyes.

Sujata says, “I know Sanskaar that you want to help Swara but let Uttara do this. You will spoil it.” Sanskaar stands and says loudly, “No! I will! I will only serve! My ShonaPrincess!” Swara too stands and tries to calm him down by saying, “Fine! Fine! I will only eat your served food. Ok Mom?” Sujata agrees as Swara signs her to do so.

Annu remembers how she used to feed little Sanskaar by her hands. Pari whispers, “I don’t understand that Sanskaar Devar ji sung so well and talked too nicely before but, what happened to him now?” Sujata gets angry and says, “Because Swara is very important to him!” Pari lowers her gaze and Swara feels unusual as she listens Sujata.

She stares at Sanskaar who makes her sit down and serves her food. Swara feels happier that there is someone to whom, she means much like a whole world. And, now her whole life is within HIM only. Yes, this is the truth that she started to smile again because of him. Her life is not normal like before but it was becoming like a life for her her, only because of him.

Precap: SwaSan, RagLak and that past!

Hello, once again! I posted it the same day of previous part but that part hasn’t uploaded yet then, surely it will take time. So, my hard work will may be published on 20th! I hope that you liked it and just loads of LOVE! Stay Happy and keep smiling!

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