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Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 20

Hai friends I’m back with another episode. Thank you so much for your support. Please keep supporting.

Natasha is in her room.  Getting ready for the day. She sees Neil’s image in the mirror she is shocked and turns back but sees no one..

Natasha: Why am I seeing him… is he into me…am I in..no..no..it can’t be that…I can’t be in love again..

”Why are you running away from love…it’s a beautiful feel and not business that if one doesn’t love me back I will unlove them and run away…what I feel is the more you try to forget..the more you will remember the past..just consider it as a phase of life and not a failure and move on” words of Neil ring in her ears

Natasha: I should move on..but not like this..I can’t fall in love again…not so soon..not without knowing what’s going on in his life..he may have a girlfriend…I can’t get disappointed again…
Natasha throws the comb away and goes outside her room. The scene freezes.

Sonakshi is all dressed up and comes down for her rasoi rasam. She is surprised to see food ready on the dining table..that too non veg is there too

Sona: Kichu bhaiya what’s all this

Ishwari: What happened Sonakshi

Sona: Maa..Yeh..sab..non veg..

Ishwari: Arrey it’s your first day in this house we have to make it special nah

Sona: But Maa..you needn’t cook non veg for me…you don’t eat or like it nah

Ishwari comes to her and kisses her on her forehead

Ishwari: Sonakshi beta..I’m a mother the like of my kids is my like

Sona: But Maa I should cook today nah..rasoi rasam

RR: Sonakshi beta you will be tired from the wedding work and you must need rest…that’s why we cooked the food..

Ishwari: Sonakshi I have brought a daughter-in-law sorry daughter  not a cook. You can cook for our family whenever you feel like cooking and not under any compulsion called rasam.

Dev comes down the stairs.. he stands on the way in the middle of of the stairs gazing at Sonakshi. On one hand he is happy seeing the bond shared by Ishwari and Sonakshi on the other hand he is mesmerised at Sona’s beauty.
Vicky comes behind him and puts his arm around his shoulder

Vicky: Kya hogaya bhai..seems like someone has stolen Dev Dixit’s attention

Dev: Vicky..chup..

Vicky: Wow bhai you are getting shy

Dev stares at Vicky

Vicky: Bhabhi…

Dev closes his mouth with his hand. Vicky pulls his hand down and shouts again

Everyone turns towards them.

Vicky: Bhabhi please save me..please

Vicky runs to Sonakshi and stands behind her

Vicky: Bhaiya is beating me and it’s only you who can save me

Dev comes there.

Dev: Vicky..don’t create so much drama..I am not a monster to eat you up…I won’t do anything

Vicky: Nikki..Suna tumne

Nikki: Yeah yeah..hearing this for first time

Dev: Acha..so everyone is pulling my leg..I’ll take my revenge soon

Nikki too goes to Sonakshi

Nikki: It’s only bhabhi who can save us..please bhabhi

Dev: Arrey stop it yaar..

Ishwari: Bas..stop your games. Sona beta you just make a sweet for the rasam then we can have the breakfast

Sona gets inside the kitchen and starts to prepare a halwa

After sometime Sona brings a bowl of delicious smelling halwa. Everyone is at the dining table.

Sona serves it to everyone. Dev’s face lights up seeing the halwa

Ishwari: Arrey Waah Sona beta you have prepared Dev’s favourite sweet. Sona beta you too sit and eat

Ishwari points a chair near Dev and makes Sona sit there. Dev holds Sona’s hand under the table. The scene freezes.

Sometime later. Sonakshi is in the room taking rest. Dev comes there.
Dev: Sonakshi..tonight I have an important meeting so I won’t come.

Sona feels bad but doesn’t show it.

Dev: If you feel lonely I’ll ask Nikki to be here tonight

Sona: Dev..tomorrow we are going to Maa’s house

Dev: I guess I’ll be there by then..if not you go with driver I’ll join you there.

Dev grabs his bag and leaves. Sona sits on the bed disappointed. The episode freezes.


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