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RIANSH: Becoming Mrs. Raisinghania – Episode 2

Hi, y’all! I thought of replying to the comments here for a few days now:

Hi TSA, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the beginning and hope it continues to sound just as interesting.

Hi Sandymsdian, thank you!

Hey Seanna, thank you for reading! The pairs remain the same like I told you before too. Angre is paired opposite to Ishani, with an, hopefully, interesting twist.

Hi Mrunal, thank you for reading and supporting

Hi Jennifer, thank you for reading and supporting!

Hi Riansh Lover, thank you for reading! I’m glad you liked it. Love at first sight or no, is for you to decide from here on.

Hey Shivangi, thank you for reading and supporting!

Hey M, I’m glad you liked the last part. Okay, coming to the relations: what Uma said was more of a joke – she meant, since the two twins are very protective of each other, she’s just worried of what their spouses (supposed) – Ragini and Angre – would do. Riddhima’s family includes her, Ragini and their mother, Payal. Everyone else, as of now at least, belongs to the Raisinghania family. Feel free to ask if it continues to sound confusing!

Hi Sakshu, thank you for reading and supporting!

Hi Sumisha, thank you for reading and supporting!

Hi Diha, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the first episode, I hope it seems good as it continues. Feel free to suggest me, in case of changes.

Hi Rianshfan, thank you for reading and supporting!

Hey Xyz, thank you for reading and supporting! I’d this idea in my mind for a while, but had initially of waiting for some time. Anyhoo, now that it’s here, I hope you like it, nonetheless.

Hi Naira U Singh, first of all, I’m so sorry for beginning with so much confusion. And here’s a brief of the last episode:

[The Goenka’s (Riddhima’s family) is going to meet the Raisinghania’s for Ragini and Vansh’s alliance, for an arranged marriage proposal. Uma remembers being their stepmother and cherishes the moments from the past. Uma and Ishani talk about Ragini being their choice of bride and Uma jokes about how she’s worried for their spouses – Angre and Ragini – since the two twins (Ishani and Vansh) are very protective of each other. Vansh later says, he wishes to marry Riddhima and not Ragini.]



Vansh (looking at his mother): I’ve been wanting to tell you, Ma. (pursing his lips briefly) I want to marry Riddhima, not Ragini.

Uma: Vansh, but…

Riddhima (interrupting): Excuse me?

She clenched her face in question and looked at him. She couldn’t believe he’d even thought of something as absurd as that, let alone talking about it.

Vansh: See, I know this sounds weird, but give me ten minutes to explain myself.

Riddhima: Have you lost it? It doesn’t just sound weird, but the entire idea is absurd. We weren’t here to accept the proposal anyway, but you thought because you’re the eligible bachelor, it’s fine to reject my sister’s alliance and propose for mine?

Ishani (interrupting): Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you talk to Vansh like that?

Uma: Ishani…

Vansh: Ishani, let it be. (turning toward Riddhima) See, I get where you’re coming from. But can I have just ten minutes of your time?

Riddhima furrowed her brows wanting to leave, but as her gaze turned toward her mother, she couldn’t disobey her order. She nodded her head and dropping her purse onto the sofa, followed Vansh outside the house, to the patio. Despite how handsome he was, she was beginning to think that he was a devil under a façade. How could anyone just come up and say, they wanted to marry her? If not for her mother, she’d have ousted him out of his own damn empire.

Riddhima: You think this is a joke?

Vansh: No. Marriage isn’t a joke for me, and that is why the decision has to be around you.

Riddhima: But I don’t want to marry you.

Vansh: Why? (stepping closer to her) I don’t think if you marry me, you’ll have anything less than a luxurious life – a life which would probably take you more than this life to build.

Riddhima: So, marriage is all about money for you? You could’ve told me, I’d have slapped you right there.

She raised her hand to slap him, but he held onto her wrist and twisted her hand behind her back. She writhed in pain, asking him to leave her, but he pulled her closer and looked down into her eyes, directly. His hold on her hand tightened, but Riddhima ignored the pain as the darkness in his eyes intensified. Where and how had his nice demeanour dissipated so quickly?

Vansh: I’ve heard that you don’t disobey your mother’s words. Do you think I should much rather go talk to her about how lucky you’d be after this marriage? I doubt she’d take much time to realise. But despite knowing that, I thought I’d talk to you once first and try, nicely.

Riddhima (clenching her teeth): Just because she’d agree and I listen to her, it doesn’t mean I can’t run away from home. Don’t you dare…

Vansh (interrupting): Like your father?

Riddhima froze and looked at him, her eyes widening as the shock repelled within her. She didn’t know how he’d known about her father. That incident had taken place years ago and no one knew about their family in this city. She gulped the throatiness in her throat and looked at him, as the disgust from the past began coursing in her blood.

Vansh: Don’t be so surprised, Riddhima Goenka! I do my research work very well and I make sure, I know things about the people I come across.

Vansh stepped away, tossing her hand away carelessly. As the thoughts from the past unfurled in her mind, she let numbness envelope her, too disgusted to think about her pain writhing hand. This man, whom she’d believed to be a gentleman a few minutes ago, was certainly nothing less than a devil.

