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Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonam is kidnapped

Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Milky saying Dhruv, you won, your family has won, Sonam lost, you are still smoking for that girl, I will not tolerate this. He says I will see what you will do. She throws the cigarettes. He shouts. She says I will do what a wife should do. She goes. He angrily shouts. Shashi, Nutan and everyone hear him shouting. Nutan asks why is he shouting so loud, Dhruv…. She asks Shashi to stop him. Shashi says son’s shout hurts the parents, but you have no heart, you just have selfishness and greed, you are responsible for his state. He says you have broken Dhruv’s life, I will not come to see him or fix anything. He goes. Subhadra calls Dhruv. He says our relation is over now, there is nothing left. She says listen to me, relation is over, it doesn’t mean I don’t care for Sonam, she was talking to me and call disconnected, she is in trouble. Dhruv says I don’t know, she is careless, she will come to Mumbai, don’t call me again, I will not answer your call. He calls Sonam.

Someone picks the phone and answers. The man says this mobile was fallen on the road, it was ringing. Dhruv asks where is Sonam. The man asks who, I just found this phone. Dhruv says you had stolen this phone. The man says I will leave the mobile in the temple, you can get it and find your Sonam. Sonam is brought to Raghav. Raghav stops Sumitra from getting in between. Sonam shouts for help. Raghav removes the cloth from Sonam’s face. He flirts with her. Sonam gets angry.

Sumitra says its not good to force any girl. Raghav asks Shobha to explain Sumitra not to ruin his excitement. Shobha asks Sumitra to cover her eyes and go to the kitchen. Raghav says that room was close to my heart, you ruined it. Sonam says you don’t know what I lost because of you, leave me. Sonam tries to run away and shouts for help. Raghav faints her down. He lifts her in arms and takes her. He says you won’t do this again. Sumitra says you are doing wrong Raghav, its a sin. Shobha says he is so strong, he lifted the girl. Dhruv comes to the temple and gets the phone. He looks for Sonam. He calls Bablu. Bablu says Hulchul’s Nani died, he had gone there. Dhruv asks Bablu where is Sonam, what’s the new drama. Bablu says I don’t know, she was right, you were wrong, her character was questioned, she had fought for you, she didn’t care for her respect to get proof, you had ousted her twice, you think she did a drama. Dhruv says I don’t want to hear this. Bablu disconnects. He says we will go and find Sonam. Bablu and Guddu leave.

Raghav smiles seeing Sonam. Nutan calls Raghav and asks where is Sonam. He says I have her in front of me. She asks why, she left this house, let her go to Mumbai. He says your work is done, not mine, I like Sonam, I will not let her go. She asks what. He says like you have Milky for Dhruv. She says don’t say nonsense. He says I will not talk to you. He disconnects. She says Sonam is with Raghav, what does he want.

Dhruv asks the people about Sonam. The lady says she had come for puja, did she disappear. Bablu and Guddu come. Bablu says I m upset with you, we came as matter is about Sonam. Dhruv says Subhadra said Sonam was talking to her and then shouted, I tried to contact and got phone on the road. He asks how did you get the scratch. Bablu says when Sonam went to get proof at Raghav’s place, we had a fight with him and got hurt. Dhruv recalls Raghav’s words. He says Raghav has done it, he was interested in making Sonam out of the house. Sonam gets conscious. She tries to run. Raghav asks her to save her energy and not try to run. He says just tell me, you are mine, then I will run with you like a horse. She says let me do. Dhruv rings the bell. Raghav says Dhruv has come here to find you, I have to hide you now. Sonam shouts for help. Raghav ties her up. Bablu says Raghav is delaying in opening the door, he would be hiding Sonam. Raghav hides Sonam. Dhruv gets back. Bablu and Guddu try to break the door. Raghav opens the door. Shobha smiles seeing Dhruv.

Raghav forces Sonam to marry him. He says if you refuse, I will forcibly fill your maang and make you my bride.

Update Credit to: Amena

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