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Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 12) BY ZAIMAL

“swara!..”sanskar called her softly.swara opens her eyes and after realizing what she was doing,she pulled herself back quickly and wipes her tears.sanskar takes deep breath.

“why did you scream on phone?..’he asked in deep voice.

“house became dark all of sudden…my house is hunted”swara said in scared voice.sanskar looks at her house then all around.All houses were dark,including street light.

“all houses in your neighborhood are dark…maybe transformer got burnt or something else,go inside and sleep”sanskar said in plain voice and turned to leave.

“please don’t leave me alone…i can’t sleep with this fear,i will die till morning”swara said and quickly holds his hand with her both hands.sanskar looks at her hands then at her face.her face had turned pale because of fear.

“sit inside the car…”he ordered her,freed her hand,goes and sit behind wheel himself.swara silently goes and sits inside car.he starts the car and drove off.

“where are we going?…”swara asked after 10 minutes but sanskar didn’t bother to give her answer.swara shut her mouth completely after this.he stopped car after 20 minutes.swara looks at him confusingly.

“get out..’he ordered her.swara’s eyes got widened,she had no idea where they was and she was not able to see anyone.

“but sir where…”she tried to say something but sanskar cut her.

‘i said out…”sanskar said in authoritative tone.swara gets nervous,she opens door,comes out and closes the door of car.sanskar turns car and left.swara looked at his car with worried face, until it didn’t get vanished from her sight.

“left me here…”swara said in disbelief and looked around worriedly.she starts walking slowly,thinking continuously and suddenly she stopped looking at one house.

“this house looks resembling…”she muttered to herself,goes and ringed the bell.after sometime someone opens the door.swara gets happy and hugs her tightly.

“kavi!!!…thank God,you live here”

“swara! what are you doing here?”kavita asked confusingly.

“will not ask me to come in?…”swara asked,smiling fully and breaks hug.

“off course,come…”kaviota beats her own forehead and takes swara inside.

“do you have a room free…”swara asked when kavita was closing the door.

“yes why?”



Swara pressed button of coffee and started waiting.

“swara! yesterday you slept at kavi’s house…what next?”swara thought frustratingly.she takes out mobile from her purse.

“mama!..’swara cried loudly.

“swara! shona(dear) what happened?…why are you crying?”shomi said worriedly,hearing her voice.

“the house which sharma uncle gave na…that is hunted,what should i do now? i will not go in that house again.”swara cried like a kid,looks at coffee machine and keeps cup under it.

“ghost and spirits are not real…they are just stories,don’t be scared”shomi said with smile.

“no mama! you don’t know,yesterday so much happened,and one third community of the world believes that spirits are real,i don’t know anything,i will not go there…talk with dad na,….why should i stay far from my family”

“i also misses you a lot swara but what can i do?…this is our family rule,after two years of graduation,every family have to proof himself then he can join family business….your grandfather did this,your father also lived away from his family for three years then after becoming MD of the company he returned and took over the company…you are our only daughter and hire… have to follow it.”shomi said helplessly.she was also very sad after sending her only daughter far away.even after living in same city she was not allowed to meet her.

“this is stupid….okay at least talk with dad about the house.”swara said,making bad bad faces.

‘okay i will talk,don’t worry…”

“love you..”swara said sadly.

“love you too….”


shomi gets up,ordered the maid to tell driver to start car and goes to change clothes.after 30 minutes she was in huge office of her husband.

“shekhar! today swara called,the house in which she is living is hunted.”shomi said worriedly.shekhar looked at her and chuckled.

“from when you started believing in this stupid things?…’

“don’t laugh,its about our daughter and one third community of the world believes in all these things…what if something happened to her,what will we do without her?”

“let me end your worry…”he said and picks up phone and ordered his secretory to send someone.

“mr.sharma the house you arranged for our daughter,there are rumors that that house is hunted…”

“No sir there is nothing like that,in fact me and my family lived there for a year,therefore i arranged that house.its completely safe.”

“i believe you…you can go now.”shekhar said and looked at shomi.

“you think i am ignorant from her side…i know where is she,where she works…she is perfectly fine.”

“but she was worried…”shomi said worriedly.

