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Santoshi Maa 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Mata santoshi performs nritya dance while polomi wondering.

Santoshi Maa 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with singhasan’s brother humiliating all family members after getting papers signed & bossing on them while lovely also instigates him to trouble them more as we have faced lot of their terror earlier.
Mata santoshi is doing nritya dance while one of asoor goes to see outside what is happening & he sees mata dancing so he intimates polomi that santoshi devi is dancing here & also birds are intimating polomi that santoshi devi is dancing in the ashram but polomi tries to cross check so she goes to santoshi lok & finds santoshi dancing there also & thinks if santoshi is here then all others eyes are betraying them & thinks that swati might be alone so will go there & as she reaches there she finds santoshi dancing there too hence wondering how come this is happening.
Dev rishi comes to meet polomi to make her joke out of her thoughts by which she gets bugged on him.
Bubli is trying to calm singhasan’s brother but instead he is shouting her & also showing her knife point warning her but lovely also interferes saying she is interfering in our problems now & then harming me too earlier so slaps her very hard but bubli tries to retaliate but she is pulled by both of them to throw her out of the house but they get shock of the door making them throw away from the door as ushma’s powers worked on them & also ushma pours her powers into a water pot & throws it on them releasing all evil powers from them to stabilize.
They shout who pour water on us while singhasan comes to pull him slapping & showing him what all he did but he is denying all what he did & is running away from him. Abhay also comes & pulls lovely showing what all she did earlier but she too denies it wasn’t done by her.
Indresh & all are trying to stop singhasan who is running behind his brother to punish him, telling him to forgive him as his mistake but singhasan ignores.
The asoor comes inside to show his colleague that santoshi devi is dancing outside the house & they both go to see while ushma sees them & thinks they’ll plan something now so need to watch. They both are watching how santoshi devi is dancing deeply while mata comes again in disguise of an old woman entering singhasan’s house not knowing both the asoors. Ushma welcomes & prays mata & mata is intimating ushma due to asoor powers she could not contact her while ushma also asks her how swati is & mata tells her she is safe but polomi can do anything to harm her so need to go soon there but these asoors are to be killed or if they go to patallok then swati will die again & ushma is confused but mata tells her chanting mantra of mritunjaya has to be performed.
Indresh comes seeing mata & asks her how come you came inside & she tells him nobody was there so I came inside to inform you that you should chant mrutunjaya mantra for safety while bubli also comes telling mata that indresh got injured holding his hands which hurts him & bubli pleads but mata sees & makes his hand calm by which indresh feels better.
Devi polomi’s guru advices polomi to see in this mirror which you have & you’ll get to see where santoshi devi is while her birds also insisting polomi to see in the mirror to find actual location of santoshi devi & polomi is concentrating but sees dev rishi & santoshi together feeling betrayed thinking mahadev must have helped her this time.
Indresh, ushma & bubli start chanting maritunjaya mantra while the asoors are trying to break their meditating of mantra.

Precap : Devi polomi directs her asoor to shoot indresh so that devi ushma will become busy in healing indresh & everybody’s attention will get diverted. The asoor shoots gunshot which hits indresh while devi ushma & mata santoshi are shocked making everybody disturbed diverting towards indresh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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