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Excuse Me Madam 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam and Addu fool Amar again

Excuse Me Madam 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kranti is murmuring about the chain in her sleep. Sanam thinks what to do? Madam calls him and says I couldn’t sleep without hearing from you. I was feeling guilty so you can take the chain back tomorrow morning. Sanam says am I am dreaming? Madam says no, you can take it back tomorrow. Sanam says your respect has grown for me. Kranti murmurs Sanam’s name in the sleep. Sanam ends the call. Kranti hugs him.

In the morning, Amar is at her police station. An officer brings a witness and says I saw a thief taking the chain from a girl but the girl beat him too much. Amar says I won’t spare that thief.

Kranti gets ready and tells Sanam that we will celebrate Diwali. Amar comes there and says I have found the thief. She brings Addu there. Sanam gets tensed. Amar says I have a gift, we found a witness who saw that thief. That thief tried to steal from some woman but he got beaten. I have asked the team to make a sketch. I will use software to identify him. She leaves. Amar starts scanning the sketch on her laptop. They all look at it but the software turns the sketch into Amar’s photo. Sanam and Addu smirk. The flashback recalls how the officer brought the sketch of the thief. They saw that it’s Addu’s face with a fake beard. Sanam tells Addu that your wife won’t spare you. The officer says you are stealing chains now? Sanam says he was just helping me as a husband, just help us. Can you make another sketch? Please you are a husband too. The officer agrees and made Amar’s photo. The flashback ends. Amar says how did my photo come here? She leaves. Sanam tells Kranti that I have to go to the office for Diwali pooja. He leaves.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to the office and waits for madam. She comes there dressed in a desi dress. He is mesmerized to see her. Madam says you can close your mouth. Sanam says you look.. I won’t say anything. Madam says do you want the chain? He says yes. Madam gives him the chain but a thief comes there and snatches it from Sanam. He runs away before Sanam can stop him.

Madam tells Sanam that I will call the police. Sanam says leave it, I think this chain was not for me. Madam says let me call. She calls inspector Amar.

PRECAP – Sanam gets dressed as a woman and comes to meet Amar. Madam shows Kranti and Sanam’s wedding photo from the chain to Sanam.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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