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Bigg Boss 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 46
Jasmin and Jaan break all of Rubina’s hearts. Abhi and Eijaz try to protect them. Rahul says they are my lions. Pavitra stops Jaan and holds him back. Eijaz goes and tears Rahul’s hearts. Abhi asks Jasmin to stop it, you have broken 3 already. Eijaz says Jasmin you will get hurt. Jasmin says I am done. Jasmin tells Rahul that I have broken 14 hearts. Abhi tears their sheets. Aly goes and attacks Rubina’s hearts. Abhi is able to protect only 2 hearts. Rahul asks Aly to tear the remaining two hearts. Rubina says it’s all destruction because of the king of black hearts. Rahul says we do destruction from the heart as well. Pavitra goes and hides one of Rubina’s heart under the treadmill. The round ends and Kavita asks Rahul to give her money.
Abhi tells Pavitra to not tell about your money. He gives his money to Pavitra.

8:30 PM
Aly tells Rahul that when the task started, I saw Eijaz taking money from your stack but I went and took Rubina’s money as well. I have hidden her money as well.

Bigg Boss asks Rubina and Rahul to score their round. Rubina asks Abhi to bring the hearts that they hid. Rahul says Rubina is scared now. Your regime is ending. Rubina says you can’t even say the right words. Rahul says yes you are the teacher. Rubina says you are making fun of me and then calling me a teacher, it’s enough. Don’t insult your teachers. Abhi asks Rahul to get lost, you are a dog. Rahul says this man came again rescue again, you are a clever woman Rubina. Rubina says I am tolerating you but don’t cross the line. Rahul says I am not scared of you. Rubina says you have no respect. Abhi says he is a gutter mouth. Rahul says husband and wife run behind each other. Abhi says I am standing alone here. Abhi says you are a gutter Pappu singer. Rahul says what are you? I am a singer but who are you? Nobody knows you. Abhi says everyone knows me. Rahul says Rubina is the only player who is playing with Bigg Boss. You guys are proving me powerful, both talking and trying to influence me. You should fight alone. He asks Rubina to talk alone with him, your cheap lawyer Abhi keeps interrupting. Abhi says you are a gutter. Rahul asks Abhi to stay silent, you are hopeless, you are nalla (useless).
Aly tells Jaan that Eijaz will not give his money to anyone but Jasmin and I will give you money. Rahul tells Abhi that you have an inferiority complex to your wife. Abhi says you go and send messages to girls. You keep making parathas and won’t eat your parathas Abhi, you are a ********. Aly asks Rahul to calm down. Rahul says they are making me angry. Rubina says the king is going crazy. Rahul says you are weak and Abhi is no man, you have no identity. Abhi says you are Bigg Boss’s assistant? Rahul says you have no importance here. You are a nalla man. Abhi says I don’t send messages to girls. Rahul says I am a guy so I will send messages to any girl I want. Abhi says you have no guts. Rahul says you can’t send messages to any girl because you are married, I am single so I can send message to anyone. Nikki asks Rahul to calm down. Rubina says shh.. let’s do the task. Rahul says she acts like a lecturer. Bigg Boss asks them about the round. Rubina says we have 5 hearts and they are clean and sorted. Rahul says I have 3 hearts. Rubina says you made these hearts after the buzzer played. Rahul says they are using the hearts from the last round. We have no decision mutually. Bigg Boss asks who wins this round? Rubina says we have 5 hearts. Rahul says I don’t accept their broken hearts. Jaan goes and destroys their hearts. Rahul says they have no hearts remaining. I still have 3 hearts. Bigg Boss says it’s clear from your words that there is no mutual decision so it means this round is a draw as well. Bigg Boss says today’s time of the task has ended. There will be no exchange of money now. Aly says there will be no robbery.

9 PM
Abhi asks Rubina to talk to Rahul, he will stoop to a lower level. Rubina says I will answer him when he talks to me. Abhi says he is a cheap man.
Aly tells Rahul that if you win then we will give money to Jaan so we have both the contenders. He says if Rubina wins then Jasmin or I will play against her in the captaincy task. I have given all money to Jasmin.

Abhi tells Rubina that you have to protect the remaining money. Pavitra has my money.

Jasmin tells Rahul that the words you are using will make you lose the respect you have earned. Rubina is controlling her words but you are not. You have passed personal comments. Rahul says talk to me later, Abhi went personal too.

Kavita tells Nikki that there will be no decision tomorrow also. Nikki tells Kavita that we have to find Rubina’s money.

Jasmin goes and hides money under her mattress.

