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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 26: Love confessed!

Hello everyone!!


Replies to comments from previous update:

Hello Jennifer, Glad to know you liked the previous update and I hope you like this one too🤞. Well, to know if it’s a dream or not read this episode🙈

Hello Tonni, Glad you liked the episode 🙈! This episode is also filled with fun🔥 You should have atleast given a try maybe this time you wouldn’t be wrong😃

Hello Rianshfan, Glad you liked the episode 🙈. And it wad just a question, the proposal can also be reality also 💯

Hello Bhuvaneshwari, You were laughing? Seriously? I thought I would get threat messages in comments 😂 (Just kidding) You need to read this to find out if it’s a dream or not💛

Hello Riaa, You are excited to read the story which you already know! Great😉. And chill, I too won’t disclose anything! But I am happy you liked the episode 😊

Hello Aafrin, Well, to know if the proposal is a dream or reality read this update 🙈. Vansh has already thought about it🤭

Hello Darshika, Thanks for trusting me yaar💯. Let’s see if you find it romantic ❤️. And I am happy to know you read the previous update because I thought you didn’t. I didn’t think about the shipping name for them. But then let’s see……

Hello Riansh Lover, Vansh is actually burning up🥵. But then you need to read this to find out if it’s a dream or reality💛

Hello Shivangi, I doubt if it’s a dream 😜

! Let’s first get settled with Riddhima and Vansh and later we’ll jump to Sia and Angre🤭

Hello Sakshu, I might not be a dream as well. Read to find out🙈. Your wait is up🕣

Hello KV2711, Glad you liked the entry of the couple 💯. To know if the proposal is a dream or reality do read the episode 🙈

Hello Naira U Singh, Glad you liked the episode 🙈. Let’s see if it’s Riddhima’s dream😴

Hello M, Glad you liked the episode 🙈. Mujhe log sab ghussa ho jayenge question padh kar 😲

Hello RiyaVaghani, But the proposal can be reality also! Just wait and read😁. And you need to be quick to post the next one 🔥

Hello Diha, I will try my best to never let y’all down💯. Glad you liked the episode 😊.

Hello Ashmita Rawat, If you praise me so much, I would reach the ninth cloud ☁️. Don’t worry you will get RIANSH scenes 💛

Hello Den, In original everything is dream. So I thought to take advantage and put forth the question 🤭. But it can be reality also. To find out, do read the episode…

Hello Xyz, I am glad you liked that episode and you should must have guessed about the dream. So let’s see, what happens 🔥

Hello SUMISHA, Let’s find out if it’s a dream or reality 💛. RIANSH will propose soon!


The episode starts as…..

At 07:45pm in Riddhima’s house,

Ishani: What happened guys?

Riddhima: We had an emotional time inside.

Aryan: Kabir, I hope you understood everything.

Kabir: Yes, I did.

Sejal gets ready and comes out. Kabir and Sejal leave to go out. Sia too takes a leave for completing some work. It’s only Vansh, Riddhima, Ishani and Aryan in the house. Riddhima leaves and so does Aryan. While Vansh and Ishani are having a talk.

Ishani: What happened bhai? Why are you so sad?

Vansh: Nothing. I was just….

Ishani: Thinking about Riddhima?

Vansh: Yes! (Then suddenly) I mean No!

Ishani: Come on bhai! I know you are lying. Bhai, for how long are you going to hide your feelings?

Vansh: There’s nothing like that. Don’t you remember what Aryan told today that Riddhima likes someone else.

Ishani: Bhai, that was a joke!

Vansh(surprised): A joke like this? Are you mad? You have no idea what was going on in my head all day long.

Ishani: Relax bhai! But don’t you think that you should confess your feelings today? I mean, even Kabir is done yaar! What do you want? Everybody gets their love but not you. Either you propose to her today or don’t talk to me.

Ishani leaves from there, saying that. Vansh recalls Ishani’s words and thinks, “I will have to do it today! If not today then it’s never gonna happen.” Vansh leaves from there. He messages Aryan. Aryan comes to Riddhima’s room. Riddhima is busy with some work but after he enters she keeps her work aside.

