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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Menika asks Dulari to leave Ram

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Ram says I am sorry this can’t happen. Ram leaves in anger. Dulari sees him leaving. Tao ji shouts Ram stop. He says look back before moving forward. You Tao Rudra parsad is here. I don’t accept your decision. I will give my life. Our family’s respect is in your hands. Don’t play with it. You will marry Koyal. I gave that vow. You will do it soon. Everyone is neighbourhood is shocked.

Dulari says Tao ji can I say something? He says I don’t listen to anyone. Dulari says it’s our family matter. Let’s speak in the house. The entire neighbourhood is listening. Tao ji shouts who is she.. Who is this girl? Ram says she’s my wife. He sneezes. Ram’s dad comes back. He says ram’s wife. You look like a devi my daughter. Why didn’t you meet me before? Dulari says I just came to meet you. She touches his feet. He says won’t you make your FIL tea? Dulari says come with me I will. He says my daughter is so nice. Ram your wife is amazing.

Koyal tells Sushela he’s talking to Dulari with so much love. Menika says so I will never go to my house and live with my husband? Susheka says don’t worry. I will talk to your dad.

Scene 2
Ram’s dad says this tea is so good. And this biscuit tastes so good with it. You’re incomplete without each other, like Ram and Dulari. He gives her 101 rupees as shagun. Patang says you accept her as DIL? He says I have no issues. There’s only one problem. Why does my DIL live in the other house? He looks around the house. Dulari says how did he change suddenly? Ram says he has dual personality disorder. Tao ji lives in him. He is angry and my dad is very sweet. Everyone is outside trying to listen.

Madhar parsad says Ram take bahu’s stuff to the house. Why is she living here? Koyal and Sushela come there. SUshela says what are you doing? Menika says when did you come? Your husband is in hospital. She says they kicked me out of the house. Ram says Dulari she is my sister Menika. Menika this is your bhabhi dulari. Menika says it’s all her fault. She married my brother and ruined my house. Dulari says if I knew our marriage won’t create so many problems I would have solved it. I am sorry for all that you have to go through. Ram says you don’t have to apologize. Dulari says it’s okay. I am sorry Menika. Madhar says my DIL is Laxmi. What a wife you have Ram. Menika says she got me kicked out of the house. Dulari says what should I do to help you? Menika says leave my brother and let him marry Koyal so my house is saved.

Everyone is trying to listen in. They are outside. Menika shoves Dulari and says can you? Ram says Menika how dare you behave this way with Dulari? Menika says this girl took my brother from me. If you want to be with her I will do something no one has ever seen.

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