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Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Satyavan dies & yamraj takes away his soul while savitri follows him.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yamraj trying to disturb savitri’s fast but fails & he tries again but in meantime sun sets so he stops while satyavan comes to help savitri telling her your fast has succeeded & she instead tells him this is great time for me with you around for my help.
Mata laxmi tells ganesh that this was only one part of savitri’s meditational powers.
Yamarja’s dhoot thinks she was meditating deeply completing her fast for her husband which i could not understand while yamraj says that if at all i could not disturb her fast then too all human have their time written as per his fate & his end can’t be stopped by anybody so he has to die anyhow tomorrow.
Savitri is praying mata gayatri’s idol saying rishi narad’s assumption should not become true & is crying towards the idol emotionally.
Satyavan comes telling savitri that to have food as i have prepared so much of items to eat while i’ll go to work in the jungle but savitri comes running out telling him to not to go today as we’ll eat together but he instead tells her that i have to go for work or how we’ll survive so she tells him to take ma also along so that i’ll be there to see you while his parents also tell him if it’s her wish then take her too as she also cares a lot for you & he takes her.
Satyavan & savitri are leaving to the jungle while yamraj & his dhoot also are moving towards satyavan for killing him & wherever satyavan goes to cut woods savitri follows him never allowing him to be away from her eyesight. At one time he was around to step a pointed plant & she shouts to alert him but he instead explains her that it’s my regular work. Satyavan climbs a tree to cut a big branch while yamraj tells his dhoot to attack him & he shoots his powers but gets saved by savitri’s alertness so dhoot tells him it’s impossible to kill him when savitri devi is around & yamarj understands so he himself thinks to attack him while satyavan feeling thirsty so tells savitri to provide water while yamraj sends a snake to bite him but savitri bringing water sees the snake & throws it thinking how come snake over here but satyavan becoming restless falls down from the branch & savitri is holding him crying but he asks her water & she goes to bring while the snake bites him making yamraj happy while satyavan shouts calling savitri loudly & she runs throwing pot to see what happened & starts crying seeing him dead. Yamraj goes telling savitri that i am sorry but this is fate for which i am aligned with this responsibility for making human’s die whose time has written in his fate. He squeezes his soul in his powers & leaves
Ganesh asks mata laxmi you had said savitri brings back her husband then how come this happened & she tells him she had to face trouble for bringing him back ahead.
while savitri is praying mata gayatri for help asking her to please let me go to bring my husband back to me as i can’t stay without him in such a small life losing him & mata allows her so she follows yamraj while yamray tells savitri to return & arrange for satyavan’s funeral as it’s useless following me for your husband’s soul which is fate written about him but savitri keeps insisting him to return his soul or i’ll keep following you but yamraj tells her you are not allowed to come to yamlok or you’ll face fire pit in which you’ll melt & die leaving your husband’s funeral incomplete & also this soul has to become pure again washing all his evil deeds whatever he must have done in his last birth which is fate.
Rishi narad requests mata gayatri to help savitri with her husband to get back as i have given her name so please respect my given name atleast or she’ll die in fire pit but mata smiles in his request.
Savitri proceeds towards fire pit while yamraj seeing her thinks she won’t step in this fire but she crosses it with the help of gayatri’s blessings & yamraj is shocked.
Mata laxmi tells ganesh this way she never lost her faith in her devotion towards her husband & went ahead to face all odds in her life to bring back her husband.

Precap : Yamraj tells savitri except asking for your husband you can ask any wish from me & she asks him to bless her with hundred children’s & he blesses her while rishi narad comes asking yamraj to tell me the solution how savitri will get children’s without her husband? & yamraj gets confused.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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