Riddhima: What happened Aryan? Do you have some work?

Aryan: No! Actually………. Ya!

Aryan goes and opens Riddhima’s wardrobe and takes out a dress. Riddhima stares at the dress and recalls Vansh gifting her this.

Aryan: Riddhu, we four are going out now. And I don’t trust your taste, so I picked this out.

Riddhima then recalls telling Vansh that when she will wear this dress, she would give her first look to him.

Riddhima: But I have even better clothes inside. I won’t wear this!

Aryan: Come on Riddhu! It’s not for the first time I have picked a dress for you and asked you to wear it. Please wear this! It would look perfect on you!

Riddhima: But……..

Aryan: I am not hearing a word. Just wear it and get dressed in 30 mins. No delay, okay? I have other work also. And it’s better you wear this!

Aryan leaves from Riddhima’s room while Riddhima just recalled Aryan’s words. She thinks, “If I won’t wear this then Aryan will get angry and if I wear it then Vansh will get angry. Now what do I do?” She continues looking at the dress and then thinks, “But Vansh likes someone else, how would it affect him? It’s okay I will wear this. (Pausing) No! I can’t cheat a friend of mine. I will have to find a way out. (Again a pause) Yes! I will message Aryan later that I need a few more minutes and so he and Ishani can head outside and Vansh will wait, atleast I can keep this much faith in him that he’ll wait for me. And then he can see me in this dress. WOW! I am super smart. Wonder; where will I take all this smartness and go in this big world. Anyways, I need to dress.” Riddhima goes to dress up.


Ishani ends up in Aryan’s room and finds him smiling. She goes near him and asks him the reason.

Aryan(smiling): The next 25 minutes is the most awaited time for both of us.

Ishani: Why? What is going to happen in the next 25 minutes?

Aryan(with a cheerful face): Vansh is going to propose Riddhu!

Ishani(surprised): WHAT! Impossible!

Aryan: Sweetheart, trust me! I am not lying. Vansh himself told me, and that time I too couldn’t believe my eyes.

Ishani: Wait……. Eyes? Shouldn’t it be ears?

Aryan: Ishani, why are you focusing on words that aren’t important to be marked. The main point is Vansh is going to propose to her today. He messaged me.

Ishani: What did bhai message you?

Aryan gets his phone out of his pocket and makes Ishani read the message.

Vansh(on message): Aryan, I need your help. And I am sure you’d help me out. There’s not much that you need to do, just go to Riddhima’s room and pick out a dress for her. I will send you the picture of the dress right away. Just make sure she agrees to wear it. I am sure she would resist alot at first but I trust you, you know to convince her. Well….. I know you want to know the reason behind this. So let me tell you, I love Riddhima and I’m going to confess it today. Just do this much and let me know what’s her answer. Okay?

Ishani: Wow! Bhai confessed his love for Riddhima first to you. Did he forget he has two sisters?

Aryan: Stop being jealous. Even you first confessed your love for me to Vansh.

Ishani: He’s my brother. I had to do it. But he doesn’t trust me. That’s why he told you to do this. I also want to contribute something to make their love special for me.

Aryan: Their love special for you?(laughs) New concept in the market maybe.

Ishani: Aryan!!! I am serious!

Aryan: Calm down! I know what you can do!

After 15 minutes,

Riddhima receives a message on her phone. She checks it. It’s from Aryan.

Aryan(on message): Riddhu, actually Ishani and I are going out to get something and will meet you and Vansh outside only. Please come out soon.

Riddhima gets happy reading the message. She has a bright smile on her face since she is now assured that what she had told Vansh would now happen. She feels it’s time to leave or else again they’ll blame her. Riddhima opens the door.

