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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 58

Hai friends thank you so much for all the love given through comments and your endless support. Please keep supporting this ff. Let’s go to the episode now.

It’s evening 5 pm. Everyone is gathered in a garden in front of their cottages.Kartik has spotted a waterfall near the farthest end of the resort. He plans to take Naira there for some alone time.
Kartik: ( has a fake yawn): Guuyss…I….am so sleepy…I’ll rest…(saying so he winks at Naira)

Abir in a whisper to Anurag: Bhai didn’t sleep properly at night thinking of bhabhi

Anurag: Acha…Tabhi toh..neend aa raha hai Janab ko

Manish: Toh Jaake so jaa beta..waise tomorrow morning we are going for a hike nah

Kartik (again a long fake yawn) Okay papa..bye everyone

Kartik gets up to leave..seeing him smile at her Naira makes up a plan to escape too

Naira sneezes

Akshara: What happened to you beta

Mishti understands Kaira’s plan and: Woh..didi fell into the pool nah accidentally that’s why she is getting sneeze

Naira nods as Mishti winks at her.

Naitik: Then you too go and rest …so that you are fit to go tomorrow

Naira: Okay papa..

Naira jumps up and goes.

Mishti nudges Abir…

Abir: Woh..papa..I’ll go and …call Ajay for tomorrow’s planning

Akhil nods and Abir runs from there with his mobile

Naksh: Keerthi’s medicines time I’ll take her and give them

Naksh and Keerthi too leave

Anurag: Woh papa I need to send mail..I’ll leave

Mishti: I have to take care of didi I’ll leave too

Prerna: Woh  Maa..I’ll go and see to packing for tomorrow’s hike

Swarna: Teek hai beta

Naina: Prerna..I’ll help out..

Naina too joins Prerna and they leave.

Jeevika and Viren rush to the room with a crying  Sara

.Akash too gets up as everyone has gone.
The elders have a good laugh

Manish: They want to spend time with respective partners ..but

Naman: Are too shy to say it out..

The couples pair up once away from everyone’s view.
Anurag takes Prerna to the pool

Prerna: Why did we come here

Anurag: Arrey Prerna just to have some alone time

Prerna: If we slip like Naira what will happen..let’s go somewhere else na…this resort has so many places other than this let’s go there

Anurag turns her towards him and closes her mouth with his hand

Anurag: Before marriage you never spoke more than 10 words..but  nowadays you always keep buck bucking

Prerna stares at him..she pushes his hands off

Prerna: you say that I’m a talkative girl

Anurag: Do you have any doubts

Prerna starts to beat Anurag

Anurag: Ouch..Prerna..

Prerna: Kya hua dard ho raha hai kya

Anurag: Yeah..

Prerna: You deserve it…

Anurag jumps back..but Prerna continues to beat him..Anurag starts to run while Prerna chases him..

Anurag bumps on Komolika..but he doesn’t notice her and runs away as Prerna is chasing him

Komolika (in mind): Anurag…I feel so sorry for you..marrying a girl for family and now she is treating you like slave..I’ll not let you suffer anymore my love…I’ll do the needful to save you from this marriage…then we can unite forever..

Meanwhile Anurag stops panting..Prerna comes to him and she too pants hard. Anurag pulls her closer.

Anurag: Maar na hai mujhe..par kyu..why are you stressing this much…your eyes and your love filled vision is enough to kill me

Prerna blushes and bends down

Anurag gets closer to her and: After marriage a lot has changed..but your shyness and blush haven’t changed a you know how beta you are when you blush..I wish I could capture it and keep to myself hidden from the world

Prerna: You need not do’s only you who can make me the rest of the world won’t know..

Anurag slowly connects their fingers. ..the scene freezes.

Kartik and Naira are walking towards the waterfall..

Kartik holds Naira closer

Kartik: Yesterday night I hardly slept

Naira: Kyu..

Kartik: Kyu…you slept peacefully after fighting with me …but do you even know how I felt

Naira: Not as bad as my feelings when Aashi hugged you

Kartik: Acha..that much possessiveness on me

Naira turns to him and holds his collar

Naira: Why not..meri maal hai and that too you are in great demand so I need to protect it..

Kartik: What…

Naira: What..first it was Tara and now Aashi..high demand na

Kartik: need not protect me and all..I am all one can make me theirs expect you..