“don’t you know her…she is so innocent,whoever say something to her,she believes it”

“its all our never let her do anything at office,i never let her do anything at home….i am so worried how will be she handling everything all to herself..”

“Don’t worry she will be fine.”shekhar said keeping hand on her’s.
“God! Such a irresponsible woman….who takes so much time to bring a coffee.”sanskar said in irritated voice while walking toward cafe. Swara was still in cafeteria,blabbering continuously.she had kept cup under coffee machine and was thinking about house.
“Ssss!…”swara hissed in pain when hot coffee fell on her fingers because cup got filled.
“What the?…..are you mad”sanskar said angrily and holds her hand.
“Mama!…my hand”swara said,feeling burning pain and tried to pull her hand to see it.sanskar holds her hand tightly and looks at her face.
“Sir its paining…do something”swaea said with tear filled voice.
“I know..its paining”sanskar said angrily and takes her to water tap and opens it and start throwing water on her burnt fingers.
“Sir!..”swara keeps hand on his hand.sanskar looks at her pale face
“If can’t bear such a little pain then should have been careful…stupid woman”sanskar said through greeted teeth.
“you just know to scold me…leave me,no need your help.i will do something myself.”swara said poutingly and pulls her hand.
“Do you know any thing else then doing stupid things, hurting herself and making me mad  …careless woman,”he said angrily and holds her hand again.swara opens her mouth to say something.
“Shut up…not a word.”sanskar glares at her.swara shuts her mouth,seeing him angry.
“Come with me…”sanskar said and takes her with him.he ordered her to sit on sofa and sit in front of her and start applying ointment on her fingers.
“Its burning…don’t even know how to apply ointment and says to me that i don’t do work….”swara glares at him and snatched oimtment and apply it while blowing on her burnt fingers continuously.sanskar muttered some curses and takes out pain killer and jeeps ut in front if her with water glass.
“No need ot it…these are small burns.”swara said whike making faces.
“Take it and get back to work…i don’t want to listen excuses  that ‘my hand was burning therefore i didn’t  complete my work”sanskar said getting back to his shell.swara stares at his poker face.
“Sir you are very mean….you just care about your work that it should be completed on time…”swara burst out in anger and gets up to live but sanskar holds her hand and gets up.swara looks at him angrily and tried to free her hand.
“Take medicine then leave”sanskar said calmly.
“Don’t worry sir…i will complete  work on time.”swara said in plain voice.sanskar shakes his hand,picks up medicine and keeps it on her hand.
“Take it…you hand will keep on burning for two to three hours.”
“Who takes medicine for burnt hand and why do you care…”
“I don’t care a single percent..JUST TAKE MEDICINE AND LEAVE”sanskar said through gritted teeth.
“she is testing my patience..can’t she just take medicine without arguing”sanskar thought frustratingly.
“He is so confusing.”swara thought angrily and start strugling to free her hand.sansakr pulls her close to him in such a way that she
Strikes with his chest.she gets shocked and looked at him with wide eyes.her anger flew away in second.
“I said take it…”sanskar said whike fuming in anger.
“I can’t…i am keeping fast.”swara said in low voice,worried because of her fast beating heart.he was holding her both wrists in his hand.
“FAST???…AGAIN”sanskar thought while staring at her with his red eyes.
“Can i go now…”she said nervously with his heated stare.
“Have you lost your mind?…you are so weak already”sanskar said and pulls her so close that there was half inch distance between their faces.
“I…i was so scared from you yesterday therefore i asked for help and you didn’t say anything…so fast”swara said stammering continuasly.
“Stupud woman!!!…”sanskar muttered, stepped back and turns to other side.swara gulps hard and looks at his back,waits for him to say something but as usual nothing.
“So confusing…”swara thought,sighed heavily and leaves.sanskar cursed heavily,went on his chair but looked toward swara’s cabin.she was sitting on chair,speaking to herself frustratingly.
“Stay away from her sanskar…she is mad herself and she will make you mad also”sanskar said to himself firmly and opens laptop.
On other side swara was also very frustrated.
“He is psychopath swara…stay away from him otherwise you will reach mental hospital”swara said angrily and opens file.


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