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His Lust Or Love Season 2 (Prologue) INTRODUCTION OF CHARACTERS

Assalam O Alaikum Beautiful People
How Are You All?
so I’m back guys that too with season 2 of HLOL

Sanskar: He’s Rude And Heartless Person Who Think Money Can Buy Anything And For Him His Needs R All That Matters (Why He’s Like This U Know It Later)

Swara:She’s Cute, Lovely, Intelligent In Short Beauty With Brain But There A Something Which Bother Her But She Don’t Say Anything To Anyone (Why She’s Like This U Know It Later)

Rest of the characters are same as before

Now Let’s Start It Prologue
a man is shown sitting in a dark room on a large chair and a big frame of a girl is hanging in front of him… he is staring the girl in the picture… the girl is smiling in that picture looking beautiful… the man said looking at the picture
man: so s*xy u look so hot baby I just can’t wait to f**k u ah it’ll be so good saying this the man get up and touch the lips of that girl in picture… he said
man: for the first time Sanskar Maheshwari want to f**k a girl and she is not ready to throw herself at me u r special Swara u r something but for how long would u be saved from me after all we r going to get married soon and then I’m gonna f**k u when ever I want to baby ah so much fun saying this Sanskar laugh loudly…

On The Other Side
a girl is shown making food in kitchen while crying hard… its Swara… tears are flowing Continuously from her beautiful eyes and she is mumbling something like why God why suddenly someone shout and it made Swara scared to hell… a woman came inside and start shouting at Swara… she hold Swara’s hand and slap Swara hard making her fall down on floor…
so how’s it guys ?

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