Aly tells Eijaz that I have taken Rubina’s money and she doesn’t even know that. Eijaz laughs.

Rubina tells Pavitra that Rahul says weird words in the task. Abhi says he is ill-mannered. Rahul asks Abhi to become a man. Abhi asks him to grow up, you gutter mouth.

9:30 PM
Aly tells Jasmin that I have made my friends here. You and Jaan are my friends only, I will not make any other friends. I will prove that Jaan will be an ace card. I told him to not be scared and see what he did? He tore all of Rubina’s cards. I told him that I am standing with you. Jasmin says you can play here alone. Aly says no, you know if my heart is with someone then I leave everyone for that person, you have seen that.

9:45 PM
Jasmin tells Rahul that stay away from Kavita, she might slap you as she did with her words today. Kavita says why are you after my life? I am not talking to you. Jasmin says you have hurt my heart. Kavita says then talk to me, I am trying to ignore you but you keep passing comments. Jasmin says I can say anything I want. Kavita says I am not getting provoked, I am not giving you attention. Jasmin says you have hurt my heart so I will taunt you to calm myself. Kavita says you can keep taunting me so I can ignore you.

10 PM
Abhi talks to Jasmin. Jasmin says Kavita’s presence is irritating me. Abhi says Rahul is irritating me too but you have to control herself. You don’t know when she will go off on you. Jasmin says I will try to control myself. Abhi says you know what Kavita said to Eijaz will pinch him. You know Rahul has a bad mouth too so we have to allow how much to give them attention. I have talked to Kavita a lot but she doesn’t understand so I am done. Jasmin says I am hurt that I was concerned for her but she took it as some bad thing. I will calm down in a bit, thank you for your suggestion.

10:30 AM
Abhi tells Rubina that Eijaz has given money back to us. Rubina says I have not given any money to Nikki, just 1000 rs. Abhi says we have to get someone from their side. Rubina says they want to save Jasmin from the nominations. Abhi says we have to trust Pavitra as we don’t have an option. Rubina says what about Eijaz? Abhi says he has given the money back.

Aly tells Jaan to lie down on the heart tomorrow. I will not spare anyone tomorrow. Rahul says yes. Aly says you just protect one heart till the end.

Rubina tells Abhi that you saw the preferences today? Abhi says Aly takes us a threat. He takes me as a threat and he takes you as a threat for Jasmin. He has changed the game. He will convince Jasmin to go on Rahul’s side and keep her away from us. Rubina says Aly will influence their side easily. Jasmin will follow him easily.

11:15 PM
Nikki tells Rubina that I was not getting money from either side so I thought to do the destruction. Aly is planning to destroy all your hearts tomorrow. I will not play from either side, I will tear Rahul’s hearts also as I am not getting any money.

11:45 PM
Eijaz hugs Pavitra and says Aly will try to make Jasmin the captain. He tells her to keep a good equation with everyone. You should convince them why you should be the captain. The captain will be made by voting in the end. You go and tell them that Aly and Jasmin were the captains so you should be the captain. Pavitra says they will try to make Rahul the captain so I am not going to talk to them, to hell with it.

12:30 AM
Rahul tells Jasmin that we start trusting others in this house. I know Aly is your priority and you are his priority, I am not anyone’s priority. Aly says I promised you Rahul that I want you to be the captain, I am not keeping Jasmin on priority. Aly tells Rahul that I have a different relationship with Jasmin, I don’t even count her. In the game, you are my priority. We three can make a pact to save each other. Rahul says Jasmin keeps Abhi on the priority. Jasmin says I respect him, I am attached to him. I keep Abhi after Aly, he is my priority. I have an understanding with him and even if I don’t support him in the task, I know my relationship with Abhi won’t change, we have that understanding and it’s very strong.

Day 47
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song dil yeh ziddi hai. They all dance. Eijaz lies down in the grass and smiles.

Kavita tells Nikki to hide one heart that we can use till the end. Nikki says we have to be careful. Kavita says Aly can jump on you. Nikki says all got scared of Aly last night. Kavita says Rahul is just using us, we are clear about what we will do.

9:45 AM
Nikki goes and tears the blank hearts. Rubina says what are you doing? We will play the game in the afternoon. Pavitra says she is going crazy. Nikki says I can do what I want. Pavitra says this is some other plan. Jaan says she is going crazy.
Jasmin tells Rubina and Abhi that if Pavitra and Nikki fight then they will get so personal as they know each other from before.
Nikki tells Pavitra that I will do what my plan is. Pavita says your days are gone.

