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Gupta Brothers 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Police is about to take Rajat to juvenile home

Gupta Brothers 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amba telling Shiv that Rajat came first and asks if he is not happy? Shiv says I am happy, but..Amba blesses him. Alok looks at the answer sheet and gets shocked. The school teachers enquire with the Xerox shop owner, if anyone came here to get the question paper Xerox. The shop keeper tells that Rajat had come with his brother Alok. Ganga hears them and thinks Rajat cheated in the exam. Alok questions Rajat, but he couldn’t answer. He slaps Rajat and tells that he will tell everything to Shiv Bhaiyya. Amba thinks if he tells Shiv then they will unite for Rajat and she won’t let this happen. She stops Alok and asks him not to cut his nose and get insulted before Shiv. Later she throws party and calls the neighbors. Alok asks Amba what was the need? Amba sees Shiv coming and tells about the party. She asks Shiv to taste the sweets. Veeru asks Shiv to eat sweets and tells that he is happy for Rajat, but seems like bhaiyya is not happy and that’s why he didn’t say anything for Rajat’s success and haven’t eaten any sweets. Rajat comes to Shiv. Shiv blesses him and asks him to do hardwork and become successful. He says this is my blessings. He asks God to take care of his brothers and give them happiness always. Rajat feels apologetic and thinks he has done two mistakes. He thinks he lied to his brothers and also betrayed Ganga. He sees Police coming to his house with his seniors in the jeep and gets afraid. He thinks Police will catch me and then Shiv and all the family’s name will be ruined. He runs to bathroom and locks the door, cries. Alok notices it. A neighbor comes and says Police came at home. Veeru asks what Ganga has done. The teacher tells that Rajat has leaked the board papers. They get shocked.

Shiv asks where is Rajat? Alok says he is in the bathroom. Ganga says he had bought the question papers. Alok asks Rajat to come out of the bathroom. Rajat refuses and gets scared. He falls down and vomits on the ground. Shiv asks Veeru to break the door and take him out. Veeru breaks the door and takes him out. Rajat shivers and faints. Shiv crosses the line to hold Rajat. He asks Alok to call the doctor. Doctor comes and checks him. Teacher says call Rajat, we will take him. Ganga says he is a boy and is scared. Doctor says he got panic attack and nothing else. He leaves. Jaya tells that Rajat is a good student. He might have done this in someone’s influence. Amba gets worried. Shiv asks Rajat not to get afraid and says I am with you. Ganga asks Rajat to tell everything without worry. Rajat says there was tension at home, and that’s why I couldn’t study. He says Ganga tried to stop him from doing cheating, but he wanted to pass. He says Alok didn’t want to inform him about this. He thanks Ganga as bhabhi and hugs her. Shiv says you have lowered in my eyes…to Alok. Alok says but.

Police asks Ganga to bring Rajat out. Ganga goes out with Veeru, Alok and Shiv behind her. Shiv brings Rajat out. Rajat cries. The teacher tells that two boys gave statement against him and tells that he has to come with them. Amba says he is a boy. Inspector says we will take him to juvenile/correction home and then we will take him to foster house. Alok says we will raise him up being his brother. The teacher says you have given him money to him. Alok says I didn’t know that he will do this. Teacher says you have to look after him well, whatever they will learn now, will do when grown up. Shiv says don’t take him. Teacher says we came to know about fights among you brothers and says Rajat has to come with him. Rajat refuses to go and hugs Shiv. Ganga says don’t take him, he is a small boy. Rajat says I don’t want to go. He is dragged by the teacher and Police. Ganga asks Shiv to do something and says Rajat is a small boy, do something. Shiv looks at Rajat as he is taking away.

Precap: Shiv folds his hands before the teacher and Police and asks them to leave Rajat. He says he will take up his responsibility. Ganga says even she will do. Shiv asks neighbors to give their guarantee.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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