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Love after arrange marriage Ep-36-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2 )

Love after arrange marriage Ep-36-Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2 )

Hi guys.., You must be wondering why I am writing this as I have already published 1 …Well , the answer is because I will be busy for next 7 days…as I am going to my maternal grandmother’s house. ..So , I thought to write one episode today and one I will write  tomorrow morning…And for next few day no episode…In advance , I am really sorry …I am not writing seven extra episodes but may be 2 …I don’t know that tomorrow I will write 1 or 2 episode in the morning because my online classes are also there…Hope you understand..

So , without any further talks ,

Episode starts with…,

Vansh : Ok , If you think , then I am flirting with you…You are beautiful , elegant..

Riddhima : Thank you so much ..

Vansh : Your welcome….

They both lie on the bed and sleep as they are tired..

After some time,

Riddhima wakes up as Vari is crying . She makes her quiet and goes down …

A man enters VR Mansion ..

He comes forward..

Riddhima : Aakash ?

The Man : Yes..

Riddhima : How come here ?

Aakash : Actually , I wanted to…

He took a rose and sat on his one knee ..

Aakash : Riddhima , I have been loving you since college days , but couldn’t express it ..When I thought , I searched for you and got to know that you are in VR Mansion , so came here…I love you ..Will you marry me ?

Riddhima : Aak..

Vansh comes and slaps Aakash…

Aakash : Who is this foolish now ?

Vansh : Vansh Rai Singhania husband of Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania ..

Aakash : Did you married ?

Riddhima : Hmm…

Vansh : Mr. So and so.. we have a daughter – Vari

Aakash : Vari ?

Riddhima : She has came just today here…

Aakash : Ok ..

Vansh (angry) : And Mr. How dare you come here and propose her , do you want to die ?

Aakash : Who will want to die..

Vansh : Then you shall leave …

Aakash : Mr. Vansh you don’t have any right to say like this …Riddhima will decide ..

Vansh : Ok , If Riddhima agrees then marry her..

Aakash : Riddhima …

Riddhima : Aakash , its better you leave , I don’t love you…

Aakash : But..

Vansh : Don’t you listened once…Leave from here and don’t show your face ever …

Aakash leaves ..

Riddhima: Vansh ..Aakash and me studied in the same batch during the college…

Vansh : Its ok Sweetheart ,  think it as a bad dream and forget it ..

Riddhima : Hmm..

Vansh : I trust you…Lets go now..

Riddhima and Vansh go to their room ..

Suddenly Anupriya  comes…

Anupriya : Vansh , see what I have ..

Vansh sees it

Vansh : Mom , who’s he ?

Anupriya : He’s a boy for Shweta ..

Vansh : Seriously ?

Anupriya : Hm..His name is.

Vansh : Aakash ..

Anupriya : How did you know ??

Vansh : He is my friend ..

Anupriya : Ok..So , may I finalize him ?

Vansh : You shall ask Shweta first ..

Anupriya : Hmm…



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