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Agnifera 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishu is No More

Agnifera 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shristi tries to pull Vishu up when pscho contract killer pushes Vishu from cliff. Vishu asks her to take care of herself and leaves hand, falling deep down. Revathi, Daadi, Surekha get bad dream and wake up. Shristi shouts Vishuji and reminisces Vishu’s love for her and they both telling they cannot live without each other. She tries to jump from cliff, but people catch her. She collapses. People think of calling her family and informing them. Revathi wakes up worried and asks Dulari if Vishu and Shristi returned. Dulari says must have, but she saw Ragini and Anurag’s fight and Ragini packing her bags.

Ragini packs her bag and leaves telling Anurag that their togetherness only till here. Anurag reminisces their love and romance..Agnifera..song..plays in the background. Revathi

enjoys drama and says she came here to pray devi maa to get rid off Ragini from Anurag’s life. Dulari says it is sin to separate even birds. Revathi warns her to keep her tears for something else, no need to feel sorry for Ragini. Anurag walks behind Ragini trying to stop her when manager informs Revathi that Vishu fell from cliff. Ragini stops hearing that.

Anurag rushes to spot and asks inspector where is his brother. Inspector says cliff is very deep and it is difficult to get dead body in this situation. Anurag angrily holds inspector’s collar and says his brother is not dead, his name is Vishu, he apologizes then and asks to search is brother soon. Shristi is still in shock. Ragini runs to her and asks what happened. Shristi says Vishuji is alive and asks Anurag if Vishu knows swimming. Dulari says Vishu does not know swimming. Revathi continues her drama.

Next morning, police continues searching Vishu and find psycho killer’s body. Shristi shouts this is the man who killed her Vishuji.. Ragini consoles her. Vidhvan calls Revathi. Revathi gives phone to Anurag. Anurag does not pick call. Divya calls Ragini next. Ragini asks her to give phone to Vidhvan. Vidhvan asks how are everyone. Ragini says Vishu is no more. Vidhvan falls in a shock and says Vishu….

Precap: Family considers Vishu as dead and performs his last rights.
Ragini tells Anurag he will support his family in tough times. Shristi refuses to part ways with her mangalsutra. Revathi requests her to remove it.

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