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Naagin Season 3 18th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bela warns Rinki

Naagin Season 3 18th November 2018 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Bela telling Vyom and his family that she killed Kesha because he cheated on them, even though they and vultures decided not to harm each other he made her do that. She also tells that she sensed something bad and went to haveli to meet Juhi. She sees Juhi unconscious there and scolds Kesha. They get into their real forms and attack each other. They have a confrontation. Bela kills him. She goes to Juhi and asks her to speak. She realizes that she is dead and cries. FB ends.

Vyom and his mother tell Bela that she didn’t do right by killing Kesha, he needed blood and attacked her sister for it. They get into their real avatars respectively. They fight and Vyom’s family get back into their human forms.

Vyom shows Bela the vultures flying in sky for prey. They stop their fight. Next morning, Sumitra is preparing for the puja. Andy comes to her and asks how his performance was in the last night. They have their nok jok when Vyom’s family comes in. They greet each other happy Diwali. Everyone arrives one by one.

Kuhu complains about the sounds that came from Yuvi’s room. Mahir and Bela have their conversation. Vyom teases Yuvi and Bela for their incomplete marriage. Then Aarti session starts. Couples do the aarti for Diwali. Vyom looks at Vish weirdly. The same night, guests walk in to Sehgal house for the party. Vish welcomes Vyom’s family and taunts them. Andy asks if there is any music going to be played. Vish says of course. They play the music and everyone dances on Ishq Shava…. Bela and Vish talk about teaching a lesson to the vulture family. Yuvi says there is a surprise awaiting and counts down. Dhol gets played by a band. Vyom, Amrita, Rinki and Amit get disturbed and close their ears. Bela, Vish and Yuvi look on.

After sometime, Sehgal family decides to play some game. Vish asks Andy to be in her team as it wins always. He agrees. Bela and Mahir have their usual nok jhok. Vyom and his family aren’t interested in playing and leave. They get annoyed by the loud sounds. Bela tells Mahir that there is a surprise for him and takes him out. She lits a cracker which annoys the vulture family further. They get irritated and get inside. Sehgal family gathers to celebrate. Vyom’s family realizes that Vyom is missing and go to search him. They find him and take him to their room. His eyes pain.

Whole family comes there to visit. Vish asks ears should pain, but why his eyes are? Amrita asks her to stop joking on them. Sumitra defends Vish and comforts Amrita. Mahir asks what had happened exactly? They give some reasons. He says I will get him treated by special doctors. Amrita says no, we have consulted many doctors but in vain. Vyom says I must have got blind by this. All look on. Later Bela is on terrace, thinking. Vikrant comes there. She asks him if Vyom’s eyes have been affected. He says they are vultures who take human’s eyes and will protect their own eyes. They discuss that they must be doing drama for sympathy.

Bela goes to her room and sees Mahir sleeping. She also sees Rinki sleeping next to him and questions her not to harm him. Rinki looks on. Bela says he slept because he is tired because of you all. Rinki says no, it’s because of you we came. They get into snake and vulture’s forms respectively. Mahir gets up hearing the sounds. Bela gets into her human form. Vulture leaves. Bela comforts Mahir. Vish and Vikrant argue in their room. Vish asks him if he went to meet Bela. He replies angrily.

Bela and Mahir romance while Kya Hua… plays. He comes to closer to her but she stops him. Bela hugs him so does he. They have their happy sleep. Vish and Vikrant are sleeping in their room. Vikrant goes to Rinki’s room. They discuss about their motives. She says you are an Ichchadhari Naag and living as Yuvi here, we vultured have connection between the prey and killer. He says yes, they have and smiles. Vyom sees them together and gets angry.

Precap: Vyom and Vikrant fight. Mahir warns Yuvi to stay away from Rinki. Vyom targets the Naaglok. Bela tells Vikrant that vultures are powerful and he cannot fight alone.

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