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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Narad muni goes to raja himavan’s palace.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with everyone dancing as gods enjoy, mahadev says stop, calm down everyone. Everyone stop and indra dev says what happened mahadev? Nandi says yes mahadev, but what happened?
Mahadev says there is a problem. Lord Vishnu says yes, mahadev and parvati have to be married but if raja himavan does kanyadaan of parvati then he and devi maina will attain salvation instantly at the moment and they will get their place in swarg lok, but if that happens then the Himalaya mountains from this world will disappear and the rishi’s and sages wont have any ground to meditate and do their yagya’s. everyone is worried and shocked. mahadev says because of my marriage to parvati the Himalaya will disappear and if that happens then we will have taken the holy meditation place from rishi’s

over the world, I cannot let that happen.
Nandi says but prabhu, there has to be a solution to this. What will we do? Lord Vishnu says it is indeed a problem but raja himavan is parvati’s father, but don’t worry everyone. Lord Vishnu says let the arrangements be ready, I know the right person who can do kanyadaan, you take the baraat to raja himavan’s palace.
Narad muni goes to raja himavan and devi maina’s palace, raja himavan welcomes narad muni and says we are grateful devrishi that you have stepped in our home. narad muni says maharaj, everyone is assisting mahadev in Kailash and are from the side of groom, so I thought I should come here and help you and devi maina from the bride side. Raja himavan says thank you devrishi. Devi maina says devrishi narad, you would want to meet parvati, she is ready for the baraat and the groom. Narad muni and devrishi go with raja himavan and parvati comes out ready as a beautiful bride. Devi maina has tears and she hugs parvati. Narad muni then gives a gift, a necklace made of precious gold. Devi maina gives it to parvati and says see daughter, my son in law mahadev has gifted you this, it looks so divya and precious, he cares about you from now so I am thinking how loving he will be with you after marriage. Narad muni says actually devi maina, this gift has not been given by mahadev, it has been given by prabhu Vishnu and devi laxmi. Devi maina thinks mahadev is marrying parvati, he should have given a gift to my daughter as she meditated for years. Devi maina goes. Narad muni goes with her and says I understand your worry for devi parvati. Devi maina says devrishi, you have the greatest happiness of getting mahadev’s darshan anytime you want, but tell me how does mahadev look? I just know he is so divya but I want to see him. narad muni closes his eyes and says he is the most divine entity I have ever seen, his hair is divya by even the moon and no one is more divya and holier than mahadev! Mahadev is more than anything anyone could ever imagine, he is para brahma prabhu! Devi maina says I am eager to see mahadev. A servant comes and says the baraat has come.
Devi maina, raja himavan, narad muni and everyone else stand at the palace entrance to welcome the baraat. Hundreds of gan come playing dhol and dancing and throwing colors in the air, elephants trumpet as they spray flowers on everyone. All gods come. Devi maina is searching for mahadev. Narad muni says devi I think you are very eager to find mahadev. Devi maina says yes devrishi, please tell me who he is? Narad muni says you guess. Devi maina sees gandharva prince and says he looks so divya and beautiful, he must be mahadev. Narad says no he is gandharva prince. Devi maina then sees Chandra dev and says he has the moon on his crown, he must be mahadev. Narad says no he is Chandra dev. Devi maina sees indra dev and says with such confidence he walks, he is mahadev for sure. Narad says no devi, he is the king of gods, indra dev!

Precap: devi maina sees mahadev who plays his damru and gets down from nandi covered in bhasma. Devi maina sees him and is shocked, she faints.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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