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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber gets upset hearing Nia’s Newyork news

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shri asking Nia, if she is thinking about her dad’s reaction. Guneet says Nia thinks if she is not agreeing to her dad’s saying then she is disappointing him. She says how can Nia disappoint her Dad and can go to Newyork. She says I am not trying to be your mother, but she would have said the same thing, however he is today, is because of him, he is stubborn. She says you always fulfill his expectation and wishes against your wish. Nia says I do this as I love Dad. Guneet asks her to take a decision for herself more and less for her dad. Amber fixes up the lights and asks Nia to select the ring. Guneet asks why are you excited so much. Amber says he can’t handle the excitement. Guneet asks about his coffee intake? Amber says 3 cups. Nia worries that he will have heart problem. Guneet sends him for a walk. Kabir comes there and does exercise. Amber asks if you are following me? Kabir says ladies are getting good in their careers and tells that Nia shall take a break of 2 years and shall study further in America. Amber asks him where it is written and asks him not to think that he can’t play rangoli with his blood. Kabir asks Amber to think about Nia’s career. Amber says you will become ghar jamai in my house and I will not let you also go anywhere. Kabir looks shocked. Nia and Guneet laugh at Kabir. Nia says I don’t think my boyfriend will be a loser. Kabir asks her to tell him. Guneet says I will talk to him. Nia says I will talk. She goes to the room. Amber looks at the lehenga.

Nia asks whose lehenga is this, it is very pretty. Amber says it is of your mom, I kept it safely, thinking you will like it, but it is an old design, you will not like it. Nia says you only decide and tries it. Amber talks Anjali. Guneet comes there and says it is beautiful. She asks Nia if she talked to her Dad. Nia says nothing. Amber says shall we book the hall for engagement. Guneet says Nia can’t get engaged now, as she is going to Newyork for 2 years course. Amber gets shocked. Nia looks on. Amber gets upset and takes the lehenga from her hand. He keeps it back in the cover. Nia says Dad and is about to go behind him. Guneet says you can’t save her from every pain, he will not understand now. You know him well. She says it is not wrong to think about yourself, that doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your dad. She says it is not like that he don’t care for your dreams. Nia says I will see Dad. Amber talks to someone on phone and says take back the lights. Nia comes and asks what is he doing? Amber says I am sending back the lights.

Nia asks shall I go? Amber says yes. Nia says I have always taken decision after telling you, even though I tell late as your BP increases. Amber says I only knew that how I agreed to let you go last time. He says now Guneet came in our life and Kabir came in your life. He says situation is different this time and says you are thinking about yourself. Nia says I will be alone in the Newyork and can’t see the baby. He says I am selfish and I always gave you my first priority. She asks him to say Guneet ji and baby instead of Nia. Amber says if you will not be my daughter when baby comes. Nia says I will be, let me go. Amber asks her to go and says he will stay without her. He gets upset with Guneet for hiding the truth from him. Nia gets upset and thinks she has to fight to go somewhere. She packs her bags and thinks she will go and will not listen to him. She thinks if again accident or hospital incident happens. Guneet comes to pacify her. Nia says I don’t want to go anywhere. Guneet says nothing happened?

Everything will be fine. I will take care of your dad. She says if you have to worry about your Dad then what is the use of dad ki dulhan. She says this is your age to see dreams and have taken up big responsibilities in this age. She says I don’t know where I stand in your life, but I know that you are very important in my life and will always be important. She says I want to be happy, live your life happily and leave everything on me. She says whenever you feel scared then remember that I am there. She says when you are in confusion, then I will be there for you. She says this is my promise, that I will be with you always. Nia hugs her. She calls her Guni Maa. Guneet asks what did you say? Nia says I got upset when you said that I have spoilt dad. Guneet gets emotional. Nia says you are special and that’s why special name, hugs her and asks her not to cry. Guneet says make your arrangements to go. Nia says I can’t go seeing Dad sad and says I have a plan. Guneet says I am in your plan. They laugh.

Precap: Nia and Amber celebrate Diwali with everyone. Nia says I am going to Newyork and not doing this engagement.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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