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Molkki 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Navin’s family keeps a condition for Priyu’s wedding

Molkki 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Priyu’s father asks Priyu to tell him whose baby is this. Purvi intervenes. The situation turns worse. Priyu and Purvi take Navin’s name. Their father slaps Purvi. Purvi tells him that Navin will marry Priyu. He says Navin must marry her or I will burn all of you. He walks away in a huff. Purvi’s mother asks Purvi if Navin will marry Priyu. He wont cheat her right? Purvi nods.

Next morning, Virender’s mother tells everyone to get ready. We have to go to school as it is Sports Day today. Her brother teases her that she is no less than a teacher. Anjali tells her sister to win Virender’s heart. Her sister agrees. Virender’s mother asks Anjali about the kids. Anjali shares that they are ready. Manas asks his sister if Baba will come to school today. His sister reasons that that has never happened before. So many people call him but he never comes. Who cares if he will come or not! They hear Anjali calling them and run away.

Virender gets emotional as he looks at a portrait. He receives a call. Sakshi Mill will be opened tomorrow. Make all the preps. Nothing should go wrong tomorrow.

Purvi and her mother fix Navin and Priyu’s alliance.

Purvi’s father goes to buy a drink but the owner asks him to pay his dues first. He gives him Priyu’s anklets. The owner asks his men to throw him out but Kanji Bhai tells them to leave him. I will pay for his bottle today.

Purvi and her mother thank Navin’s mother. Her husband signals her something. Navin’s mother says Purvi should get married before Priyu. What if the society questions us tomorrow? They will say that either the girl was running away or was pregnant. Purvi and her mother don’t react. They try to explain that this wont be a bother but they insist that the wedding wont happen before Purvi is married.

Purvi’s father asks Kanji Bhai what he wants in return. Kanji Bhai says you have a diamond and shows Purvi’s photo.

Race starts in the school. Virender’s daughter (Juhi) looks at the empty chair sadly. Looks like Baba wont come for real. Virender’s Mama follows her gaze. She walks slowly and keeps glancing back at the chair. She comes last in the race. She goes to sit with Manas. Someone had to come last. There is nothing to worry. He gives her water. They see the parents of other kids taking car eof each other. Juhi hugs Manas. Virender’s Mama tells his sister that Virender should have come here for the kids. They look so sad. They hear a commotion and look at the door. The kids smile as they see their father coming. Manas tells Juhi it is good that Baba came late or he would have seen her losing. You cannot do anything.

Virender notices his mother wearing her necklace. How did you get it back? I gave it to that girl. She shares that Purvi returned it to her afterwards.

Juhi takes part in a hurdl race to catch her father’s attention. Her family and Manas get tensed. Juhi keeps looking back at her father while running. All the kids start cheering for her. Juhi falls down and hurts herself. Everyone rushes to her side except Virender.

Purvi walks inside deep water. Vipul saves her in time. Don’t you want to live? He takes her outside. What was bothering you so much? Purvi tells him about Priyu’s pregnancy. Baba wants her to get married asap but Navin’s parents have refused to bring Baraat till the time I am married. People will gossip otherwise. I feel as if I am the biggest obstacle in Priyu’s wedding. I cannot understand anything. Only God can do something. He gets thinking.

Doc advises Juhi to take rest. Virender hears everything from outside. His Mama tells him he did the right thing and made everyone happy. Virender shares that he went there as a Chief Guest. His Mama is taken aback. Virender says you all were there for the kids already. His Mama reasons that the kids do everything for his sake. Juhi did everything for you. Virender says she did it to win the race. His Mama disagrees. She tried to win your heart. She tried to win the race to catch your attention. Give them a mother if you cannot give them your love. I promised Sakshi while dying that I wont let the kids grow up without a mother. Virender asks him why he is pushing this matter. His Mama says they yearn for your love and attention. Virender announces that he wont marry again. His Mama says I wont let you open Sakshi Mills if you wont agree. Virender says no one can remove Sakshi’s name. His Mama replies that he should try to save his kids as Sakshi’s name is attached with her.

Purvi comes to take Guddu inside. Vipul tells her that her prayer has been heard. He calls out to his Baba. Purvi and her mother are surprised to see Vipul’s family there.

Virender is sleeping but wakes up with a start as the accident replays in his mind. He looks at the kids. His Mama’s words echo in his head.

Vipul’s family asks for Purvi’s hand for Vipul. Purvi thanks Kanha ji for fixing everything. Now even Priyu’s alliance can be fixed. Vipul’s father asks for Mahesh (Purvi’s father). She shares that he has gone outside for some work.

Kanji Bhai tells Mahesh that he can get 5 lacs, this house and a lot more if he will agree. Mahesh fixes Purvi’s Molkki wedding.

Everyone is having a happy time at Purvi’s house. Everyone congratulates Mahesh on Purvi’s wedding. He wonders how everyone knows that he has fixed Purvi’s Molkki wedding. His wife tells him the same thing. He thinks that she might have found out the truth and is in agreement with it. He asks his wife if she and Purvi are happy. His wife nods. Purvi likes Vipul and his family came to our home to ask for her hand. Haldi function is tomorrow. A lady asks her to come to make preps.

Next morning, many people have gathered inside Sakshi Mill. Virender announces that the Mill will be operation from today. Many people will get employment now. Thank you for all your support. He is about to inaugurate the mill when his Mama tells him to stop. They see 2 big bulldozers coming in.

Precap: Mama tells Virender to drop the inauguration if he wont agree for second marriage. Virender tries to challenge him but his Mama experiences a heart attack during the confrontation. He gets admitted to a hospital. Even Priyu is admitted to the same hospital as her father has been taunting and badmouthing her all along.

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