Riddhima opens the door and as soon as she does it; three balloons fall on her. On the first one, it’s written ‘Vansh’, in the centre balloon it’s written ‘love’ and on the third balloon it’s written ‘Riddhima’. She gets a smile on her face with this incident. And during this she notices the lights are switched off since there are candles placed everywhere with rose petals around each candle. She then notices that beside each candle there’s a photo frame. She goes through every photo kept around. Most of the pictures are hers and Vansh. In a few the two knew they were being clicked while the rest were candids of them. Riddhima was surprised by all this but among all these surprises her eyes showed that they were longing to see the person who planned it – Vansh! She went near the centre table and noticed a card kept there. She picked it up and opened it. It read,

‘‘When I saw you I fell in love with you, And now all of me loves all of you.’’ ~VR.

Riddhima couldn’t believe what her eyes had just read. Then, Vansh came and stood exactly behind her. He didn’t utter a word. She felt someone’s presence around but it also seemed familiar, so she didn’t react. Somewhere in her heart she knew who could have planned this. She leaned back to the person and holded the hands of that person, she had kept her grip loose on the hands. But the moment she holded his hand, and felt the touch her grip became stronger.

Riddhima: You don’t need to say a word. Your presence is enough for me to recognise you, VANSH!

Vansh(surprised): So you can recognise me with my presence? (Pause) INTERESTING! VERY INTERESTING!

Riddhima turns to him and hugs him, he hugs her back. She can hear his heart beats and can even sense his breath. She doesn’t want to lose his embrace ever. It would be very difficult for her. But still she gets back and so does Vansh. Vansh moves a few steps back, Riddhima wonders what happened. He gets down on his knees and takes a ring out, Riddhima is surprised!

Vansh: There are many ways to be happy in life but all I really need is you! Riddhima, the time I first saw you, I wondered what connection did I have with you that I couldn’t stop thinking about you and I wanted to know about it. First, I thought it’s friendship but as time flew I realised it was way much more than that. I couldn’t have the courage to watch you with anyone else. I couldn’t control my anger when you were with someone else. That’s when I realised that I am in love with you! I know that I am not perfect but I love you more than perfection. But, do you love me?

Riddhima’s eyes were filled with tears on hearing every word he said. Because every word had touched her heart.

Riddhima(teary eyes but smiling face): Yes, I do! I have always done it! I can’t say how much I have been longing to live with you and be there with you. I really love you!

On hearing this Vansh was not only happy but also surprised. If he had known that she loved him back, why would he wait for so long to confess himself. But he stood up in excitement. After he did, Riddhima went and hugged him tightly. Later, Vansh lifted her in his arms. Riddhima had a smile on her face because of his action and Vansh had a smile on his smile on seeing her reaction. Vansh got her down and placed the ring on her finger. The fan got switched on and rose petals fell down on both of them. Vansh offered his hand to Riddhima and guided her towards the dining table, there was a cake kept there. They cut the cake together and then danced. Till the very end Riddhima couldn’t stop smiling and thinking how lucky she is to have such an understanding and lovable partner like Vansh. All this while she was thanking God for sending Vansh in her life and making it more meaningful for her. Vansh took Riddhima to her room. Riddhima was surprised to find her room completely filled with Red and White balloons. The room was so filled that as they were taking steps either the balloons had to be put out of the room or they were flown up.

Riddhima: I understood that all the decorations outside were done by you. But what about the ones inside?

Suddenly a person came from behind and said, “We are also present here.” Riddhima turned to see and was surprised to see Aryan and Ishani.

Riddhima: So is all of this done by you?

Ishani: And me also! Do you think he can do everything alone?

Riddhima: Nahh!!!

Vansh, Ishani and Riddhima laugh while Aryan just smiles.

Aryan: So how was this surprise?

Riddhima: It’s the best! I can’t say how much I love it.

Ishani: Then all this credit should be given to bhai because it was his idea.

Riddhima(looking at Vansh): How many surprises will you plan in one day?

Vansh: If the surprises bring a smile on your face, I can continue giving you surprises for the whole day.


Precap: Sia calls Ishani up and says, “I saw a dream that bhai proposed Riddhima.” Ishani’s phone was on speaker and Aryan, Ishani, Riddhima and Vansh are surprised on hearing this.

Loads of love from me to y’all 💕💕


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