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RadhaKrishn 17th November 2018 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 17th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The villagers are seen sitting together for the maha bhoj. Krishn and Balram are sitting there along with their fathers..while the women folk are seen serving the food.

Kirtida asks Radha to sit for meal but Radha feels disturbed and has no appetite. She refuses meal. Krishn overhears her n is unable to have anything when his Radha refuses to eat. He pretends to have stomach ache. Yashoda is worried for her son. Radha notices Krishn n is sure this was his fake acting. Radha decides to teach Krishn a lesson and suggests Yashoda give Krish neem ka kadha to cure him of stomach ailments. Yashoda prepares neem ka kadha by crushing Neem leaves… Krishn is reluctant to have the bitter liquid..but Yashoda forces him.. Radha then goes n joins the others n begins to enjoy the meal. Krish feels

how could Radha enjoy tasty meal after making him have bitter!!

As Krishn swallows bitter liquid Radha finds the meal bitter. She throws it n complains Vrishbhan sitting next to her tastes from her thaali n finds the meal very tasty n not bitter at all. Radha feels this could be Krishn’s magic on her again she looks at Krishn who playfully makes signs as if he is casting spell on her.

Radha walks out of the bhoj and wishes to enjoy some fresh air. Just as she sits in the charming vrindavan woods, Krish joins her. He advises her to get over her fears as it will hamper her life in many ways. He asks her to fight it n not let Fear overwhelm her. Radha blames krishn that he was responsible for all her fears..before he arrived she had no fears in her life.

Krishn says saddened that fears were overwhelming Radha badly but the time had come for Radha to get over them.

Radha overhears this n wonders what Krishn meant.

In Yamuna injured Kaaliya reaches his place under the waters where the naag patnies/wives are worried to see their swami in pain with injured tail. Kaalia fumes as he tells them how an ordinary human boy injured him. The naag patni asks if the boy had peacock feather on his head n kaaliya affirms that. The naag patni says that was no ordinary boy because she had witnessed him creating an enchantingly beautiful place where one stood lifeless deserts. Kaaliay refuses to believe that. And as mark of revenge against the humans he spouts poison into Yamuna and poisons the waters.

Krishn walks to the yamuna bank and feels it was time for ending the Kaaliya menace.

Krishn Vaani

Krishn every work needed to be done like we prepare kheer. We should add rice and milk into our relationships in the form of purity , honesty and love… and heat them on fire in the form of toiling hard with feelings.. This is what leads men to happiness in life..just like a tasty kheer.
Krishn asks Men to work hard to reach their goals of happiness.

Precap: Krishn is seen dancing on the giant hood of Kaaliya while Radha watches in amazement.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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