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RadhaKrishn 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam’s Evil Ploy

RadhaKrishn 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna tells Radha its a silence before a big flood and don’t know how will he escape from it. She asks him to stop his puzzle language and explain in detail. He says he is worried for children’s wedding. She says it would be the most auspicious wedding of the universe. Krishna says he already saw and experienced the most auspicious wedding of the universe, his and Radha’s wedding which was arranged by Brahmaji himself and all gods attended it. She asks when did it happen. He says she doesn’t remember it, but soon they will reunite again and she remember everything. In palace, Revathi, Jamvati, and Rukmavati look at prospectus brides’ portraits to for their sons. Krishna enters with Radha. Jamvati says she selected one for Sam. Krishna says let us finish his wedding then. Revathi says all children should get married in same mantap. Krishna says all except Anirudh as he cannot let him even out of Dwarka and should protect him. Radha says he is acting as if a big problem will barge on Anirudh. Krishna says he cannot say anything.

Sam reminisces reading Banasur’s daughter Usha’s letter to Krishna to come and save Lakshama from forceful swayamvar and reminding him about Banasur’s enmity. He thinks enemy’s friend is his enemy, so he should find out more about his enmity. Krishna sees him standing at border and asks what is he doing. He says he is protecting Dwarka as he is a prince and its his duty. He provokes Krishna and insists to tell who is Banasur and his enmity with him. Krishna doesn’t reply anything and walks away. Sam thinks Radha will definitely know about it and questions her. Radha asks who Banasur, she doesn’t know anything about it. Sam says he is worried for father and wants to protect him. Radha says she will find out about Banasur.

Radha walks to Krishna and asks why is he worried for Anirudh and who is Banasur. Krishna describes Banasur praying Mahadev. Mahadev gets impressed by him. Gaur mata gets concerned seeing his softer side and thinks whenever he gets softer, someone misuses his kindness. Mahadev emerges in front of Banasur and says he is impressed with his prayers and asks what he needs. Banasur says he just needs his support always. Mahadev gets more impressed. Krishna tells Radha that universe’s biggest power Banasur may harm Anirudh. Sam hears their conversation and plans to provoke Banasur against Anirudh. He walks to Anirudh and tells him that a girl is madly in his love. Anirudh says how is it possible as any girl hasn’t seen him at all. Sam says one doesn’t need to see to love and informs that Banasur’s daughter Usha loves Anirudh, so Anirudh should go and stop Duryodhan’s daughter Laxmana’s swayamvar and impress Usha more, then Sam will come and speak with Usha’s father Banasur about Anirudh and Usha’s wedding. Anirudh agrees.

Precap: Banasur wages war on Krishna. Krishna says he submitted himself, but when Banasur is doing adharma, he will end him. He gets his sudarshan chakra, Banasuri gets tensed seeing that.

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