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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Maharaj asks for donation from the villagers

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maharaj tells the Daasi to go and do her work. She nods and leaves. He tells the other guy to go to his place and clean it up. The guy obliges. The other Daasi it tensed thinking what Maharaj wants to accomplish.

Bela comes to meet her Nani. She is unconscious though. She asks Vaid ji about her Nani. Vaid ji assures her that he is doing her treatment. She will talk to you very soon. Bela cries. Hope Nani gets well somehow. Bhima assures her it will happen. She wont be happy knowing you are in pain. Let’s go home now. Mangesh shouts at the kids and reprimands Vaid ji for treating these people from lower community. Why are you trying to risk your job? Vaid ji pays no attention to him and continues his treatment. Mangesh tries to talk to him in a threatening tone. Vaid ji explains that a Vaid never differentiates between people based on the community. He treats people. Bhima seconds him. He requests Vaid ji to give medicine to Mangesh as well. He needs it too. Vaid ji goes inside to bring medicine for him. Mangesh says we will see you. Bhima says that’s what we have been doing since so many days. We see how you continue to threaten us and make our lives miserable and you are also watching us fight. What’s left to see now? Bala says they only need to know about Puranjan’s whereabouts now. Mangesh recalls what they had to done to Puranjan. He panics a little and shrugs. I have no idea about it. The kids head home. Mangesh thinks you know nothing about what’s in store for you.

Bala, Bhima and Anand convince Bela to play hide and seek with them. Bela starts counting while everyone else hides. Maharaj’s Daasi approaches her quietly from behind. She manages to put the milk of those special leaves in Bela’s hair and runs away. The kids call out to Bela just then. Catch us now! The Daasi heaves a sigh of relief.

Mangesh and his friends offer a necklace to Maharaj. He is more than happy to accept it. The society where God is treated with respect grows. I want you all to offer donations in any form to us. I wont stay here for long now. I want to pray for you all before anyone else so do your best. The villagers agree. Dhansukhlal agrees to deliver it to him tomorrow. Maharaj gives him Prasad. Everyone joins in. Maharaj is thinking about Bela all this time. he asks for a good amount of donation from one of the guys. He thinks it is best to leave this town once he is able to get hold of Bela. I will have a Daasi and the donations. Kulkarni says you gave them Prasad but you dint tell them how it will affect them. Mangesh screams at him but Maharaj tells him to stay calm. He puts Kulkarni in a bad light again. Kulkarni tells them to have this Prasad. Tell us about Puranjan’s whereabouts honestly. Souls never lie. What have you all done to him? All those who are guilty of hurting Mangesh look down. Maharaj advises them to close their eyes, have Prasad and listen to their hearts. Tell Kulkarni what you hear. They do as told. Kulkarni asks them to answer him correctly. Maharaj walks up to Kulkarni. They will hear their conscience now but they wont say anything. Their soul will tell them that you can stand here forever but they wont say anything! He laughs at Kukarni. Kulkarni walks away.

Bela is combing her hair at night. She recalls how her Nani used to comb her hair. She used to tell her that combing hair and solving the problems of your life requires patience. She starts crying. Bhima wipes her tears. Don’t cry. Ganga asks Bela why she has left her hair open. Meera says she might not know how to braid them. Bhima sits down to do it. Ganga says he has done it for all of us. Meera says he can also take out lice from hair. Bhima teases her by saying that not everyone has lice like her. They have a good time teasing each other. Bela winces in pain as Bhima combs her hair. He repeats the same thing that Bela’s Nani had told her. Ganga says he is no different than Nani. Everyone smiles.

Maharaj says there would be braids in Bela’s hair already. Repeat the process again so Bela can come with us tomorrow. The Daasi agrees. Maharaj advises her to go to her home tonight. She wont wash her hair tonight most probably. You should pour that milk in her hair once again. Her hair would be a mess by morning. She would need people to help her in the morning. We will do something to make sure people find out about her problem. They will bring her here then. we will get her married to our God and make her a Dev-Daasi.

Bhima is having difficulty combing Bela’s hair.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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