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Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev reveal’s his disguise.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati saying lets go from here friends, I don’t want to see this man’s face. Mahadev says wait. The friends say don’t you understand once? We told you to go. As parvati is going mahadev stands behind her. Mahadev says parvati. Parvati stops and she feels as if mahadev is standing behind her, parvati looks at mahadev and smiles. Mahadev smiles and says parvati, I have tested for so many years and you have passed those tests even after so many hurdles came across you, you meditated for me for years and you have passed your meditation, now I stand before you as I am all yours. Parvati smiles. Mahadev says parvati, I bring you the invitation for marriage. Parvati then says forgive me mahadev but I cannot marry you now. mahadev says why? for years you meditated so

that you could marry me, now I stand before you but why do you deny marrying me? parvati says mahadev, I am the form of adishakti but I have taken birth as parvati, and I am the daughter of raja himavan and devi maina, until my parents say yes I cannot marry anyone. Mahadev says parvati I am mahadev, this universe lives within me then why do I need the permission to marry you? parvati says mahadev, I am a daughter and for a daughter her first responsibility in life is to obey her parents. Mahadev says okay parvati. Parvati goes with her friends.
Mahadev goes to Kailash. All gods and tridev and tridevi come. Lord Vishnu says mahadev, soon you will get married to parvati and she is right, an invitation for marriage has to be taken to raja himavan’s palace. Mahadev says should I go? lord Vishnu says no mahadev, the way I came with devi laxmi for my sister parvati’s marriage to you, the same way someone has to go to raja himavan’s palace by taking your marriage invitation to parvati. Indra dev says who will go shree hari Narayana?
Lord Vishnu says yes, the sapt rishi, Rishi vashisht and his wife. brahma dev says yes, they will go taking your invitation to raja himavan and devi maina, rishi vashisht appears with his wife and says mahadev, I shall go with the invitation.
In raja himavan’s palace, rishi vashist and his wife come. Raja himavan and devi maina welcome them. Rishi sits and says maharaj, we have come to you with the proposal of mahadev’s marriage with parvati. Raja himavan is very happy and he says rishi I am so happy, I and my wife devi maina will be so happy for this marriage of our daughter with mahadev. Devi maina seems sad and she goes.
Rishi vashisht comes to Kailash and says I took the invitation and raja himavan was very happy but devi maina seemed sad.
There devi maina says to raja himavana, swami for so many years our daughter had gone for meditation and I had to stay away from her, now she has come back and soon her marriage has been decided, she will go away from us, when do we spend time with our daughter? Raja himavan says devi maina, parvati is our daughter but she also has a greater purpose, we are very grateful for mata adishakti to take birth in our house and now she has to go because she will be married to mahadev, but our daughter will never go far from our hearts, she will always be with us maina. Devi maina says yes swami.

Precap: the marriage preparations of parvati and mahadev start. In Kailash, nandi and all gan dance and singing programs. Parvati waits to get married to mahadev. Tarkasura says now I will do what I have to.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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