Naira: By the way where are we going now…

Kartik: Patience …patience my jaan

Naira giggles and holds his arm tightly as they walk ..The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to a small fountain in the resort..Akash is lying down there..Naina comes there…he pulls her over him

Naina falls on Akash

Naina: Akash..what are you doing..

Akash: Romancing with my wife

Naina giggles..

Akash: What happened why are you laughing

Naina: I just imagined that if I had fallen on your nose and if it broke then this romantic moment will be a tragic moment nah

Akash: Haha..very funny..I have the most unromantic biwi in the world

Naina: Acha..

She kisses him on his cheek

Akash: Okay okay considered as romantic

The scene shifts to the karaoke station of the resort. Abir leads Mishti into it

Mishti: Abir..why are we here

Abir: Mishti..I know that you love singing…so only I brought you here…you can sing in this karaoke station now

Mishti: Now…what will I sing

Abir: Whatever you feel like

He guides her to the microphone and gestures her to sing

Mishti starts to sing..and Abir joins her

Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye
Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye

Na ho tu udas tere pas pas
Main rahunga zindagi bhar
Na ho tu udas tere pas pas
Main rahunga zindagi bhar
Sare sansar ka pyar maine
Tujhi me paya

With song running in background Virika are shown.. Sara is sleeping peacefully in the cradle as Viren puts her to sleep. Jeevika is on the bed sleeping but she is restless ..Viren notices this and goes to her..he slowly rests her head on his chest and puts his arm around her..once into his embrace Jeevika becomes peaceful but baby Sara moves as Viren stopped swinging the cradle..Viren notices this and with his another hand he sings the cradle..both mom and daughter have a peaceful sleep with their hero near them

Tu mile dil khile aur
Jine ko kya chahiye
Tu mile dil khile aur
Jine ko kya chahiye

Chanda tujhe dekhane
Ko nikalaa karta hai
Aaina bhi o didar ko tarasa karta hai
Itani hasi koi nahi
Itani hasi koi nahi
Husna dono jaha ka ek tujhme
Simat ke aaya

Keesh are sitting in the terrace of their cottage. Naksh is sipping his cocoa while Keerthi is reading her book while leaning on Naksh..Naksh slowly bends down to kiss her..she blushes

 Naksh: Keerthi..this is heaven for me..I wish we live our lives like this and I together..and air around us filled with love and happiness 

Keerthi: I too wish for the same ..

Naksh pulls her into his embrace and kisses her on her cheek

Tu mile dil khile aur
Jine ko kya chahiye
Tu mile dil khile aur
Jine ko kya chahiye

Darling, every breath you take
Every move you make
I will be there
What will i do without you
I want to love you
Forever and ever and ever

Anurag and Prerna are having a romantic time..Prerna is sitting with her feet inside the pool water while Anurag is resting his head on her lap. Prerna slowly carasses  his head. 

Anurag: I will be happy even if I die now

Prerna slaps his arm

Prerna: Can’t you say something else..I want to live for 100 years with you like this..don’t talk about death now

Anurag holds his ears in apology..

Anurag: Sorry ….sorry…

Prerna smiles at his cute face

Pyar kabhi marta nahi
Ham tu marate hai
Hote hai vo log amar
Pyar jo karate hai
Jitni ada utani vafa
Jitni ada utani vafa
Ik nazar pyar se dekh lo
Phir se zindaa karado

Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye
Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye

Kaira are at the waterfall.

Naira is enjoying herself while splashing the water everywhere 

Kartik comes to her and hugs her

Naira: Kartik..this is such a beautiful place..

Kartik: Not more beautiful than you

Naira: Cheesy guy

Kartik: Jo bhi hoon tera must manage me

Naira: Definitely you are only mine..

Kartik lifts Naira in his arms...Aashi who is there just a short distance is away is shocked to see Naira in Kartik’s arms.

Na ho tu udas tere pas pas
Main rahunga zindagi bhar
Na ho tu udas tere pas pas
Main rahunga zindagi bhar
Sare sansar ka pyar maine

Tujhi mein paya
Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye
Tu mile dil khile
Aur jine ko kya chahiye.

Abir hugs Mishti

Mishti: Abir..I love this song a lot

Abir: My favourite song too…Mishti your singing is awesome. You have such a magical voice

Mishti kisses Abir..he is taken by surprise and he kisses her back.

The episode freezes with the happy moments of all the couples.


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