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Indiawaali Maa 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Akshay insults Rohan again

Indiawaali Maa 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kaku asking Rohan and Cheenu to act married. She says if you both do this marriage drama and show it to the clients, they will realize their mistake, just do as I say, shake hands now. Cheenu agrees. Rohan goes to shake hands. Akshay comes and stops them. He scolds Rohan and holds his collar. Kaku and Cheenu stop Akshay. Kaku takes Rohan. He says I don’t want to work with that loser, I will not work with him, even if I bear a loss, I can lose the event, come. He takes Cheenu. Rohan angrily leaves. Kaku looks on. Kirti comes and says its your pack up. Kaku and Rohan come home. Rohan says they have blamed me for stealing the laptop. He gets a call and goes. Kaku smiles seeing his surprise. She gets his letter. He apologizes. He says I will be joining MBA studies again, you can see my admission letter as well. She smiles reading it. He writes that I don’t want anyone to call me a loser. Kaku goes out to see him. He gets a saree for her as diwali gift. He says I got the money from dad. She smiles. He salutes her and smiles.

Its morning, Kaku packs his tiffin. Rohan asks her not to treat her like a kid. He says I got inspired by you, if you can do a job, then I can’t give you excuses. He thanks her. They leave from the house. He drops her to office and goes. She says I can’t go to office, what will I do now. She sits on a bench. She calls Hasmukh. Hasmukh can’t hear anything because of the PG guy Jaan dancing. He answers call. She asks what’s this sound. He asks Jaan to stop the music.

She asks who is Jaan. Hasmukh says Jaan is the paying guest. She scolds him and asks how can you do this with me. He says he is a guy, not a girl, Jaan is his nickname, he is a NRI, he is paying good, but I think I made a mistake to keep him, he was cleaning the house when the sauce has fallen on the sofa. Kaku jokes. Jaan asks Hasmukh to give his clothes for washing. Hasmukh says I will do my work, you go. Kaku says keep paying guest without asking me, now bear it. He says I kept him to get money for Rohan. She says Rohan decided to complete MBA studies. He says its good. She says he said he got inspired from me, now I m fired from the job. He says its good, you always find a way, you can do anything else. Jaan asks shall I repair washroom tiles. Hasmukh says I have to go now. He ends call and goes. She gets Balli’s call. She asks how are you, why didn’t you come. She says marriage contract is cancelled, so my job is cancelled. He says you can’t get removed without one month notice, company has to tell the person one month before firing. She says I will take your advice next time, I can’t come to upset Cheenu, so much has happened there.

Kirti works on the laptop. She hides it under the table in storeroom. Balli knocks and asks why are you locking the door. She says I came to take my notepad. She goes. Balli asks the man to clean the storeroom. He gets Kirti’s phone and goes to give it to her. Cheenu comes and asks Kirti’s phone was in storeroom, its strange. Balli says yes, but how can I ask her. Cheenu sees the storeroom. She checks the things. She gets Kirti’s laptop.

She brings it to Kirti and keeps on the desk. She says I got this in storeroom. Rohan works at home. Kaku comes home. He asks how did you come home soon. She says my health isn’t fine. He worries. She says I m okay now. She gets Cheenu’s call. Cheenu says sorry, Kirti’s laptop was in the storeroom, I had to say sorry, you had to hear a lot. Kaku asks can I come to office again. Cheenu says yes, but project isn’t there now, you take rest. Kaku thinks to go back office and unite the clients to get the contract again.

Kaku talks to the couple. She calls them at the office. She calls Balli to take his help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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