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Shakti 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer learns Virat, Harak Singh and Preeto’s conspiracy

Shakti 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gurwinder coming to Heer and asks if she is fine? She says I will bring black coffee for you so that you feel better. She sees bottle in her hand and asks what is it? Heer shows the bottle to her and says it has bhang smell in it. Heer says this is really bhang, it is mixed in thandai during holi. Heer recalls Virat making her drink the soft drink. She says I don’t understand why anyone will bring bhang. She comes to room. Virat wakes up and asks Heer, how is she feeling? Heer says I am fine. He is about to go. Heer holds his hand and says I got this bottle near the table where we stood and drank soft drink. Virat says I don’t understand, but I will find out who has done this. Heer asks did you do this? Virat asks how can you think, if I will do this with you. She keeps his hand on her head and asks him to say that he has not done this. She says it is important for me to know that you didn’t do anything. Parmeet asks if anyone will make food today or not. Virat asks Heer, if she really think that he can do this. Heer asks him to say. Virat asks her to go and says Maa is calling you. Heer asks did you do this? Virat says yes Heer, I have done this. Virat says he did this for Preeto’s condition and for his promise. Heer says what about me, you did let me humiliate infront of everyone for Preeto. She says the Virat, who had drank poisoned for me, fell in the valley and fought with everyone for me, made me drink it. She says you have promised to take care of me, keep me happy and asks why is he going far from her. She asks why are you doing this? Virat says Heer….I am sorry.

Heer says you have passed in all the exams to get me, but failed in the trust exam. She asks who was this Virat, who was before the marriage or after the marriage. Virat asks her not to make an issue and says night is over, forget it. Heer says you made me drink bhang and humiliated me. She says one night you broke marriage with me and yesterday night, you broke my trust. She asks him to say why did he do this? Virat asks her to leave his hand. She shouts and says I will not leave your hand. Everyone comes there hearing her shouting. Heer asks Virat to tell the truth to everyone, why don’t want the marriage to be completed? Sant Baksh asks Heer to leave her hand. Virat asks Heer to leave his hand and says you don’t know what a husband do with his wife, they raise even a hand, but what I have done. He says I had added bhang in your drink so that you can enjoy the party and asks if he shall call the guests and say sorry to them. He says if you want then I will do that too. He walks away. Heer sits down on the bed in shock. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Parmeet tells that Heer’s question was right. Bua ji says there is a secret in this marriage and says I will find out.

Virat meets Preeto and Harak Singh and tells that he will do everything so that Preeto’s condition don’t fulfill. Preeto says we will help you. Harak Singh requests him not to hurt Heer. Virat assures him that he will make sure. Harak Singh blesses him and sits in the car with Preeto. Heer is standing far and hears them all. Virat says how to tell you both that I feel helplessness to hurt my own love so that she doesn’t fulfill the conditions. He leaves. Heer thinks the most important people of my life is conspiring against me. She comes to the temple and asks Mata Rani, why this is happening with her. She says I couldn’t understand why they don’t want my happiness, Virat came in my life, but don’t want to be my husband. She says why this is happening with me and cries. She wipes her tears and says I will decide now, either I will accept failure or will make a small try. She asks Mata Rani to say what to do. She tosses the coin kept there and says you don’t want me to accept failure, I will find solution for my problem.

Later in the night, Heer comes to Virat and asks him to have food. He says I will eat if you eat food. Heer says don’t be stubborn, have food. Virat asks her to eat food too. Heer says let me be hungry and punish myself for seeing dreams of marriage since childhood, says the dreams are just a dream, says she must be having some deficiency that’s why her husband has left her and supporting her family.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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