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RadhaKrishn 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update

RadhaKrishn 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha gets scared of the giant snake that emerges from yamuna as she is standing on the bank with Ayan.

Ayan n radha decide to alert the villagers about the dangerous serpent in the River.

On the way RaYan meet KriBal and she informs them.

Radha then informs the gokul villagers n Barsana villagers to remain clear from the Yamuna as she had seen a giant hundred headed serpent in it. All villagers get very scared to remain. Krishn is angry that kaaliya had not left the waters of Yamuna despite his asking him the same..and to top ot he had the audacity to scare HIS RADHA !! He decides to teach him a lesson. Kri Bal stroll to wards the yamuna and call out for Kaaliya but the Giant hawk Garuda is hovering over the yamuna and kaaliya refuses to come out.

Garuda pays his respects

to Narayan. Krishn acknowledges with a nod. Balram then asks his the story of Garuda n Kaaliya

Krishn narrates how Kaaliya and Garuda n Naag serpents were enemies since beginning of time. How Kaaliya earned the wrath of Garuda by stealing his meals that the naag serpents offered to him. Thus began their enmity. However due to a shrap/curse by muni Garuda can not enter Yamuna waters..thats why Kaaliya is hiding here.

Krishn enters the waters n stamps on Kaliya’s tail. The villagers look for krinsh n Balram..they are shocked to find them standing in the waters of Yamuna. Yashoda is in tears n pleads Krishn to come out n not make his mother cry. KriBal tells villagers n yashoda that there was no serpent here , radha got misunderstanding.

Balram even drinks the waters to prove it was not poisonous..yamuna was as pure as ever. Krishn has no option but to let Kaaliya go n warns him that he will be dealt with seriously if he returned. Krishn n Balram pretend that there was no snake n come out. they assure Vrindavan was a safe place to live.

Nand n Vrishbhan are happy to hear that. Radha thinks that the huge serpent was one of Krishn’s magical creations just like he created Vrindavan. He dis this to scare her !!

Krishn Confronts Kaaliya.

Krishn vaani

From birth to death man has to struggle in various ways to live… For food, for shelter. Man has to try and make effort. And then succeed. We should never give up. Sometimes we may not succeed. But we should not give up. She should never accept defeat.

Precap: Radha says she started getting fear ever since krishn came into her life. So now she will stay away from him. Kriah tells Kaaliya that he refused to leave despite warnings. So now he will face Krishn’s wrath.krish. Moves towards Yamuna.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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