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Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq nahi aasan ( Chapter 19)

Hey Guys, Iam introducing  a leap of 6 years.  I have the  left previous part  with many questions but it will be justified.Be patient. Hope you enjoy this new track.

Episode 19:-

After 6 years, Mumbai.

Raichand Mansion

Dev is searching for shirt . He finds a blue shirt. He reminisces Samika telling him -“ you look great in blue shirt”.He takes a black shirt and wear it.He comes out of his room after getting ready.A lady ( wearing saree ) is giving instructions to workers. There is some arrangements going on . He comes down .The lady finds him upset . Lady enquirers-“Is  everything fine?” He replies- “No , but I will make it fine. She ask him – “ Dev do you still…” Dev -“ I moved on , Past is Past. If we hold past we can’t live in the present. You don’t worry,our company will be back to its old position very soon”. She smiles and bless him as he touch her feet. He leaves. Lady ask him- “ Please do come home early today  “. Dev- “ Yeah. I will be back after completing some pending work”. Lady- “Ok.By the way , she called me just now and she was complaining that you are not picking her calls”. Dev smiles and say- “ It was on silent. Don’t worry I will call her back”. Lady – “ Do remember to keep her happy always as she is that one who stood with you everytime”. He nods.He reaches his office. He goes to his cabin. Manager comes to his cabin.Dev – “ Dhruv Bhaiya Kahan hain?” Manager-“ Dhruv Sir has gone for a meeting with Mr. Chowdhary “.

Scene moves to another office. 2 men talking to each other (middle aged & wearing formals and specs and other one of age 32 , wearing formals) talking to each other .Young man( Vineet ) -“ So Mr. Chowdhary , What is your decision about the deal?” Mr.Chowdhary-“ Mr. Dhruv Raichand,This deal seems to be good but I can’t give a reply until the board meeting . Afterall , my daughter is the owner of C square.So she will take the final decision “.Dhruv – “ Yeah, I understand. So thank you for your time”. Mr. Chowdhary – “ Gentleman , don’t worry I will recommend for your company”. Dhruv- “ Please do come for Valentines Day party tomorrow. I know that you are busy today and won’t be able to attend Dev’s engagement. But do come tomorrow with your family “. Mr. Chowdhary – “ Yes , sure. Please do convey my wishes to both of them”. Dhruv- “ Sure”. Dhruv gets up and leaves.

Dev is busy at work. Dhruv calls him- “ I had talk with Mr.Chowdhary , he seems to be impressed. We can expect a good news”. Dev- “ Hope so, But don’t be overconfident. The deal hasn’t be locked”. Dhruv- “ Yeah. Please do come home as soon as possible, it’s your day bro”. Dev – Yeah , I will reach home within one hour”. Dhruv- “ Ok “. Dev then calls someone else- “ Make sure that evening arrangements should be the best. I don’t want any errors”. Then a girl enters his room with a knife and keeps on his neck. He gets scared.She speaks- “ Really, So you thought that you can do things without my knowledge?” Dev holds her hand and turn her towards him. She is the same mysterious girl(Nia) .Dev -“Trisha !!! How could you think that you can scare me?”. She smiles and lean towards him. She speaks-“ It’s my right, I can do anything with you. You are mine. My love, My world & My life. And Iam only yours. I love you, Dev”. She hugs him. Dev – “ I love you too “. Trisha- “ Anyway this is not fair, it’s our engagement today evening and you are working at office?”. Dev gets up& say – “ I had some important work to complete “. Trisha – “ What happened? Aren’t you feeling well ? You are dull today. Is anything disturbing you?” Dev turns and closes his eyes .He opens it and turn back to her with a smile. Dev – “ Nothing is bothering me, if anything bothers ,it’s you and our family “. Trisha- “ This is why I love you” .She hugs him and he thinks – “ Even that name won’t come between us”.

Near a river side, a young lady is performing some rituals for peace of dead people. She is wearing white and her face is not visible . Priest ask her- “ Tell me the name of fifth one”. She says – “ Samika Kashyap!” .

Precap  :-  A young lady  telling  in background that your smile won’t last long Dev Raichand.  Dev (Arjun) and Trisha( Nia) comes down together for engagement and everyone’s gaze over the couple.Someone announce that there is a surprise for Trisha from Dev. He plays something on screen. Trisha gets happy but her smile changes to anger. Dev gets shocked seeing the same.

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