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“Di Di wake up wake up” A girl said trying to wake her Di up

“Gauri please don’t let me sleep” Yes the girl is Gauri played by Shrenu Parikh who is trying to wake her Di up

“Tanu Di wake up na I don’t wanna go late at my first day of college” Gauri said trying to wake Tanu up who is played by Kratika Sengar

“Fine Mummas tail I woke up now stop eating my head and go” Tanu said waking up making Gauri grin and go from there

“Tanu you woke up good eat this your favourite pizza” Tanu and Gauri’s mother said who is played by Divyanka Tripathi

“Mom you are the best always fullfill all my wishes can you fullfill my one more wish by getting her married” Tanu said hugging her Mom while her Mom showed her eyes as Gauri made a cute angry pout

“By the way when the topic has come only about marriage then Tanu when will you get married” Mom asked while Tanu glared at her “No I am just asking if you have a boyfriend get married to him orelse I will find someone”

“You know Mom no one can win from you and about marriage you see it because I am not in mood to leave you” Tanu said kissing her Mom and going away with Gauri to drop her to college

“Means I should start to look for my future son-in-law” Her Mom shouted while she gave a thumbs up moving away


“Go sissy go and enjoy your Day with your boyfriend” Tanu said teasing Gauri

“Di you promised to not to say that loud” Gauri said stomping her foot like a child

“No I promised was not to reveal it infront of Mom until you have a secured job” Tanu said slapping her head making her remind her words

“Good morning Di good morning my love” A boy said coming infront of them making Gauri blush

“Good morning my sister’s boyfriend Omkara” Yes he is Omakara played by Kunal Jai Singh

“Would my Girlfriend’s Di allow me to take her inside the college” Om said replying Tanu in same tone

“Of course my blessings are with you” Tanu said raising her hand and blessing them

“You two I won’t talk to you two” Gauri said going away having enough from their teasing

“Bye Di” Om said before running behind Gauri while Tanu shouted enjoy going away

However when she turned she bumped to a boy and fell down “Aaao sorry”

“Don’t you have eyes to walk looking at the road or what” The boy shouted at Tanu without looking at him

“Excuse me first of all it was you who bumped into me and now you are blaming me only like how can you be such a brat grow up” Tanu shouted at him back while the boy who finally looked at her got lost in her beauty “Hello I am talking to you”

“Huh” The boy said still in trance or to say lost in the world of love

“Forget it” Tanu said moving away in disbelief

“Hey wait what is your name damnit how can I be such a fool for not asking her name” The boy said going away frustrated


“Gauri Gauri stop please I am really really sorry” Om said back hugging Gauri as soon as he caught her

“Are you really sorry” Gauri said looking at him curiously

“100 percent see I brought chocolates for you also” Om said taking out the chocolates

“Really aww you are so sweet” Gauri said kissing his cheeks taking the chocolates and going away eating while Om kept his hand on her shoulder showing everyone that she belongs to him


“Tanu my baby you finally came and guess what” Her Mom said hugging her as soon as she entered

“What you got a lottery” Tanu said looking at her mother thinking a bit

“No more than that” Her Mom cupped her face “I found a groom for you so now go and get ready they might come in anytime”

“But usually people come in noon or so and it’s still morning come on Mom stop cracking jokes” Tanu said giving a justification to her Mom

“I am not buying your any excuse just go and get ready” Mom said pushing Tanu inside her room “Tanu dear come they have come”

“Coming Mom” Tanu said coming down a simple yet elegant salwar kameez with few bangles and applying minimal makeup looking at her no everyone would fall her beauty and simplicity and that’s what happened with the groom and his parents

“Tanu this is Rishi and Rishi this is Tanu” Tanu’s Mom said introducing both of them making them look at each other

“You” That’s what both of them said looking at each other

“I think you both should go and talk go” Tanu’s Mom said pushing them away while the grooms parents nodded in agreement


“Ahem” The boy cleared his throat awkwardly “Hi I am Rishi singh bedi and I am sorry for the morning incident”

“That’s fine and I am Tanu” Tanu said shaking her hand with him

“So as you know this marriage is gonna happen anyhow so let’s start from being friends then it would be easier for us to maintain the relationship” Rishi said to Tanu while she agreed

Then after going down both gave their answer to their parents positively making both of the family happy later they even got to know that Om is brother of Rishi which made Tanu more than happy just at the thought of never leaving her sisters side and about TanShi then till now they have grown a beautiful bond which had everything specially love though they never confessed it but always expressed it even after marriage because they trusted each other moreover it is said right action speaks louder than words later after Om and Gauri got job after graduation even they got married and all lived happily ever after TanShi with their two children Tara and Anant while Om and Gauri with Kartik and Parth

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