10:!5 AM
Aly tells Rahul that you thought Nikki is on your side? See what she did. Rahul says I can’t control her. I don’t know what she did. Jaan says she just wants attention. Aly says Kavita might have given her the idea. Eijaz says they are both frustrated.

11:15 AM
Rubina tells Abhi that we have 50K missing, someone stole our money even before the task started. Abhi says Pavitra has 13.5K, you have 55.5K so where is the remaining 31K?

Rubina talks to Eijaz and Pavitra. Rubina says I think someone stole our money before the task started. Eijaz says did you talk to Rahul’s team? Rubina says no. Eijaz says let me talk to them. Rubina says Rahul mentioned that someone stole my money.

Rahul tells Jaan that Eijaz took money from my team and Aly took money from Rubina’s side.

Jaan comes to Pavitra and says Rahul’s money was stolen. Pavitra says Rubina’s money is missing too. Jaan says I am sure Eijaz has stolen the money.

Rubina tells Nikki that my money was stolen. Nikki says what you will do now? Rubina says we will play the game.

Eijaz tells Aly that I have 20K of Rahul’s money. Aly says I have the same amount from Rubina’s money. Eijaz says let’s hide it.

12:30 PM
Abhi tells Rubina that we shouldn’t give money to Pavitra. Abhi says you can’t become the captain. Rubina says I can save Eijaz for the game. Abhi says he is not on our side.

Rahul tells Aly that they will ask who has more money in the end. Aly says I will give you Rubina’s stolen money. Jaan says we will make the perfect hearts, we will protect 2-3 of them till the end of the task.

2 PM
Rahul says I am waiting for my workers. He sits on his throne. Kavita asks Rahul to give her more money. Nikki asks Rahul to give her money today.

Aly asks Jasmin to give him money. She gives him all the money. He keeps it in the pocket.

Nikki asks Rahul if he will give her a deal? Rahul says I am not giving you any deal. You shouldn’t listen to anyone else. Kavita says give us more money. Nikki starts breaking the blank hearts. Rahul says the task hasn’t started. Nikki says I can break the hearts. I am not becoming a captain so it’s fine.

Eijaz tells Abhi to jump in the pool with their hearts.

Jaan asks Nikki to not tear the hearts, the task hasn’t started. Nikki says the buzzer has played so the task has started. Aly says she is like a mad cow, let her do her work then we will start.
The second buzzer plays, Rahul says Al and Jaan are going from my side. Rubina says Abhi and Pavitra are going from my side. They all go to the den to get the items. Rahul starts tearing the sheets. Rubina says Rahul can’t take part in the task as a king. He is going against the rules. Nikki snatches from Kavita and tears Rahul’s hearts.
Jasmin asks Rubina to give her money and I will make hearts for you. Rubina says you tore my hearts. Jasmin says I just want money, you give me money and I will tear Rahul’s hearts. I am not loyal to anyone. Rubina asks what did you get from Rahul? she says 10K. Rubina says I will give you 10K. Jasmin says don’t waste my time. Jasmin tries to tear her sheets. Rubina says take it. Eijaz and Pavitra make hearts for Rubina.
Rahul is hiding his hearts. Rubina says Rahul can’t take part in the task. Abhi attacks Rahul’s team and tears his heart. Aly pushes him away. He runs and tears Rubina’s hearts. He pushes Eijaz away. Pavitra protects the heart but Aly throws it in the pool. The end buzzer plays.

2 PM
Rubina says to Abhi that Aly is showing too much force. Abhi says I am using my mind.
Bigg Boss asks Rahul and Rubina to mutually take a decision. Rahul asks Rubina where is her heart? Rubina says my hearts were there after the buzzer played. Pavitra says they broke the hearts after the task ended. Jaan says we won’t listen to that. Nikki says no one hears what you say. Rahul says I have one heart so I should win this task. Rubina takes his heart and tears it, she says he doesn’t have any heart now. There was no rule being followed, Rahul says she is just going crazy. Rubina says I am following my path. Nikki, Pavitra and Eijaz go to Jaan. Jaan tries to break Rubina’s hearts but Eijaz says the task has ended. Bigg Boss asks Rubina and Rahul to tell their decision. Rubina says he doesn’t give a chance to make a decision. I can’t do a mutual decision with him, he says out of context things. Rahul says you are just crazy, you have lost your mind, body, peace. Rubina says don’t use too many words. Rahul says I know what I am doing. Rubina asks him to shut up. Rahul asks her to keep acting. Pavitra says just move ahead. You both won’t take a mutual decision.

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