Riddhima (softly): I don’t want to get married now.

Vansh shoved his hands in his pockets and looked at her, a smirk curving the corners of his lips. How her arrogance had vanished within the span of a few minutes!

Vansh: I know. You don’t want to get married, ever. Wait, what do you believe? Oh, that love…

Riddhima: I wouldn’t marry you, Vansh Raisinghania. If you think threatening me is going to work, then you’re very wrong.

Vansh (nodding and stepping close to her): Not that I thought ten minutes would change your opinion, but I still thought I wouldn’t like to force you.

Riddhima: But what you’re doing now is with my consent?

Vansh (looking down at his wrist watch): We can have this argument after our marriage. For now, my ten minutes are over. And you, definitely, know how valuable time is, Riddhima.

She stared at his retreating figure and clenched her teeth in anger. How dare he talk to her like that, just because of his prowess and mightiness? She knew he’d used his financial advantage to know about her. He might’ve had spied on her too and she hadn’t known. How ridiculous could a person be?

However, as she thought of someone spying on her, she couldn’t forget the feeling that had been imprinted in her mind since the past few months. She’d constantly felt a dark presence lingering over her, but she’d ignored it easily. She’d shoved away the thought, thinking it was an aftereffect of watching and reading thriller stories, but she knew it now. It had been Vansh Raisinghania’s spies all this time, and she couldn’t image how insane he could be.


“Ma, we should be leaving,” Riddhima picked up her purse from the sofa and fished out the keys. She couldn’t think of spending another minute here – a lifetime was a story beyond her imagination. She’d never get married, and even if she did, she wouldn’t marry the ‘eligible bachelor’.

Payal (Riddhima’s mother): Beta…

Riddhima: Ma, I’ve work from college. If you’d please…

Ragini (interrupting): Yes, Ma. Even I’ve some work after returning, can we please leave today? We can come back some other day.

Riddhima turned toward her sister and glared at her sister, conveying her anger and disapproval. Why was everyone making decisions for her? She felt the blood boil within herself and inhaled a deep breath, looking back at her mother. As hesitance began covering her mother’s face, Riddhima clenched her teeth, determined to leave. She couldn’t wait here for one more minute and feel the lingering gaze of Vansh Raisinghania on her.

Payal: Okay Beta, if you insist. (looking at Uma and Chanchal) Give me some time. I’ll talk to Riddhima and let you know of our opinion.

Riddhima: Ma, we’re getting late.

Uma (affectionately placing a hand on Riddhima’s face): Sorry Beta. I understand, this must be very sudden for you and even we didn’t know, Vansh had liked you. Otherwise, we’d have told you mother ahead of time. (smiling) But we’d love to have a daughter like you. Right, Ajay?

Riddhima looked as the members of the family smiled and she forced a smile on her lips. After she’d seen and known Vansh Raisinghania, she couldn’t believe that his family would be as sweet as they seemed. Perhaps, this was an act that were putting up, just to comply to their son’s ill demands.

Ragini: Riddhima, we’ll leave?

Riddhima nodded her head and as the three of them began walking outside, Vansh stopped them.

Vansh: I’ll walk you out, Aunty.

As the three of them walked outside to their car, Riddhima noticed how Vansh had continued talking to her mother nicely. If not for his ill-demand earlier, she’d have fallen into his trap, but she knew him better than that now. Despite what it’d take, she wouldn’t get married to this devil.

Priya (placing a hand on top of his head): Thank you for walking us out, Beta! It’s very rare to find someone so humble with so much success at this age, you know? I’m really happy I got to meet you.

Vansh (smiling and looking at Riddhima): Don’t worry, Aunty, we’ll meet again. Very soon, hopefully.

Riddhima clenched her teeth and thrust open the car door. He’d successfully impressed her mother and she couldn’t believe, she was forced to see it. Her mother didn’t know the arrogance and ego that was hidden behind this mask of niceties. She stamped her foot on the ground and thumped onto the driver’s seat, before honking loudly asking her mother to get in.

After her mother got inside the car, Vansh ran over to the driver’s side and pushed the door gently to close it. He bent down and waved a hand at everyone and looked at Riddhima, the smirk from before returning flawlessly.

Vansh: Think about it! Or else, I’ll think of what to do.

Riddhima rolled up the windows and drove away, the fury bubbling within her. Even if that guy knew limits, he certainly didn’t know where and where not to exercise them.

Moments later,

Ishani: What was that, Vansh?

Vansh: What?

Ishani: Why did you say you want to marry the other sister? You know, it was Ragini’s alliance you’d agreed for, right?

Vansh: No. I agreed for Riddhima’s alliance right from the beginning. I just never got the time to talk about it with you guys.

Ishani: You think this marriage is a joke?

Vansh: I think, you and Riddhima are going to get along very well. She asked me the same question, you know?

Ishani: I don’t know what’s gotten into you, Vansh. But she’s not going to agree for this alliance. Have you seen how arrogant she is? I, already, don’t like her.

Vansh (walking back inside the house): She will agree.


That’d be it for now. Please let me know what you think of this episode and any kind of suggestion is always welcome. Thank you for reading!

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