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Ishq Mein Marjawan – Episode 2 – Love at first sight

Thank you all for the continuous support. Some of you are worried I will not post regularly, but if I am free I will write an episode daily.

Episode starts…

In car Riddhima and Vansh was quiet. Riddhima was looking out of the window while Vansh was driving. She looked over for a minute and saw that his hand was still bleeding from the beating.

Riddhima: Vansh please stop the car.

Vansh was thinking what happened and pulled up at the nearby road.

Vansh: What happened? Why did you tell me to stop?

Riddhima: Your hand is bleeding. Let me bandage it.

Vansh was thinking for this she stopped the car. He found it cute and extended his hand towards her. Riddhima tore some of her dupatta and wrapped it around his hand slowly and carefully. Vansh could not stop looking at her thinking “She is very beautiful.”

Riddhima finished bandaging his hand and looked him in the eyes. She was feeling a little awkward but comfortable and safe. She gently said “I am Riddhima. Thank you for saving me.”

Vansh looked at her and smiled for the first time in 3 years. He asked if he could stop by his house before dropping her home to get something for tomorrow’s meeting and she said “Yes”. In his head, he was saying “I want you to meet my family”

After 10 mins, they stopped outside VR mansion. Riddhima was looking here and there. She was amazed by the size of the house and opened the door to get out.

Vansh: Feel free to come in. I won’t be long. (Saying this he walked inside)

Riddhima wanted to wait outside but she was curious to go in so she slowly walked towards the door and put one foot inside the house and stepped in. An elderly lady was sitting inside and turned when she heard a noise.

Riddhima: I am sorry, I did not mean to come in, I am just waiting for Vansh.

Dadi: Its ok dear. Do come in.

Riddhima walked over to her and seeked her blessings. Dadi blessed her and smiled. She thinks “Vansh beta, you did good”.

Vansh comes back holding a file and he is with Ishani and Anupriya.

Vansh: Riddhima, this is my sister Ishani and my mom Anupriya, and that lady in front of you is Dadi.

Riddhima was shocked and blessed at the same time. She greeted everyone and said “Its nice to meet you all”. Ishani was not very happy but smiled and Anupriya was thinking “What is this cheap girl doing in my house”

Vansh turned to dadi and said: I am going to drop her home. I wanted to take this file for the meeting tomorrow but turns out she met you all. (He smiled)

Riddhima was feeling shy and started heading towards the door.

Vansh: Wait Riddhima, let me walk out with you.

Riddhima smiled and blushed a little and stopped near the door. They together left and went back to the car driving away.

Dadi: She is a nice girl and will make a great wife for Vansh but that is out of my control. Let’s see where faith takes them. (She walks away inside the house followed by Ishani)

Anupriya thinking “Do whatever you want but I won’t let that girl come back in this house especially not as Vansh’s wife”. She smirked and walked away.

Precap: Vansh drops Riddhima home and makes an excuse to see her again. Someone comes to Riddhima’s home and takes her away.

I will update tomorrow guys. Hope you all enjoy the episode.

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