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Qurbaan Hua 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat is able to find a remedy for Neel’s injuries

Qurbaan Hua 19th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Viyas jee questions Baleq that this what he desired for so long and was it the money or the reputation, he asks Baleq to reveal the truth but then Baleq gets on his knees saying that he has something which he desires to show them then brings out a letter where he has written that he would question if Neel can become the Manth. Godambari also exclaims that Baleq told her about the test.
Chahat comes inquiring what kind of a test is it as because of his actions the entire reputation of the family was challenged in front of the entire village, and even the name of Viyas jee was challenged including his reputation so what kind of a test is this as he is aware of the difficult time from which Neel is going through, Godamabri stops her saying that Baleq is her elder, Viyas jee however stops her saying that Chahat is telling the truth.
Baleq says that he is ready for any punish which Viyas jee should devise, Chahat says that how would be able to distinguish the problem which his actions has caused for Neel because this is not the way, Baleq controls his anger, Neel is forced to take Chahat away and even Viyas jee is not able to comprehend that Baleq did something like this.
In the room, Chahat explains that he doesnot have any right when Viyas jee is still alive so she would talk with him once and for all about his actions, Neel says that she should not be so angry as Baleq is their elder and he has the right however Chahat is not able to control the anger then sits down, Neel exclaims that she got angry because of the worry which she has for him, Chahat mentions that after he saved her life, he has become her most loved person so she cannot bear that anyone challenges him, Neel then mentions that he looks like a churail which angers her so she starts beating him with the stick.
Baleq is standing when Naveli exclaims that she thought Viyas jee would throw him out of the house but Baleq is sure that no one can throw the lion out from his own den, Godamabari asks him to control Chahat as she is getting really dangerous for their mission. Baleq thinks that he dreams of controlling her each and every day.
Chahat is searching for the remedies to cure the injuries, she after a lot of struggle finds a plant which can be used, she immediately runs to Viyas jee asking about where she can find it, she asks a question at which Viyas jee inquires why she is not asleep, Chahat exclaims that she found a plant which can be used to cure the burn but doesnot know where she can find it, Viyas jee explains that he has also heard of it but the plant would only spring when two loved ones truly meet and he is sure that the love which both of them have would cause the plant to spring out.
In the morning Chahat sees the plant so tries to get to it however she is not able to take the plant and falls down on the floor.
Neel inquires from Godambari if she has seen Chahat however she refuses to know anything, Baleq comes running to her explaining that Kripa has been crying since the morning and she might have been feeling cold, then he takes her from Baleq mentioning that his mother used to give him milk with honey which is a remedy, Godambari agrees to make it.
Baleq asks Neel if he is angry with him, Neel mentions that he can even forget the fact that Baleq stole the coins but how can he forget that Baleq was about to marry the wife of his younger brother, Godamabari comes mentioning that there is no honey and she doesnot want to give Kripa the honey which is not pure, Baleq asks her to let him get6 the honey for Kripa as he feels that this way Neel might also forgive him.
Chahat is not able to break the flower and so keeps falling but she thinks that she would not stop until she is able to get the flower.
Godamabri asks Baleq why he agreed to get the honey by himself, but he says that he would ask someone else to get the honey however he would hire someone else.
Neel is not able to look at his older photos so starts destroying them saying that the old Neel has died, he takes the sarree of Chahat then says that he cannot comprehend what he would do once she has left as then he would be left alone, he thinks that he desires their friendship remain like this all the time.
Baleq is at the honey comb thinking that he would not give anyone who comes to him for some work because he is not able to get anyone, he wears the suit thinking that he has been given a beautiful face so eventually Chahat would come to him, Naveli also calls him advising that he be careful but Baleq insists that he doesnot need her advise as the one with the ruined face is now Neel, Chahat realizes that she would need more then one flower to make the paste, she tries her best after which she Is finally able to break off one more flower, meanwhile the bees start stinging Baleq because he messed with them.
Chahat brings the flower in the room, Neel inquiries what is she doing at which Chahat explains that they are not any ordinary flowers as they have the capability to heal anything, he doesnot trust her so she forcefully makes him sit, after applying the paste she covers his injuries with bandage.

Precap: Chahat advises Neel that he should not remove the bandage for five years he asks her to not be hopeful, she prays to Allah that Neel’s face be like before just as she is praying he comes exclaiming that it is burning so he doesnot feel that it is working, she removes the bandage and is shocked to see the result.

Update Credit to: Sona

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