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Mere Sai 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sumati and Ashok manage to escape from the hut at night

Mere Sai 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sarkar asks Sai to leave. Sai blesses Raghav’s family and leaves from there. Sarkar tells Santa and Banta to remain on guard outside Raghav’s hut tonight. Don’t even dare to sleep tonight or I will throw you both in the well! He goes inside with Prahalad and Tejasvi.

Sai asks Udhav to tell Bhama to bring Jaiphal (nutmeg) to Dwarkamai. Udhav is confused but agrees.

Raghav and his family discuss their situation. Raghav speaks of poverty but Sumati says faith is bigger than any other feeling. Rama seconds Sumati. I agree that I said the same thing when we came here but the time has changed now. You have understood your mistake. Sai has always helped us. Now I am also positive that we will be able to overcome anything as Sai is with us.

Bhama gives nutmeg to Sai. Sai thanks her. She is hesitant to see him take a bite but he smiles at her.

Santa and Banta are worried if they will be able to do this duty properly. Banta tells Santa they might get a prize if they do this successfully. Santa gets excited. What will you ask for? Banta says I will ask for 2 days leave so I can sleep properly. Santa likes the idea. Sumati looks at them worriedly. They don’t seem to be willing to budge from here. Ashok asks her if Sarkar will actually send them to jail tomorrow. Sumati says I wont let it happen. He asks her how they will get out of this situation and how will he give exam tomorrow.

Bhama tries to stop Sai from eating big bites as it can make him sleepy. Sai smiles as he takes another bite. Banta and Santa yawn. They remind each other that they must stay awake tonight. They stare ahead blankly with tiring eyes.

Sai takes another bite.

Banta throws cold water on Santa. Santa questions him. Banta points out that the water in the well will be even colder than this. He sits down again.

Sumati helps Ashok rest his head on her shoulder.

Bhama looks at Sai in amazement.

Santa and Banta try to keep each other awake but fall asleep the moment Sai empties the box.

Sai smiles. He asks Bhama what happened. She is teary eyed. I spent years under your guidance. I still keep forgetting that anything negative can only affect human beings. I am sure whatever you did was to help someone.

Sumati hears the snores and looks out of the window curiously. Santa and Banta have fallen asleep. She wakes up Ashok and tells him that they need to leave right away. Raghav asks her where she will go at this hour. She says I will take Ashok to Dwarkamai. Sai will surely guide Ashok on how he can give exam. Rama is also hesitant but Sumati assures her that there is nothing to worry as Sai is with them. She seeks their blessings. They bless both the kids. Raghav tells her not to worry about anything. I couldn’t help you in any way till date but I wont let Sarkar find you today. Sumati hugs him. Raghav quietly opens the door for them. Om Sai plays. Sumati leaves for Dwarkamai with Ashok.

Sai remarks that those who have seen the light of education can overcome any amount of darkness.

Next morning, Sarkar wakes up and takes bath. I should check on them once. Keshav hears him. Sarkar opens the door and hits Santa and Banta on their backs as they were sleeping. Did you sleep through the night? Santa denies. It’s morning already? Sarkar catches their lie. Banta apologizes to him but Sarkar slaps both of them one by one. Sarkar calls out to Raghav and his family. Raghav and Rama step outside. Sarkar asks about their kids. Santa and Banta go inside the hut to bring them but the hut is empty. They question Raghav. Sarkar scolds Santa and Banta instead. You were supposed to stand guard outside their hut last night! Keshav claps. I told you that you can create as many obstacles as you want but Sai is above every wall! Sarkar fumes. He turns to Santa and Banta. Stop the kids from appearing for the exam and bring them here if you want to save yourself! Send our men in every corner and even on the outskirts. You must find them and bring them here before police comes. You will die otherwise! Santa and Banta run to get to work. Sarkar threatens to insult Raghav and his family in front of the entire village. Police will handcuff you and take you away! He goes back inside. Keshav gets tensed. They see Sarkar’s men going out to find the kids.

Sumati and Ashok watch Sai from far. They are about to go to him when they see Santa and Banta with their goons. Sumati says looks like it would be difficult to meet Sai before exam. Ashok says I had to take his blessing though. How will we go to the exam centre? We don’t even know the way.

Sai tells Santa and Banta that they are not here. Santa and Banta refuse to leave though. They will come here to meet you anyways. We will take them to Sarkar as soon as they will come here. Sai chants a shloka. Tatya and a few kids come to meet Sai. Tatya shares that he is taking them to exam centre. They told me that you want to give them something before going. Sai nods. He gives them bhel to eat on the way. They thank him and leave with Tatya. Sumati tells Ashok that they must follow Tatya Kaka stealthily. Ashok wants Sai’s blessing first. Sai stops in his tracks.

Sai picks a small mug and looks in Sumati and Ashok’s direction sweetly. Sumati tells Ashok that Sai did this for them only. Take his blessings from here only. They fold their hands in reverence. Sai raises his hand a little in order to bless them. Santa and Banta look in the opposite direction and spot Sumati and Ashok. Santa exclaims that they are there and starts chasing the kids.

Sai keeps a lot many sticks together so as to create a big pile. The pile appears magically in Santa and Banta’s way. They get stuck and are confused as to how these sticks came here. Sarkar wont spare us if we let the kids escape! They go in opposite direction.

Ashok and Sumati wonder where Tatya must be. Sumati notices few pieces of bhel on the ground and smiles. She points it out to Ashok.

The kids are eating bhel while walking and keep dropping bits while picking it.

Sumati thanks Sai. Now I know why Sai gave bhel to the kids. We know where to go. They begin to follow the trail.

Precap: Sumati and Ashok reach the exam centre but Santa and Banta reach there at the same time. Sumati prays to Sai. Santa and Banta keep them in 2 sacks. They come to back Sarkar’s home and show the sacks proudly. They find food items inside when they open the sacks.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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