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Half Marriage 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani hopes Arjun stops her marriage

Half Marriage 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya hugging Arjun and asking what he would like to have, tea or coffee. Arjun asks how and why I am here. Maya asks him to relax and tells that yesterday you slept here and says we had…Arjun says nothing can happen as I Chan…and stops. Maya asks him to relax and says we are good friends. Arjun asks her to tell what happened exactly. He recalls whatever happened and asks her not to lie that something happened between them. Maya says when did I say and says you was quite comfortable to sleep here. She thinks her lie is caught. She says we have to go to Chandani and Sid’s marriage. Arjun says not you, only I. He asks her to maintain professional relations.

Mannu comes there and tells Arjun that Sulochana got worried. He tells that Chandani called him and enquired

about him. Arjun asks Maya if Chandani called him. Maya lies and says no. He goes home. Maya gets obsessive about him and thinks she loves him. She thinks why Chandani wants to meet Raj and thinks she shall find out the secret between them. Mannu tells Arjun to call Chandani. SuryaPrakash tells Saheb ji that it seems Chandani is not happy with the marriage. Saheb ji asks if she told you and tells that she will be happy after marriage. He says until when she will tie herself to poor Arjun’s memories and says it is best to move on. Chandani cries and thinks about Maya’s words. Arjun calls her.

Chandani picks his call and calls him Arjun. She then says Raj. Arjun says Mannu said that you called him last night. Chandani says she called him to know if he is coming from groom’s side or their side. Arjun says he will come from groom’s side. Chandani thinks if he has understood her silence then he won’t let her marry. Mannu comes and asks what she said. Arjun says what is important is what she didn’t say. Mannu asks do you really let her marry. Singhania and Sid come home. Saheb ji greets them. He tells SuryaPrakash that he couldn’t make him meet Raj yesterday. Arjun comes. Surya Prakash gets shocked to see him. Saheb ji says he is Raj Shekhawat. Surya Prakash couldn’t believe.

Chandani gets ready for marriage. Surya Prakash comes there and asks who is Raj? Chandani gets up and says he is Raj..Surya Prakash says he knows about Raj. He says how you got ready to marry Sid suddenly and says you can tell me. Just then Maya comes there and says sorry. She is about to leave, but Chandani stops her and asks Surya prakash to let the happening be. Maya asks Chandani why did she come last night and asks if it was something important. Chandani says no and asks her not to tell him. Maya thinks she will find out about the truth. Chandani thinks if Arjun’s stubbornness is more than his love then this marriage will happen else no.

Chandani and Sid are taking rounds. Pandit ji asks Chandani to step forward for the remaining rounds. Chandani hopes Arjun stops her marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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