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Love after arrange marriage Ep-35- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-35- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Episode starts as…,

Riddhima: Vansh, What  should we keep her name ?

Vansh doesn’t listens..

Riddhima again says the same..

Vansh : Um…Riva

Riddhima : Vari..

Vansh : Hmm…But reason ? (in his mind now.. I know the reason but wanna listen from your mouth..)

Riddhima : Vansh and Riddhima..

Vansh : Ooh

Vansh says,”Vari , see your Riddhima mom is looking so ugly..”

Riddhima : Excuse me, Who are you ?? Are you the same Vansh Rai Singhania…

Vansh : Ypp

Riddhima : It doesn’t seems like..

Vansh : Why ?

Riddhima : Vansh , earlier used to say me , that I’m looking beautiful…

Vansh: Oh , That Vansh …that Vansh is changed after Vari ..

Riddhima : I won’t talk to you anymore…

Vansh : Accha sorry …

Riddhima : No , I won’t be convinced so easily..

Vansh plays a song ..

Daadi Amma Daadi Amma Maan Jao Re..

(Grandma – Grandma get convinced)

Riddhima in anger snatches the phone …

Vansh again gets sad..

Vansh sings ,“Gulabi Aankhen jo teri dekhi , sharabi yeh dill ho gya..”

(I have seen your pink eyes , my heart has gone mad .)

Riddhima smiles…

Vansh : Hasee toh Phasee ..

(If you laugh you get caught )

Riddhima : Every time you sing this song , I get convinced..

Vansh  : Hmm..

Doctor enters.

Doctor – You can take her home now..

Vansh : Lets go Vari , Riddhima will come herself..

Riddhima : Hehe…

They both look at each other and then leave for home ..

When they reach at home , they all welcome them with flowers….

Vansh smiles…

Then they go in their room …

Riddhima goes to change and comes out..

She’s going somewhere , Vansh pulls her and her blouse’s dori opens a little…

Vansh apologies and ties…They both share an eye lock in the mirror …

And then Vari starts crying..

Vansh : Its one day only and this girl has spoiled my romance…Uff..

Riddhima : Hehe..

Riddhima makes her quiet…

Riddhima : Vari see there are trees..You like trees..

Vari smiles…

Riddhima gives her rattle to play..

Siya enters..

Siya : Bhai, you were right Its one day only and this girl has spoiled my romance…Uff….

Vansh : Did you listened ?

Siya  : Yes .

Vansh blushes..

Siya : My bhai is blushing…Aww

Vansh : Shut up ..

Siya : Bhai , Daadi is calling you for pooja ..

Vansh : Hmm..

They go for pooja …

Daadi : Aww, this cute girl , become like Riddhima ..Not Vansh ..

Vari starts crying ..

Vansh : See Daadi she wants to become like me ..

Vari starts hitting Vansh..

Vansh : You are like Riddhima only…Hitting mee ..

Daadi : What’s her name ?

Vansh  : Vari ..

Shweta : Ooh Vansh Bhai and Riddhima Bhabhi..

Vansh and Riddhima shy…

Daadi does pooja…

They all take prasad and leave …

Vansh (on call ): I said you , to throw that file on Khurana’s table but you didn’t, you fool ..

Vansh cuts the call..

He sees Vari and gets happy…

Again that call comes now he talks softly,”Keep this file here only tomorrow at Khurana’s table..”

He cuts …

Riddhima : Wow Vansh , Vari is the first person who changed your tone ..

Vansh : No , first was you..

Riddhima : Are you trying to flirt with me ?

Vansh : What do you think ?

Riddhima : Yes…

Precap : A guy (name will be told in next episode ) proposes Riddhima …Vansh slaps him .. 

I know this episode wasn’t soo much…but it is my Maths class going on …I was doing my Maths work and this side by side…


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