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Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 5

One week passed. In this one week, Raglak get bit more closer, Laksh’s love was increasing by each passing second, but for Ragini it was freindship, because she never even considered their marriage proposal and this one month is a clear escape for her from her mother’s lecture on marriage.

Younger Maheswaris decided to visit GM on Monday evening, a casual visit.

Everyone is GM other than Ragini was excited.  Ragini was amazed by this.

Rag: Bhabhi why are you guys this muche excited, they are coming for a casual visit only.

Dur: But they are coming for the first time.

Rag: Well, for everyone there would be a first time right, what is the big deal in it.

Durga held her head.

Dur: They are not someone, they are Maheswaris, your future in laws.

Rag: No,

Dur: huh??

Rag:  I mean how, how can you be sure, I mean me and Laksh are not committed. And we did ask for time.

Durga smiled naughtily at her, giving a look “you won’t understand, but I know the future of your relation”.

Ragini was confused, but helped Durga in cooking. They heard the calling bell. Janki opened the door.

Jan : Ragini, Durga they are here.

Ragini and Durga come in and meet the Maheswaris.

Uth : Hi di.

Rag : Hi Uthara.

Uth : Fancy giving us a tour in and around the house?

Dur : Sure, come along.

They roam inside house and goes out. Uthara sees the guava tree.

Uth : Wow, guavas!!!

Rag : Do you like guava Uthara?

Uth : Yeah di, I just love them.

Rag : Ok then,

Saying that she started to climb up the tree.

Lak : What the hell are you doing Ragini?

Rag : I am digging a pit, to bury you. What say??
She laughs, he fumes.

Lak : You will fall down, you monkey.

Rag : Monkeys don’t fall from trees, you kadoos.

Uth : (laughing)Di, what did you call Bhai?

Lak: (angrily) I told you not to call me that Ragini.

Rag : Then stop acting like one.

Lak : First you stop behaving like a five year old kid.

Rag : (frowning) You just wait until I come down.

Lak : Dev, your sister is absolutely mental.

Others laugh seeing Laksh. Ragini climbs down after a while with a bunch of guavas. She hand them over to Uthara. Uthara hugs her and they smile.

Laksh sees few twigs on Ragini’s head. He drags her and starts patting her head.

Rag : What are doing?

Lak : Trying to make a look like a human!!

Rag: What???

Lak : Just look at you, you look like a joker.

All laughs expect Ragini.

Rag : (frowning) That’s my problem, you don’t have to bother about it.

Lak : Your problem? It’s our problem Madam; we are the ones seeing you like this and not you. Now keep quiet and stay still.

Rag : I won’t. (Turning to other Maheswari s) You guys deserve the Nobel Prize for peace!! How did manage him till now??

Lak : Oh really!!

Rag : Yeah, you are so bossy and kadoos.

Lak: And you are a true kid, bacha.

Rag: What if I am a kid, I am not your  bacha na, so chill.

Lak: (murmurs) Who said you are not my bacha, you are my bacha😊
(Only his😍)

Rag: Did you say something?

Lak: Did you hear something?

Rag: No, anyway I don’t have time to waste with you. I am leaving.

She dragged the rest with her, but Dev stayed back with Laksh.

Lak : What is her problem? Why was she that angry??

Dev : She don’t like anyone bossing her or anyone interfering in her chores. She is most irritated by that. And you were…

Lak : I don’t want to interfere bhai, but just look at her, she is doing only foolish stuff!!

Dev : She is like that and she won’t change. Leave that, let’s go inside.

Ragini avoided Laksh throughout, she really hate it when someone boss her around and then she looses her control, Laksh, who by now know this, kept quite and didn’t try to speak with her until they left. But both Raglak were friendly with others and mingled too well with the families.

Everyone in both the families are happy. They really like Raglak and now they by any chance want to get them married.

Ragini was affected by her family’s happiness. She knew that if she say no to Laksh, they won’t oppose her, but know that they all want her to marry him. But should she do it for her family??  But then, she doesn’t want to get married. She is confused.

Laksh was now more determined, he wanted this proposal to work.

At night  Laksh calls Ragini.

Lak : Hello.

Rag : Hello.

Lak : Are you still angry with me?

Rag : No, are you angry?

Lak : Why should I be?

Rag : I was bit rude earlier. I am sorry.

Lak : Don’t be. Your Bhai told me you why you behaved so.

Rag : Yeah, still….

Lak: Leave it.

There was a silence.

Rag : (laughing) You know Laksh, mostly you will make your wife mad!!

Laksh felt bad, even though he knew it, he wanted her to give them a chance and he is upset that she isn’t. He took a long breath.

Lak: Ragini, I want to ask something to you ?

Rag: Then shoot, why are you being formal?

Lak: Alright, you told me that I don’t want to ger married, may I know why??

Rag: Well, I,  I hate sharing my life with someone. You may feel that I am silly and immature, may be you are right, but I don’t want anyone to interfere my life, well you say a live of that in the evening.

He chuckles.

Lak: So you won’t marry ever??

She was silent for a while.

Rag: I, I don’t know, I wish I could, but Ma, you see she has lots of dreams about my marriage, Papa too, and that…. You see Papa never compells me, but I don’t want to go against their, I don’t know, I am so confused.

Lak: Well, you see both our families want to us as a couple… I know that haven’t thought about it, so, can’t we I mean, can’t we just try to work it out. No pressure at all, just that we will give it a try for this month, and then we can decide…. What say??

Rag: I too feel it, that our families are very much interested, well but, I never thought of marriage, so, but I think you are right, I, I don’t know, let us see how it comes, but I am sure by the end of this month, you will run away.

They laugh.

Lak: let us see, hmm…well,  tomorrow is leave right, what’s your plan for tomorrow? Are you going to kids?

Rag :I am not going to kids, they have some function at school, I didn’t decide anything for tomorrow.

Lak : Ok then, I want to take you somewhere.

Rag : Where?

Lak : That’s surprise. Be ready, I will pick you in the morning.

Rag : Yeah, sure, see you tomorrow, good night.

Lak : Good night.
He cuts the call.

Lak: I am sorry that I hide the fact that I love you, I really love you and I wish you give us a genuine chance. I promise you, if you didn’t find a partner me, I will never ever disturb you.

  1. He smiles and sleeps.

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